Marilyn Anona writes: She said I hated her for suggesting she starts cooking with a university degree.

tuface%20my%20guyI agree! Yes, I know its not easy to start life on your own without support. For some people, its so easy. I mean, they are sent to school and when they graduate, their parents help them get a good job, a nice house and a beautiful car. But for most people, this is not the case. They are expected to take care of their lives the minute they leave school. Again, there is this category which is made of people who struggled to see themselves through school or learn a skill without their parents even knowing their whereabout. These kids are forced by circumstances to become independent at a very young age. This situation is very delicate because it can make or destroy you. But I have also discovered that most of the kids in this category who became independent too early discover their skills and talent and do better than the so called “Butty” kids. Trying to stand on our feet without support or a laid foundation especially with the high rate of unemployment is very difficult. One of the major reason is, most of us don’t know what we want to do and as a result waste so much time going round and round without achieving anything. Most of us have not discovered our purpose, talents, skills, values and where our passion lie. We waste so much time looking for white collar jobs and most times we end up frustrated when we don’t get such jobs. Yes, we become frustrated, when we count the number of years we have spent achieving nothing. This other group of people know what they are good at, but prefer to dwell in self deceit coupled with a fake attitude towards life. Its painful to know that some people think the way they do. I have this friend, she is such a good cook and has been without a job for over 5 years. I advised her to start cooking professionally and that was how I entered her black book. She said I hated her for suggesting she starts cooking with a university degree. The next set of people are those who enter into a business venture because most people are involved in it. They want to start up something for the wrong reason thereby defeating the aim of their existence on earth. If you dabble into music because Tuface Idibia is singing and doing well when its not your talent, you will be frustrated. If you decide to own a blog because you see it as the order of the day, you will never find fulfillment, if you decide to waste your money in “Tara Make up” school to become a make up artist, I bet you will become tired after a few months. Its very hard to start up all by ourselves especially in a society like ours where people want to take undue advantage of you simply because you are struggling to be somebody. But let’s all help ourselves by deciding what we want from life. Let’s discover our values, our talents and where our passion lies, it will make our struggle and quest for success easier. Let’s keep it real friends. Thank GOD its friday! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Hehehe, this is an awesome note Marylin, simply self explanatory, not everyone can get a white collar job and not everybody can be a successful music artise or actor, we need to find our God-given talents then and only then would we be satisfied.

  2. Life is actually not fair but the main point is, not all people can handle d truth, , so basically always say d truth and advice as best as u can and leave to people to take it or leave it

  3. Advice must not be taken… but it should always been given out, I have a mate, we finished uni 2005 together. he does not have a job but he sews very well, after about 7 years of advice from me b4 he agreed to start sewing full time, he makes more money that I do in a month, so if she is your friend don’t stop continue advising

    • Yes Macoy and most don’t even want to discover their reason for existing. Its painful. That’s one of the reasons why poshmarilyn was established. We are taking it bit by bit. Most of us need help. Thanks for your contribution Macoy. Have a peaceful weekend

    • Yes Lilian, but we have to first discover what it is we can do and have a vision 1st. Its funny but its true, most people don’t even believe GOD when He is talking to them. A certain lady finished from law sch and afer 5 years she was still struggling. Looking at her and even talking to her, you will realize that studying law was a wrong thing for her. She can’t and won’t be a good lawyer. Then one sunday, a message came to her that GOD told her she will become very successful doing interior decoration. She to my surprise admitted that interior decoration is something she does very well and people also come to her to learn it.but she didn’t want to go into it professionally because she feels its for the uneducated folks. Nigeria and the 3rd world mentality about paper qualification doesn’t help matters. But this is why poshmarilyn# is here. Thanks Lilian. Have a beautiful weekend dear

  4. Nice one again dear. You’re on point once again as always. I have this friend whose wife is also a graduate and was looking for a business to invest in for her. I told him to let his wife go into wholesale beer and I was seen as an enemy. After I left, they opted for liquor and expensive wine. They later came back begging me to tell them how to go about the wholesale beer business after investing N1.2 on liquor and wine without tangible profit. I told them it was a simple logistic problem. Where the shop is located, only average people live there and there are lots of bars and beer parlours there, so who would spend as much as 8k or 12k on liquor when with such huge amount, table don full for beer parlour. My point: Average Nigerians will drink beer everyday and expensive wines or liquor only on special occasions. Will you wait till those special occasions arrive to make profit when you can make profits from selling to bars and beer parlour owners everyday or weekly? The madam is making good sales now and I’m seen a genius when it’s only common sense.

  5. I am a proud person. So if i advice you once and you feel like am trying to curse you, il lock up after all a word is enough foe the wise cos what if your advice is wrong.

    I live with a woman thay drums talent into our ears. Shes so humble she can start up a salon just for u to believe in handwork. She admires it more than white collar job cos she salways says no matter what, this will be with you forever.

    I am thankful for asuu strike cos it made me explore all corners before dabbling into service. I mean before nw i was like any other graduate that wants a white collar job, (I mean all the suffer wey i don suffer for gwagz gats pay off, lol).. and am sure i would have ended up being frustrated if work dont come n am home but I used this strike to learn somethng i am hoping will make me a great entrepreneur. And ofcos of white collar job comes i take it but i wont depend solely on it.

    This post is lovely. Hopefully it will open up some peoples minds to try other things as work no be do or die affair.. i mean why would i stay 5 years without a job na to carry pure water go sell, my mum will just disown me, lol. She should check how much ordinary iya basira makes in a week! Its obvious shes not ready yet. God dey.

  6. Awesome!!! Life doesn’t give us what we deserve, but what we demand from it, God has given us all that pertains to life etc, what we do with it determines our outcome, greatness is accumalation of little beginning summed up together, therefore we ought not to despise our days of little beginnings. For when we are faithful in little only can we be entrusted with much.

  7. “Follow your passion, and success will pursue you pants down” What is that thing you are passionate about? That one thing that makes you loose your sleep…if you know what it is, then do it. Starting up is never easy but your passion for that thing, will sustain and keep you going. You won’t look @ the odds and negativity, rather it would become the needed strength to keep pushing forward. Nothing good comes easy, you must pay your dues but believe me, you will smile @ the long run. What more, you will be fulfilled and happy (Keep real friends, they will always encourage you…

    Using our Dear Posh for e.g, as a graduate of Bio-Chemistry, one would think she would toe the line of her profession but nay, she’s following her passion and she’s doing great, very great. Now imagine Posh in the next 5 years…your guess is as good as mine.

    Now is the time to follow and pursue your dreams, you may be doing a white colour job, that’s not an excuse, start up something by the side, nuture it, it will grow gradually till its able to stand on its own!

    • Very very on point comment Uju. Self discovery makes you know what you have passion for. When you discover who you are, you should follow your calling. Thanks so much Uju.

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