Marilyn Anona writes: Its the WOMEN versus MEN today. Does having broad shoulders alone make a man sexy? Does having an hour glass figure make a woman sexy?

yvonne%20sexyuti%20sexyMya%20haruna%20sexymimi%20sexyShe is sexy! He is sexy! What does it mean to be sexy? Before now, I feel offended when someone addresses me as sexy. Yes, please let me land… I used to feel that way because I discovered that most people do not really understand the word “sexy” or they have narrowed it down so much to mean exuding sex appeal. And for that reason, I preferred and still prefer to be called smart, posh, classy instead of sexy. yvonne%20sexy Yesterday evening, I went to see a friend, I was putting on a multi-coloured turtleneck top which looked almost like a ballon and a pair of black jeans. I didn’t make up, no jewelleries or accessories. On getting there I discovered there was a party. Almost all the ladies there were dressed in skimpy party clothes. I felt sort of odd and too casual but you know the usual me, always confident. But I was taken aback when my friend introduced me to his friends and they were all saying, she is sexy, she is sexy. That got me thinking. And I decided to ask, what makes a woman sexy? Today, I am not stopping at the women, I want to know what makes men sexy too. I remembered a certain day while I was watching the television with my friend Chiamaka and David Beckham came on the programme, the first exclamation from her was, GOSH, this man is so sexy! Its the WOMEN versus MEN today. Does having broad shoulders alone make a man sexy? Does having an hour glass figure make a woman sexy? Is it about those long legs? Is it about the confidence the woman or man exudes? Is it carriage? Is it about humour? I want to know your opinion. One thing I know is, having an hour glass figure alone doesn’t make a woman sexy. Mercy Johnson is not the only woman with an hour glass figure yet she is constantly called sexy while the others with similar figure are not noticed. Genevieve doesn’t have an hour glass figure but she is sexy. Yvonne Nelson isn’t the only actress with long legs. Why is Uti Nwachukwu called sexy? Let’s learn from each other today. What makes a man sexy? What makes a woman sexy? Feel free to share your thoughts. Its Saturday… Let’s have fun! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. The word sexy connotes arousal or tending to arouse sexual interest. Informally, it means something exciting or trendy. The latter is often used to refer to objects like a sexy car etc.
    The truth is that when we say a person is sexy, we actually relate it to the former I.e this person arouses sexual interest or is capable of arousing sexual interest.
    I believe it has more to do with how much flesh a lady is willing to expose than it has to do with actually having the curves and the legs. If you have the curves and the legs but don’t expose them, you won’t be termed sexy cause you are not arousing sexual interest in anyone. Like you rightly said, Mercy Johnson is not the only Nollywood actress with a great figure or is Yvonne Nelson the only actress with long legs.
    I still prefer being called classy to sexy. (My Opinion)

    • Thanks Wendy, for yourcontribution. I am a very modest dresser. I dontshow skin or flesh. My friends complain that I cover up too much. Infact I am the type that wear a tank top before wearing a top just so that my cleavage doesn’t show but each time I get called “SEXY” and when I react they all get surprised. Like I mentioned, I prefer to be called posh, elegant or classy! That’s what I get most of the timethough. But ithink there is more to sexy than just sex appeal.thanks once more! Keep visiting

  2. Like they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder (or “beer holder” lol) and so the word “sexy” is relative. In most cases guys consider a woman as sexy when she arouses some sexual interest in them and that’s the undiluted truth. It has very little to do with her curves or figure but more with the sex appeal she exudes.
    Additionally, some guys have certain preferences and will consider a woman who meets those preferences as sexy. I know a guy who likes women with big boobs and will consider any woman with such as sexy even if she has no curves. On the other hand I know a number of guys who consider a woman with a big ass as very sexy and it doesn’t matter if she has long legs or a flat chest.
    So its all about individual choice, even though I know some will argue that there is a standard to what should be called sexy, I beg to differ. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder then so is sexy! I rest my case. Have a fab weekend everyone.
    PoshMarilyn what is your idea of a sexy man? #JustCurious

    • Thanks for your contribution Ugochukwu. Your plea to differ was not granted *wink* yes that is because like you said some people will insist that there is a standard for everything.Beauty being in the eyes of the beholder can not make Uwaezuoke win the most handsome man in Nigeria or John okafor crowned the sexiest man in Nigeria. There is a standard. Talking about a sexy man, most people say men who have good 6packs are sexy! But for me I ll choose a man with a slim or firm build, cute face, a good height, good masculine voice, wonderful carriage and a man who exudes confidence with or without six packs. Can a man who has 6packs yet so laid back be called sexy?

      • PoshMarilyn you asked us for our take and I have given my candid opinion. In the case of sexiest man in Nigeria or most beautiful girl, the organizers have a standard for measurment because its a competition. But in everyday setting I still believe my ealier position will stand.
        Let me throw in another thought. Years ago when I was doing my internship at PPMC I had a fellow intern who worked in the same office with me. She was just an average looking girl (my opinion) the first time I saw her. But three months down the line I subconsciously started seeing her as sexy because she started arousing some sexual interest in me. Now I don’t know how you will categorize this but it goes to show that sexy has little to do with a womans stattistics but more to do with the viewers mindset. Meanwhile, nothing went down between us in case you are

      • Ok Ugochukwu. Thanks for your contribution again. But if you ask me, I will say that you had feelings for the lady in question. But maybe its your opinion of sexy after all.thanks and have a peaceful saturday.

  3. when a guy calls u sexy, he sees u as an object of sex. u shd prefer being called pretty or beautiful. sexy is just used when a dude is aroused by ur presence

  4. Sexy for мє is all abt †нε physical attributes ℓ̊ can Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ . Α classy babe ƒσя мє is one who has upped her sexiness wit intelligence. Ƒσя мє A̶̲̥̅♏ going ƒσя classy becus †нα†s 2 ƒσя †нε price σƒ 1.
    Ƒσя we dude sexy is wen U̶̲̥̅̊ don’t нανє annoying pot belly ℓɪ̇kε A̶̲̥̅♏ fighting on losing right now. Time ² hit †нε gym

    • Laughs out loud @Ikenga! Please hit he gym like you said. Don’t spoil your good physique with a fat stomach. Apart from wanting to appear sexy, its good for your health too. Thanks for a wonderful contribution. Have a peaceful weekend.

  5. Nice post Marylin, I agree with your view of sexy, the view of sexy nowadays by the youth is more like “physically or sexually attractive”

  6. I think the word Sexy should be for those in relationships or married couples. That way, no one is arousing but themselves since they are already an item. But when it comes to friends, I always use call them “beautiful” in as much as I know my partner is beautiful aswell. Its just better to call a friend Beautiful than Sexy.

  7. To me oo, I feel a girl don’t need to have tall legs or hour glass figure to be sexy, if she is kind of slim and a lil bit tall(about 4feet) and big boobs, then she is good to go.. Lol.. That’s my opinion,, don’t really know about the dudes

    • Thanks Rabiu. Honest Opinion I must say! Its also good to know that one sees a 4ft person as very attractive. Thanks and have a blessed weekend

    • I still wish to reiterate that literally speaking, sexy connotes the ability to arouse sexual interest, if u don’t arouse him or her sexually, sexy will be the last word with which he or she will define you. Let’s get back to our dictionaries. Probably that way, we will be able to call a spade a spade.

      • Thanks Once more Wendy. We all know what sexy is, the issue is, what makes a woman sexy? Is it her physical appearance, is it her smartness, is it her confidence etc. You mentioned baring one’s skin and I don’t dress indecently so if someone like Macoy says I am sexy, it means all he has stated out.

    • Thanks CJ Josiah. We are on it. Poshmarilyn is all about Values, the youths and the society. Please always visit. Thank you.

  8. @Ugochkwu u are right bro,the word sexy is relative.A gurl that is brilliant,intelligent and speaks eloquently is very sexy to me.She reads a lot,she is a good writer and wears medicated glasses she is also sexy to me.I don’t consider guys sexy sha.For guys if he is average height or tall,not too fat or too skinny,brilliant,intelligent,quite and gentle he’s then cool to me.I think that most guys are wired to think that women with boobs and ass are sexy.lols.She got boobs,she got ass but got no brain then she is so timid and shallow to me.I consider Nina simone one of the queen of soul music in the sixties as sexy.Our Naija Artist the new queen of soul music Nneka is soo sexy to me.Sowphii is sexy,though I don’t know wot she looks reading her comments on poshmarilyn.wordpress.For me Ms.Posh is also sexy*wink* but since u don’t like being called sexy u re beautiful and attractive.

  9. For me, it has a lot to do with how a woman acts, their confidence, self-awareness, and the style in which they have decided to create or adopt in presenting themselves.

  10. As for me every ladies are sexy, it depend on what u called sexy, when i see a lady shows her body, i call it lust not sexy, i prefer a girl with decent dressing as sexier than the one with exposure of her body. Whether tall or average in height. Thank You

  11. well,I dnt really think having an hour glass figure makes one sexy,I think its all about hw a lady carries herself,a lady can be fat nd plumpy And still look sexy,its all abt carriage and confidence,

  12. what makes a woman beautiful is her intelligence, confidence, self-awareness and I think her charisma. And also and the ability to know what to wear, when to wear and how to wear that which makes her the real classy woman. To be called beautiful doesn’t mean u most wear make ups, expose your body, have curves, long legs and what have u…but intelligence most especially, confidence, carriage and self – esteem. For a man to call a woman sexy or the popular word *Hot* .that means….you arouse his sexual interest. I have a friend that will always tell me that a beautiful woman is neat and elegant. Marilyn dear good job, keep educating us.

  13. As naturally animalistic creatures, humans have evolved a list of features to expect from the opposite sex to be termed ‘sexy’. Research has shown that men are attracted to ladies with thinner waistlines and wide hips because this connotes higher reproductive capability. Women on the other hand are naturally attracted to taller men with broad shoulders as this connotes an air of power, authority, and protection. But there’s another factor that comes into play which is media popularity. People find others more ‘sexy’ or appealing due to the influence of popularity. Some people might not notice, but an average, good-looking guy may have the same body structure of David Beckham, and your next-door neighbour might just be sexier than Mercy Johnson! So, the next time someone addresses you as sexy, you should be happy that at least you received appealing physiological genes from your parents!

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