Marilyn Anona writes: An average Nigerian youth’s idea of a pastime is “hanging out” in a pub or beer parlour.

Maria%20guitarYesterday, I was so downcast and the minute I left the office, I headed straight to the photo studio to take some photographs. I knew I didn’t want to go home immediately because going home would have worsened my mood. So I needed a place to be or something to do to take my heavy mind off worries. By the time I was done taking those photographs, I was so happy and more relaxed. I love taking pictures, they help me keep memories and appreciate the beauty of things around me. I love to sing as well… Yeah doing karaoke makes me feel like I am in heaven already. I also love to read, I read for pleasure, I read to get enlightened and to get motivated and of course, you know I love to write. These are some of my hobbies. A hobby is something that one enjoys doing and most times depends on one’s taste and talent. Having a hobby or hobbies is very important because, they enhance our well-being and can give more meaning to our life. Hobbies make our lives more interesting. They help ease and relax our minds. The creative ability present in everyone should not be suppressed. Most times, our hobbies are things we are good at and doing them don’t just give us ample joy alone, they also help us develop in those areas. People who have hobbies are less likely to suffer from most negative feelings. Having a hobby or hobbies is very important and everyone of us should have one especially at this time in our life when we are still young. Here are some of the reasons why you should have a hobby: 1. Having a hobby is a sure source of pleasure. Instead of depending on things that may not readily be available for pleasure such as movies and friends, a hobby is something you do with an urge from within. You shouldn’t always look on to others for relaxing or spending your free time. Having something to do on your own gives you full control of yourself and a sense of freedom in the way you wish to spend your precious time. 2. A hobby avails you the chance to connect with your inner self which in turn makes you discover who you are and your values. Its very interesting to know that when you have a hobby, you will strive to create time for yourself and manage your schedule well to keep that appointment with yourself. 3. This is the juicy part! What can be more fulfilling than the fact that your career and work which came about as a result of pleasure is also the source of your unwinding and relaxation! Your hobby can turn out to be your career when you have a sense of purpose and see beyond the pleasure you derive from it. This goes to say that your hobbies can add lots of values to your life. 4. Having a hobby is another way through which people discover their talents. Your job can discover and use your competence to some extent, but it takes more than that to bring out the talents hidden in a person. 5. When you have a hobby, its gives you the opportunity to meet people who have the same taste like you and also the chance to share your knowledge, talent or skill (hobby) with those people who love your hobby and would want to learn. For example, if your hobby is weaving, you could teach those who love weaving how to weave. That’s sharing! It may be funny, but its true. Most Nigerian youths don’t have a hobby. All we do is chat, chat and chat. An average Nigerian youth’s idea of a pastime is “hanging out” in a pub or beer parlour. The importance of having a hobby cannot be overemphasized. So we should cultivate at least a hobby, Its one gift you can give yourself that is so enriching and rewarding throughout your life time. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



    • Lol @ tonte, I know that your hobby isn’t drinking in pubs but dear, if it is, you should think of getting a better hobby that would add value to your life and help you in life generally.

    • Thanks for your contribution dear Chika. It feels good to know your hobbies. It goes a long way to help an individual even beyong what we have imagined.

  1. Nice 1… I think I’ll buy another hobby soon.. ℓ☺ℓ…. Just kidding… But seriously Hobbies r very important our various lives.. Kudos Girl “you Rock”

    • Thanks for your contribution Kelvin, I am glad that you have realized the importance of hobbies. Better get one like you said.

  2. I love watching movies,sometimes I just get my pen and pad and start commenting on a movie I just watch,I don’t watch movies like others do,I try to acknowledge the talents of the directors,producers,screen writers and even sound track of the movie,it gives me joy,also love to cook,sometimes I experiment on new recipes in the kitchen*wink*or watch my little friend sara cook,still don’t know why some of my friends don’t like reading,that’s why I was very happy when I found out that exist.I thank God for Oma everyday for bringing us all into this blog and you guys on Rock!I feel empty when I don’t read at least one chapter of a book in a music too!listening to Opera or classical music like Mozart,handel,hans Zimmer and Charlott Church is one of my best way of relaxing my mind,body and soul.Yes Ms.Posh,lots of Nigerian Youth think that hanging out in a bar is part of relaxation because that’s probably the way they were wired*wink*Nice one Ms.Posh.

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