Marilyn Anona Motivates You: If you are to be given the only things you thanked GOD for yesterday, how much will you have?

1%20posh%20eensiaIf you are to be given the only things you thanked GOD for yesterday, how much will you have? Most times when I pray, I find myself thanking GOD for the things HE has done and the things HE is yet to do. I know HE will do them and that keeps me going. Most times, we prefer to grumble, complain and only compare ourselves to people who we think are doing better or are better than us. When we do this, we depress ourselves, get so moody and feel so inadequate that we forget that there are so many people we are much more better than. I know that we all desire and wish to do very well in life. We have set different goals and get sad when we realize that we are nowhere close to the goals we have set. Its normal to feel that way, yes it is! If you don’t ever feel that way it means you are not alright but we should be able to discard that feeling as soon as it comes and not allow it linger on for so long. I remember Ebele my mate in the university. We graduated same year, while I was posted to Cross-River state to do my compulsory National Youth Service Corp programme, she was posted to Akwa-Ibom state but she comes to Calabar to visit. At the end of NYSC after the passing out parade, most people decided to travel home that day. I stayed back because my place of primary assignment retained me for a while. Ebele left for Anambra state that same day but never got home alive. The bus she boarded was involved in an accident in Obosi, Anambra state. She was almost home. Dreams killed, aspirations and ambitions halted forever. But we are all alive and therefore should be grateful because as long as we live, there is room for progress and success. When you are grateful for the little you have achieved, you are instantly motivated to do more. This is how it works, whenever you feel terrible, sad and depressed by your situation in life reflect on how much worse things could be. Yes, what if things are worse? Would you kill yourself? When you apply this, you will be surprised to see your mood changes immediately and you have the zeal to push harder. If you currently unemployed and feel suicidal as a result, don’t forget that some of your class mates who graduated with first class in school are late today. You are alive and can land a beautiful job tomorrow. You are grumbling about having to eat noodles every day when your mates are having balanced meals. And you forgot that some people eat those rich food yet can’t stay a day without drugs. Staying grateful doesn’t in any way make you less ambitious but it motivates you to live a happier and more relaxing life. Gratefulness is very important in order to live a happier life. Personally, i incorporate more gratitude into my life through affirmations and remembering all the things i have to be thankful for and I think you should adopt them. *** I count my blessings daily. *** I appreciate the simple things in my life. *** I am grateful for everything I experience in my life. I overcome, grow and prosper all the time. The blessings and the difficulties, they make me stronger, better and more alive. *** Because I am grateful for everything, I see beauty in everything because I look beyond the present. *** Most importantly, I take time to appreciate the simple things of life. Things that most people over look. I want us all to exhibit gratitude in all that we do this week and beyond. You can share with us ways and how you show gratitude. I hope that with this post, I have motivated someone today. Have a blissful week and a most beautiful life. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Honestly? I’ll have d world,yesterday was a big family thanksgiving for my family,friends n family all came,I had everything I felt I ever wanted or needed…so yes if he could pause yesterday I’ll live in it grateful…its good indeed to thank God and be grateful for where u are and what u are cos although u can’t see nor appreciate but its exactly where u need to be

    • Thanks Tobayy. We should all endeavour to be grateful, no matter where we find ourselves. If we don’t appreciate the little we have, believe me we can’t appreciate the big ones when they come. Do have abeautiful week and please always visit

  2. Wow!Oma u got me at hello.Nice one.Got me thinking deep this afternoon.Few dayz ago I spent almost an hour thanking God for every little thing He has done in my life.Its was an awesome experience.Thanks a lot Ms.Posh for writing this article,u made my day.Remain Lifted.

  3. I know you’re right Marilyn, being gratefull is the best thing to do because; 1) When we are grateful for what we have it encourages/ motivates God to bless us more
    2) Gratitude develops contentment which makes us happy no matter what
    Amazing post Marilyn

    • Yes Sophia, graitude is very essential…helps us see life positively. Thanks for a sweet contibution Sophia. Do have a peaceful night.

  4. Nice write-up Anona!! Attitude of Gratitude to the almighty God!! That is the way forward!! Bible Said count your blessing one by one!! Whatever I don’t have now, I don’t need it now, When the need arise the almighty supplier will surely make it available!!

  5. A heart of gratitude is what God desires. Thanking him for things He hasn’t done is and indirect supplication and He sure grants them. Even in your little, give Him thank. Nice One Posh!

    • Very well said Uju dear. If we don’t appreciate him for the little we are privileged to have, we can’t appreciate him when we have plenty. Thanks dear for awonderful comment.

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