Marilyn Anona Writes: Let’s make this interesting, What is man’s greatest enemy?

A friend of mine asked this question that really got me thinking. He asked “What is man’s greatest enemy?” I was engaged in a meeting but had to quickly type an answer to give him. And I was happy because that question inspired this very article. I decided to share it with us today and I want it to be more like a discussion. Let’s hear ourselves. What is man’s greatest enemy? There is this saying my dad is so fond of. Growing up I hear him say it almost on daily basis “MAN IS THE PROBLEM ANOTHER MAN HAS”MAN'S GREATEST ENEMY and I totally believe this saying. Personally, I think that man is man’s greatest enemy. When you see examples of corruption, greed, envy, selfishness, vanity, lack of human compassion etc you will know that man is a problem to man. Some may want to blame it on the devil, but the devil relies on and operates through those who are willing to sell themselves out for personal gain. I know that most of us have various answers to this question. So I am throwing open to all of us. I want us to participate actively in order to learn from one another. I have received lots of mails and messages from our ardent readers as regards our absence for three days now. I sincerely apologize for starving you and promise to always keep up with your demands. Now let’s make this interesting. What is man’s greatest enemy? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. I was going to say man’s greatest enemy was “enemity” but when you explained man’s enemy as man, I got to understand you and I agree with you.

  2. Man’s greatest enemy is fear. A man who is unafraid can do the seemingly impossible. Fear of failure, fear of rejection and sometimes even the fear of a higher level of success can limit a man. Conquer fear and every other becomes a walk in park.

  3. Man’s great enemy is his “mindset”, once a man can effectively understand and manage himself, then there’s no limit to what he can make out of life. Even Apostle Paul admonishes that we guide it with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Nice piece @poshmarilyn. Chazaq!!!

  4. The greatest enemy of man is his inability to conquer his fear. Fear inhibits ‘trying’ and by that, he is doomed! ‘We start dying the very moment we stopped trying’

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