MARILYN ANONA MOTIVATES: There is more to motivation than money.

I did a broadcast message on my blackberry yesterday afternoon because I wanted to hear from so many people. I have been thinking and wondering what motivates us to work harder or perform better. Personally, I perform better when I am in love the work or job I do and when I am loved by colleagues and have a rosy relationship going on. I perform very well and do my best when I am recognized and praised for work formally done. These are few of the things that motivate me. Sincerely, love for what I do matters more to me than even money. That is why I can pick up a job of smaller pay over a job with bigger pay. From the broadcast message, many people said different things. Ifeoma Ilonzo said she is motivated by self growth, Kingsley Chukwu said he is motivated by personal fulfillment and satisfaction, Emmanuel Ogunewe said he is motivated by passion, incentives and the ability to be called the best in what one does and Tobechukwu Okonkwo said he is motivated by reward, in cash or in kind. I can’t go on to name all those who responded and what they gave as their answers but so many people said money motivates them to work harder and perform better. What I know is that whatever it is that motivates us is directly linked to our core values. In fact, our core values determine the things that motivate us. Many of us may just give money as our answers because they do not know in the actual sense what motivates them even though I know that money is what we all hope to get at the end of the day. What really motivates us to do great work, perform better or word harder for better result comes from within us. In fact, when creative thinking is part of your job, external motivation may not even work. End of the year bonus, promotion at work for instance will not make you a better writer! What really gets creative people fired up lies within us. That is, intrinsic motivation. If we can imagine an achievement, see ourselves progressing toward that goal, and understand that we are gaining new skills and knowledge, we will be driven to do great work.
For someone who has progress as a core value, the feeling that they were moving forward and achieving a greater goal is enough motivation. Its a new working week and the first monday in the month of December,I want us all think of what makes us work hard or perform better. What is it that made you go into the line of business you are in? When we think about labour, we usually think about motivation and money as the same thing, but the reality is that there is more to motivation than money. Knowing what motivates you means you know who you are and if you don’t, I want you to do that search of your inner self to find out what that is. Please share with us those things that motivate you to succeed and thanks for visiting today. Do have a fruitful day. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! mary%20(5)



  1. What motivates me to work is actually interest, money is just like the cherry on top, if I’m not interested in whatever I do or I’m doing, there’s no way I’ll give it my 100% effort.

    • Thanks Sophia for your contribution. Interest is a necessary factor. It is very important. It motivates us. Money is what all of us hope to gain at the end of the day. But let’s imagine a situation where we have worked for some months and owed salaries. What motivates to go on with your job isn’t money. Thanks once more Sophia, have a beautiful day.

  2. I run different ventures so I’m motivated by various reasons/things. The 1st is a family transport company and its the will to sustain my fathers legacy that motivates me to do better in that. Second is a recording studio and its the love for music & entertainment that keeps me going with that. Third is a bar/restaurant and believe me its strictly money that keeps me in it.

  3. Personally, what motivates me to put in more effort to get the best out of me in what ever I do is Passion. For example, being in the showbiz as a beginner is always rough and frustrating that sometimes makes you wanna quit. But when the passion is there it keeps the fire burning and that motivates you to wanna do more so to reach your expected end.

    • Thank you Feyikemi. Yes, when we are encouraged, it means we are recognized.nothing is more motivating than that. Wonderful contribution dear. Thanks and have a beautiful monday.

  4. Interest is my number 1 motivating factor. Then I love helping people. Sometimes I come to work on days I’m supposed to be off duty just cos a patient’s condition kept me awake. De smile on de face of de patient and relations as they say “thank you doctor” while being discharged is enough motivation and reward

  5. so so true, For someone who has progress as a core value, the feeling that they were moving forward and achieving a greater goal is enough motivation. Money should not be the center focus on efficient service delivery,

  6. What motivates me į̸s Self interest,zeal for carrear growth n d Believe for a brighter future hinged on experiences gathered over †ђξ years.

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