MARILYN ANONA WRITES: We may decide to take pictures for fun but there is no rule that says every picture must be uploaded.

Throughout last year, there was this trend I found hard to understand. The trend of people who are dressed to go out for a function and finally decided to make the loo or rest room a photo studio. 98 percent of people who were involved in such or who patronized that trend were Nigerian women. It has reasonably reduced but during that period I found it hard to understand. I am a camera whore, freak or addict, call it what you want to, I admit I love to take photos and anyone who has ever come in contact with me gets to know this in just few minutes. I am a lover of the social media too. Personally, I believe the social media was specially made for me because going out is a task for me. Its okay to spend most of your leisure time posting pictures, interacting with people through blackberry messenger, instagram, facebook, twitter etc. Its okay to love the social media. Those are part of the protocols. I mean that is what makes the social media interesting. Nobody is judging you for spending your time on the social media, but we are saying you should think about some of the pictures you take and upload to your profile. Yeah, you went to the beach and took photographs that you know are too revealing, yet you post them. You just come off as a wannabe model or star. You are a lady, you go to the club and take photos of you smoking with friends, yet you post them. So smoking is something to be proud about? This morning, a friend on my blackberry messenger list used a very ugly and disturbing picture as his display picture. Believe me the person in the picture didn’t look alright to me. Its simple, we should think twice about posting pictures. We may decide to take pictures for fun but there is no rule that says every picture must be uploaded. Hope you all are having a beautiful tuesday? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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