Marilyn Anona writes: I know there are good people out there. They pop up all the time for me when I am having a hard time! Happy Birthday Robert Ezenwo Nsirim…

Strangers can become brothers. Yes, people who you do not have any blood tie with can be your bImagerothers or sisters. When you are blessed to have or come in contact with such people hold them well and be grateful to GOD. Show them you love them and genuinely care about them by being loyal to them. In this world where people are hardly kind, where selfishness is not a problem anymore, where people find it extremely difficult to assist anyone except of course there is something they will gain in return from you, I am blessed to have a brother from another mother. Good people are hard to come by so I will not let this big brother that heaven sent go. I haveImage experienced it firsthand and am here to tell you there are still good people in the world. Good people who with very little inconvenience to themselves step up and help those in need, which leaves me to wonder, in the constant hustle of our stress-filled lives, why more of us don’t do the same. I met this very nice guy at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja in 2011 while I was marketing for my company. He didn’t have need for the product but bought it because according to him I spoke well and he could not bear to see me go like that after all the effort. Now, most of you would will be saying to yourselves, “he wants to woo her” but I want to let you know that in as much as most Nigerian men take advantage of young women this man stands out! Sex is not the only thing that attracts a man to a woman. But for you to keep this good people in you life for long, you must be loyal, real, trustworthy and have substance. Yes, you have to play a role because no body no matter how angelic loves a pest or a bug. Good people are out there but you have to know that just like you complain about good people not existing, the good people are also afraid of being used and not appreciated so you have a role to play. This guy is a highly charitable, philanthropic and humane soul. He goes out of his way to help people without bothering about what he stands to gain. He is not the only good person I have met but he stands out because he has touched my life so much especially at times when there seemed to be no hope. Join me to wish MR ROBERT EZENWO NSIRIM a happy birthday. May God continue to bless and satisfy him in every area of his life. Although the world is filled with selfish people, there are good, quality people out there. It is very easy to find the opposite, so you have to consider where you are looking, or what you are looking for… I know there are good people out there. They pop up all the time for me when I am having a hard time. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!                                                    



  1. Nice!… Good to see a lady appreciate good guys…
    Mostly, you ladies take us for granted, like being nice is what we’re paid to do.

    • Thanks TJ4matic for a nicecontribution. Yes, most times nice people are taken for granted and its not restricted to the guys alone. Girls are also taken for granted. I can give you instances. But what I know that if your reason for beingnice is genuine, you won’t be discouraged no matter the experience. It comes naturally. Thanks please keep visiting

  2. woow!! Guess today Nov 20 is a day wen great people are mum’s bday too z today…wishing my mum nd mr robert a happy birthday..may God bless them and grant them all d good things of life!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Mr Robert Ezinwo Nsirim, long life and prosperity, may God continue to bless you as you enlighten people and may good things never stop comin your way. (Amen)
    Marylin, you’re right good people do exist but dey afraid of how people will take advantage of them and hurt their feelings

    • Yes Sophia,we have our own roles to play too. I have been nice to people and at the end I cried but that will not stop me frombeing nice I will onlybe more careful. Thanks Sophia for your contribution and for being a strong part of poshmarilyn’s blog.

  4. It is indeed rare to find someone who does good without any hidden agenda, so when you find such angelic beings the best you can do is to give them your loyalty. It is also important not to abuse their generosity or become a burden. Happy birthday Mr. Robert and all those celebrating today.
    Nice one PoshMarilyn.

  5. I can analyze the whole scenario at Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja where you met Mr. Robert. You said he bought the product you advertised even though it was obvious he does not have need for it. hmm!
    I will appreciate if you genuinely answer some of these questions then we can analyze further.
    1.) Did you guyz exchange numbers?
    2.) are you still in contact with Mr. Robert?
    3.)To an extent what was his last statement when both of you departed from Transcorp Hilton? hoping to hear from you.

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