MARILYN ANONA’s HEALTH CORNER: Don’t wait till you become so ill and placed on diet to take care of yourself.

Some people just go on drinking and drinking. They even consume alcohol more than they consume food. I have this friend, I nicknamed him Jack Daniels because most evenings when I chat with him, he would happily say, he is relaxing with Jack Daniels. Please don’t laugh at my ignorance but initially I thought Jack Daniels was a human being and his best friend until recently I discovered that Jack Daniels was a very hard drink. Then I tried to talk to him about the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Most people totally ignore their health and go about consuming all sorts. Food, I mean the ones generally accepted by everyone can be toxic when consumed excessively. So why consume something that is obviously risky to the point of “ADDICTION”? There was this cigarette advert I used to see while I was growing up, at the end it says…”SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH” and it was later replaced with “SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG”. Yet these warnings mean nothing to most people as they go about consuming all sorts. Now, I know someone is saying in his or her mind, well I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke too but hey wait… Most of us eat too much of pizza, shawarma, hot dogs, carbonated drinks etc and do not exercise. We are not better than those who drink and smoke. Of course I know that some people are so lucky that even if they eat bad things they still stay healthy and live up to 80years and above but are you so sure that you are in this league? Because you are not sure about this, you should take extra care of your health. Watch what you consume and try as much as you can to exercise on daily basis. Neglecting your health doesn’t make you a hero. Don’t wait till you become so ill and placed on diet to take care of yourself. When you eat or consume the wrong things, you lose your vital organs at times you really need them. You damage your liver, kidneys, your blood pressure may be affected, your sugar and cholesterol levels too. Health is wealth! Let’s take care of ourselves so that after all these struggle, we will be healthy enough to enjoy the benefits of our hardwork. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! chisom%20gym



  1. I’m relaxing with “Jack Daniels” my! Good health is essential for one to perform well at anything. I agree with PoshMarilyn on the need to take deliberate steps to ensure that one maintains sound health and if it means curtailing certain habits then by all means. Like they say health is wealth, and life is for the living.

  2. lol. Nothing much to say sha. But I feel the writting “smokers are liable to die young” is just for decoration, and nothing else, cause they are always written in attractive colours. My granddad has been smokin since 19, and now he is 82, so how is that writting affecting him? lol

  3. Lol dear,this is very motivating and educative,i sure hope it helps alot of people,i have made a few friends read about it too.
    Good work marilyn…keep on!

  4. Smoking is very dangerous indeed!We should endeavour to take care of ourselves by eating well.I travelled to my aunt’s place sometime ago and I found out that they eat dinner around 10pm,sometimes 11pm.I had to join their tradition but I suffered a lot during that period,I found out that I was always feeling heavy.Migraine headaches and insomnia became my friends.smh.One day I mistakenly skipped dinner I slept like a baby that night, the next day I was feeling light,no migraine and happy.I then decided to eat light food @night and skip dinner at times.Eating dinner late affects my health.I also get the migraines. and heart ache when I eat Junk food,so I avoid them.Fasting is also good for our body although many people think that fasting is only for religious people.Fasting is for everybody it helps the body in detoxification. Sometimes,I skip dinner nd it helps me sleep well.Ever since I stopped drinking beer and started skipping dinner my tommy have reduced.@Ms.Posh.Nice one dear.Please tell ur friend that too much hard drink like Jack Daniels and vodka can cause memory lost,Cancer of the liver and dehydration in the body.He shuld be careful.

  5. Great talk dear Marilyn. We all need to curtail what we eat and when we eat them too because health is wealth… Bravo dear.

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