MARILYN ANONA WRITES: Why should those with high talent and a strong calling to service be denied of positions they rightly deserve simply because of corruption?

Growing up, mum and dad always advised us to read our books very well, do our assignments, be honest and all of that. Yes! they told us that once we work hard and do well, we will be rewarded on merit. They made us believe that was the way to progress in life. But I think that is so archaic right now. Mediocres occupy the best positions because corrupt practices like cheating, nepotism, favouritism, greed, forgery etc are now seen as normal. Mediocrity will remain the order of the day when we neglect merit and choose cheating. Go to our various big offices and establishments and see things for yourself. Very unintelligent people with very poor attitude to work occupying positions they do not deserve. What does it do to the system and the society as a whole? Everything becomes stagnant and lack quality. Since these are the end products of using or encouraging mediocrity, why then do we promote MEDIOCRITY? Why should those with high talent and a strong calling to service be denied of positions they rightly deserve simply because of corruption? Having such people in the right offices, positions or jobs is very essential because they will enhance our long-term ability to creatively and effectively transform the society.

Apart from our corporate world where you have people who pay bribes to get jobs they don’t deserve, we also have other instances. Less corporate scenarios where people are honoured or given promotions they don’t deserve. Take for example the pageants organized in Nigeria. The wrong person goes home with the crown when there are more talented, intelligent and good looking people. This does not only affect the society. It affects the individuals in the society. How will you feel if you are in a contest, pageant, in an office and someone gets promoted all the time not because he or she is good but because for instance they are having an affair with the boss or they are related to the boss. Believe me, it dampens one’s spirit and drive. It makes you feel cheated and inadequate sometimes, it affects our self esteem. I mean we are human beings and bound to feel that way. We all know that getting to the top is not always fun and it’s not easy. But when you get there through merit and you look back at all the hard work you can say I did it, I built it and it was worth it. Most importantly, when a position is acquired through merit, it is sustained and progresses. Anything that is stolen can never last. Mediocrity may be the order of the day these days, but quality will always be superior and last longer. Do not join those who are as corrupt as feaces (irreparable) to make our already collapsed system worse. Do not feel that your positive actions don’t count. They do count. Do not be downcast or lose hope because they system is bad already and the mediocres get the best places. Know who you are and always work hard to be the best you can in any place you find yourself. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Life also has to do with destiny.. Some unintelligent people are destined to be rich and itelligent ones are destined to be poor and vice versa. So what if only the intelligent ones are employed, then all uninielligent ones should die in poverty? Lol.. God has reasons for everything. So all we need is prayers and accept anywhere we find ourselves in life.

    • No body said the Unintelligent people should die of hunger or poverty. Everyone has a place to fit in no matter how unintelligent they are. The issue here is about how Mediocrity is the order of the day because the uninelligent people and those who should not occupy certain positions now occupy them because of Nepotism and its likes. You may be poor in academics but may have a talent or skill that is mind blowing. You develop it and be the best in that field. How far can cheating take us? That’s why you see someone who claims to have a 2nd class upper in zoology and she can’t name a ruminant. Corruption is bad, no matter how we want to coat it. Thanks for your contribution dear. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Thank you Marylin, an inspiring and encouraging post indeed that scolds bad public behaviour and encourages the good ones. Its just the popular saying that goes on here “Money and Power are what blinds man”

    • Thanks Sophia for a beautiful contribution. We are just too selfish and myopic. Its bad because it impedes national or societal growth. But let’s not relent in trying to be good in what we do. It reflects in the long run no matter how we are subdued. Do have a fruitful day Sophia.

  3. We can be †нε change our generations needs. When we all begin ² ∂☺ †нε right things, ℓ̊† wud нανє α ripple effect on †нε society @ large.

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