The grand finale wasn’t on air, our votes stopped showing. Nigeria’s Centenary Pageant is a clear example of corruption!

How do you explain a contest which wasn’t clear and properly publicized from the very beginning. From the name “NIGERIA’s CENTENARY PAGEANT” one would expect the pageant to be one based on merit devoid of corruption, nepotism and everything that would show cheating, but no! First, the contest lacked enough publicity, judging by its name, it should be a very wonderful pageant, a different one and very superior. It should have been on air from day one since its a pageant set out to mark 100 years of Nigeria as a country. It should have been given the best of publicity but its funny most people didn’t know about it and still don’t know about it. From the look of things, someone squandered the money meant for publicity and gave the pageant a poor outlook. The contestants entered into the camp for the pageant proper, there was no proper information. We all waited patiently until the voting started. The system of vote was initially alright although most people were complaining about inability to vote. But from the angle of vote counts, it was very okay because we were able to see the contestants and their various votes. We were happy because we thought for once, Nigeria is doing something right. But all of a sudden that changed! One person can now vote a million times and the vote counts no longer showed. Everyone expressed their concern. The moment the vote stopped showing, we knew there was more to it. We knew something was wrong. We knew someone in the Organizing team wanted to favour someone. We knew a Centenary Queen was already chosen before the contest and our votes aren’t needed. Everyone was complaining and most took to facebook to poor out their hearts. Now, all the contestants are good, that’s the reason only 38 of them were chosen out of so many. Yes! Only one person will win, like in all contests, we know that and that is the more reason things should be done the right way. You don’t openly cheat and expect people to keep quiet. Now, I ask, what made Queen Ubah representing Imo state the winner of Nigeria’s Centenary pageant? I remember clearly before the vote counts were dubiously removed that Queen Ubah was on 0%! So what made her the winner of Nigeria’s centenary pageant? My Goodness! This is pure Nepotism and fraud!! I am really ashamed for Nigeria and its people!!! So this is the reason? This was the reason why the vote were suddenly removed and not shown to the public. The Queen Ubah lady doesn’t deserve this victory at all. She was on 0% all through the vote and all of a sudden the vote was removed. Why bring out innocent girls from their homes when the organizers already chose a queen before the contest? That’s why it wasn’t screened. It was hardly on air. I weep for Nigeria and Nigerians because Mediocrity will go on as long as corruption remains. The three people that should have won this contest and I know everyone expected to win are KENECHUKWU ANONA, ANNA AKPALA or AUGUSTINA ABRAHAM. That Queen Ubah was no where close to winning. The grand finale wasn’t on air, our votes stopped showing. Nigeria’s Centenary Pageant is fraud! We all sing about a unified Nigeria but there will never be unity in a country where corruption is the order of the day. There will never be unity when nepotism is the norm. There will never be unity when we refuse to do the right thing. NIGERIA’s CENTENARY PAGEANT is a clear case of shameless corruption.                           



  1. I knew they were up to some funny games when you will see a name with 13%, all of a sudden, it will reduce to 10%, I can’t believe that Queen Ubah or whatever her name is, was decleared a winner! What! how? where? The three people we all were expecting to be the winner, were not, we don’t need anybody to tell us how corrupt Nigerian’s are. I’m so sad about this broad day cheating. Hissed

  2. I’ve never heard of this pageant before not until Posh told me and went further 2 explain its meaning. I taught dis pageant was going to be d very best but sad enough it wasn’t. It’s really sad when u see a name with 12% votes and all of a sudden it reduces to 9%. This shows that all our votes were not needed in d first place. My question is why is the grand finale not shown on air? Why is Queen Ubah decleared as winner of Nigeria ‘scentenary pageant? *sad face* corruption is everywhere and I weep for this country gan.

    • Dear Lilian, everyonee is angry and disappointed at this show of shame and extreme corruption called Nigeria’s centenary pageant. The cheating was so glaring.the lady with nil vote worethe crown. She is not intellectually sound, she isn’t tall. I just wonder why they suffered young girls when they already chose a queen.

  3. Don’t mind dem, who knows maybe she was asked to sleep with all d judges, even in their fb page her name wasn’t even mentioned….. OMG! Pure cheating! How will Nigeria ever progress when we have all sort of corrupt pple, how will sm1 who has 0 vote win a paegent, it was not even aired on TV as they’ve bin claiming, thieves! I’m highly disappointed!!!

  4. if you know the power of social media, then you wont let this case of fraud die down. i advice you to share this post on other social networks, on blogs, on facebook, etc. lets occupy nigeria centenary pageant

    • Corruption is what we should speak against if we want Nigeria tobe unified. The centenary pageant is or was nothing to write home about. Some people cheat and organize it so well that you won’t even, but this very very shameful! They couldn’t even hide it.

  5. Bless whoever wrote this to expose this Shameful contest..
    I wonder how Nigeria would develop if we cheat in a contest designed to mark Nigeria @100
    .Hope they pay her the “#250000 monthly till death” they promised

    • The winner knows she doesn’t deserve to win. Sheknows that herself. When you get stuffthrough theback door it reflects. That’s why some people carry 1st class or 2nd class upper certificates and can’t defend it. That is what is affecting our growth inthis country. Mediocres and half baked people occupying positions they don’t deserve because we are so myopic that we only think of now .

  6. I knew it!I knew something was wrong somewhere!Fought with 4 of my friends because I taught they were lousy on casting thr vote.Then Danny my close friend convinced me that the Organisers where up to something fishy.smh.I hate this!Nigeria is a disgrace!!!Mtchewww!

  7. What’s wrong is wrong no matter who did it. Shame 2 whosoever that planned this, d organisers d mom including d so called Queen Ubah.. >:O

  8. Amina ahmed u r point there.. Maybe she’s able to do d ‘DEED’ that d other contestants refuse to do.. We all know what i mean by DEED… That’s our country 4 u my sister…corruption everywhere…

    • Its really a shame if that’s really it Charles. This pageant’s sole aim is to choose a true Nigerian woman who is morally good, live a life guided by core values and principles . A strong woman who is very intelligent and smart. But no, greed and myopism couldn’t let them do the right thing.

  9. I wunt say much cos all have bin said already..i knew sometin was fishing wen they removed the voting system. Imagine they said they evicted them since tuesday, and if u can remember, voting started on tuesday or monday. You can imagine dat.. Well nigeria will never change.. Imagine try 2 celebrate 100yrs and sometin like dis is happening..well i reserve my comment..i don’t knw wat we can do 2 stop dis, bt i knw we still have a long way 2 go..tanks

    • We all knowthat in every contest, only one winner is produced. But its painful when honour is given to someone who doesn’t deserve it. We should all say no to corruption whereever we are. Our little efforts can yield fruits. If not, mediocrity will continue to thrive inthis nation.

      • How come we never heard about the pageant?what was the criteria 4 selleating a representative from each state.? If so,why was it not aired on NTA? Do you think it was organized by the federal govt? I smell foul play.

      • My dear Faith, the publicity was poorfrom the get go and I was overly concerned. 1st they said,the contestants were leaving to an unknown destination. They eventually entered into the camp and the pageant couldnot be aired on TV. I mean like you rightly said, if it was actually organized by the Federal Government it would have been given more than enough publicity. Some days, they will claim the programmed will be on air and when the times comes,we won’t see it. The enitre arrangement was poor.from the camp to theenvironment etc. When eventually voting started, we were pleased because we could see our vote count. It was strange when they removed it we expressed our fears on their facebook page because at the point we knew they were u to something. Only for us tobe told that the lady who had 0% is now the queen. Not only did she have 0% vote, she isn’t an intelligent lady as she couldn’t speak whenthey were all asked to speak. Which goes a long way to say that there was an arrangement and they had a queen before the contest started. About whether the contestwas organised by FG, I think its scam. scam to extort money from the government by carrying the fake queen around! they wrote in vanguard of july that they would hold the grand finale at transcorp hilton Abuja, we didn’t even see any of that! if this pageant is actually authentic, why was it not aired on NTA and given full publicity. Why didn’t we have people like Agbani Darego and other public images well known for being judges at such events.Nigeria’s centenary pageant is simply wrong!!!

  10. Its quite unfortunate, that there were lots of lacuna in the transparency of this pageant! I’ve never believed in beauty pageant, but, because i learnt, it was geared towards Nigeria’s centenary celebration, i opted to contribute my quota, to show my patriotism and loyalty to our dear country Nigeria! But, am heavily, massively and colossally disappointed!!! May God help our dear country and save us from the brink of disaster, moral bankruptcy and character tsunami!!!

  11. Ex miss nigeria Nike Oshinowo recently Organised a pageant” am surprised that one of the biggest blogger Linda ikeji didn’t air the pageant. The name of the pageant is Nigerias centenary came up with a lot of sponsors cos its a One in life time pageant,but she is a hoax who shouldn’t ve handled such a mighty pageant.she 1st posted the 37 names of the contestant that made it to the camp.after few days she added one name folushorun making it 38.not knowing that folushorun was not a contestant.everything was dramatic.immediately d whole girls entered camp,she seized their phones,after day one,there was a Cooking competition which was done to evict some girls.she evicted some girls and locked them in a mini house,where the girls were restricted to watch television nor talk to their loved ones,all they do was to eat and sleep.she succeeded on evicted 18 girls and held them hostage.No body knew about their evictions even their families were all over the net trying to get votes for them,not knowing that these girls were locked in a house.she said the pageant will be on votes.that nigerians will choose their queen.2 days to the grandfinale,her already Organised queen! Miss Queen Ubah, had 0% votes. Queen ubah failed twice in an eviction task why did she evict other girls and left queen ubah,Miss imo,Ruth cobham miss cross-river and folushorun her spy that was representing diaspora,the 3 best of friends.They came last on the debate and football oshinowo called this pageant a reality tv show,so why did she choose to show clips instead of full episode,cos she knows that her supposed queen was lagging behind.she stopped the votes and made it hard for the masses to vote.all she did was she hid the votes and wrote on facebook that the results of the votes will be announced on saturday a day after the pageant.she didn’t air the grandfinale live on ait though ait was the official sponsor.Another question that I want to ask the masses and I need an answer. Is nike Oshinowo a lesbian?.why would she kiss miss queen ubah on her lips for 30seconds when she wanted to crown her on the grand finale.Nigeria is full of corruption and deceit.all the results came from the back stage.what the heck? The judges was directors of the camp activities.why would nike do such a thing,I thought this pageant is for the whole nigerias to come together.her winner was Queen Ubah,her kissing mouth bitch.her 1st runner up was roots odutola the girl from ogun is related to odutola’s family.the 3rd position went to ruth cobham. her spy clicks
    3 hours ago

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