Marilyn Anona writes: Why do we read the Bible and Koran yet we don’t practice the things we have read in them?


Is it too hard for one to be kind without an ulterior motive? Should sex be the reason for kindness? This society we live in is a very sad one. The type where people only do good just because they expect something in return from you. Sometime in June, I went to speak at a small business meeting. After the meeting, a certain man who should be my father’s age mate or slightly younger was among those who praised my eloquence. Most of the people there appreciated my speech delivery but this particular man kept in touch and called me a day after to say he wanted to meet with me. I went to meet him at 805 restaurant in Wuse 2 and he commended me highly once more. And talked at length about my project which I hope to start next year. He said he was going to finance part of it and he would take me to meet the Special Assistant to the President on Media matters. I was happy and felt relaxed because I said to myself that this man is principled and decent from the way he spoke. And the fact that he is a deacon in one of the pentecostal churches made me more relaxed.

But I was so shocked and embarrassed when he dropped me off and asked me to kiss him. My goodness! I expressed my surprise and he went on to say yeah, I am a pretty girl and attractive and he wants me to kiss him, that what’s the big deal about a kiss… I vehemently but politely told him that I won’t do that, that a kiss is a big deal. Why would I kiss him? I told him bye and we parted ways. I was expecting a call from him in 48 hours to know the outcome of his meeting with the Special Assistant to the president on media matters, he didn’t call, so I called and his response was so painful.

He said “Marilyn, why should I take such pains, when you can’t even kiss me, ordinary kiss” omg! How is kissing an old man related to him helping me get a media deal? Why can’t people be kind because GOD has lifted them and they are in a position to help the younger ones? Why do people make themselves GOD? Why do people like to take advantage of other people because their help is needed. Why do we read the Bible and Koran yet we don’t practice the things we have read in them?

Why can’t we see strangers who need help and just help them without expecting anything in return? Please someone help me out, is kindness in anyway related to or does it equal to having a sexual relationship with the so called helper? Is it some sort of “TRADE BY BARTER”. Dear helper, it is no longer kindness when the person you want to help has to do things he or she doesn’t want to do but forced to do it because of circumstances. When you are genuinely kind to someone it makes you happy and fulfilled and therefore increases your lifespan. Kindness is the universal language of LOVE, it is love in action and we all should indulge in pure acts of kindness without an ulterior motive. True Kindness is about giving and not receiving. Kindness can be showing up when someone is in crisis.
Kindness can be giving away something you care about to someone who wants it. Let’s all endeavour to be kind today, help those who need our help without taking advantage of them.
Most importantly, let’s not forget where we are coming, people or someone helped us to get to where we are today and no situation in life is permanent.

You all have a blessed Saturday.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. My dear sis,anytym I read ur posts it touch my hrt…nd am always happy for ur intelligence,may Ǧ☺d̶̲̥̅̊ continue 2enlighten u,amen,permit mi 2say I luv u for all ur posts…may Ǧ☺d̶̲̥̅̊ bless u abundantly

  2. So many people believe life is all about give and take, and that’s not what the Holy books tells us…. Helpers be warn…

  3. The best act of kindness is from an anonymous giver to an anonymous reciever, where one gives knowing that the reciever may never have the oppportunity or resoruces to return the favour. Therein lies the blessing for being a kind person.
    But it is sad how being kind has become some sort of opportunity to take advantage of a fellow human being, in some cases “enslave” another person especially in our poverty-stricken Nigeria. Its sad how people in position have turned fellow human beings (women mostly) to items of personal enjoyment in return for a job or one form of assistance or the other. This abuse is becoming very rampant and in some cases people no longer see it as wrong. It is pitiable!
    My advice is NEVER burge or give in to such people because once you do, the abuse will continue. A genuine helper will help without wasting your time or forcing you to bend over.
    PoshMarilyn this reminds me of your earlier post on boss bullies, very good job you keep doing here. Well done!

    • That’s very true. Give anonymously. It may sound like self praise but that is what I do. And I feel so fulfilled each time I do that. People should not take undue advantage ofother people because they feel such people are at their mercy. I amso happy to discover that my old posts are even remembered. Thanks Ugochukwu and please keep visiting

  4. its quite simple. there aren’t that many kind people in the world. if there’s nothing in it for them, majority don’t give. its sad how so many claim to be religious but their actions say otherwise. many are readers, few are doers.
    very nice writeup. (y)

  5. Insightful. ℓ̊ нανє often wondered why dos sought σƒ people come into dos position. ℓ̊ wish we wud нανє more morally απϑ principled ladies ℓɪ̇kε U̶̲̥̅̊ απϑ just maybe dos men wud realise dey eida help or move along.

  6. My dear,the world is becoming something else,people show kindness and want something in return. Is too too bad. We should practice wat we preach. Bravo posh….

  7. Kindness definitely has no strings attached that’s fo sure, so does favour. If it comes with some “conditions” its a kind of abuse, the underpriviledged shouldn’t succumb to such and the priviledge shouldn’t give out “conditions” too

  8. “But if someone who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well,and sees a brother(or sister) in need,and won’t help him(or her)-how can God’s love be with him?Little children,let us stop just saying we love people;let us really love them,and show it by our actions.”1 John.3:17-18(From my quote in addition with daily devotional bible) My dear,we live in a cynical world. Even the so called “Christians” don’t believe in genuine love anymore.Its not all about reading the bible.Many Religious people just maintain the form of godliness and deny the power of Christ,making Christianity a religious affair,which is bad.Am happy that God is still using His remnant(The Christlike Christians)to demonstrate His power here on earth. lovely article Oma.Remain Lifted.Saturday things on my mind.*wink*

  9. many people believe life is all about give and take…. If u wnt 2 help ,help from your heart n dnt ask for anytin in return

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