Marilyn Anona Writes… If you can’t run to your home in times of great need, where then do you run to?

ImageIt makes me so unhappy to see siblings from the same parents not united. I mean, offsprings from same mother and father not united. Its worrisome, they were raised under the same roof, slept on same bed, ate same food, emerged from same womb but can’t do things together. I don’t want to go further to illustrate about disunity in the society so i am using the family which should be easier to co-ordinate as an example. A friend of mine lost his job and has been without any source of income for some months now. He depends on friends to survive. I told him to let his family I mean his immediate family know about his present state so as to assist him, he said that is the last thing he would do and added that he doesn’t want anyone laughing at him. I felt very sad and confused. Yes! Because if you can’t run to your home in times of great need, where then do you run to? I think the saying “there is nothing important as family” should play an immense role at such times. At that point it dawned on me that some families are not united. Unity is very important. Whether we are talking about family, a sports team, community, school or business, it’s necessary that we get everyone on the train and moving in the right direction with a shared vision, focus, and purpose. When a group comes together they are able to succeed. Despite the fact that unity is highly important, its not easy to bring people together. Factors like agendas, ego, pride, selfishness, personal interest, politics, power struggles, poor leadership, mismanagement, complaining, a lack of vision, focus and purpose etc all prevent a group from uniting and performing at their highest level. But no matter what, all these can be overcome to achieve unity and succeed in life. To achieve unity, focus, energy and time are required. Changing the mindset is vital. Unity happens when each person in a group can clearly see how their personal vision and effort contributes to the overall vision and success of the team. Good communication and transparency are greatly needed to achieve unity. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!                                                              



  1. Sometimes for sibblings not be close to each other is usaully caused by the parents, cause some parents do show more concern and love on a particular chile than the rest. And sometimes it is usually caused by terrestrial powers.. Lol.. So all we need is equal love and prayers.. #thank you

    • Very Valid point from you Rabium. Some parents contribute to disunity amongst their kids by not being fair in all they do. They rub it in the face of the other kids that a particular kid is their favourite. It tears the home apart.

  2. You have said it all Marylin, family or sibling rivalry comes from training. One should teach their kids how to be happy for each other when success is achieved and help each other when failure sets in. If this is not being done, it leads to family disunity and sibling rivalry.
    A good family is strongly bonded together, indivisible, loving and united

  3. I believe that unity starts from the head,if the first son/daughter admits his/her responsibility as okpara/ada the cradle won’t fall.I just remembered what one of my uncles used to tell me in those days when I was a teenager “First son na dustbin”.funny huh,but its true,as d first child male or female you have to have the heart to endure and accommodate the rest,even when your siblings are persecuting you,Just treat them with love and respect,no matter how it hurts. Then maybe you are not the first,nor the second child,maybe you are the last,you can still make sure there is unity amongst your sibling through love wisdom and prayer. Have in mind that being smarmy in the name of making peace amongst your sibling and kindred can be dire!I can still remember my late father’s last word to me “One broom my son!You guys should stick together!always!”.He kept on repeating it.Psalm 133 talks about this beautiful unity amongst siblings.I love this!Thanks Oma for today’s post.

    • I totally agree with you but if th parents don’t state out roles to the kids, they will just be doing anything they like. And roles again are relative and vary from home to home. I am the first in my home and my Father believes that the first should be pampered while the younger ones do the chores. But roles are a different side to this topic because being the first doesn’t mean you shoulder all the responsibility because you are the oldest. The youngest in the home maybe the most fortunate and in cases like that, should play the role of helping others stand to their feet. Thanks Macoy and thanks for being part of this Family.

  4. ♍​Ɣ heart aches when ℓ̊ come across ѕυ¢н families. Most times †нε dividing issues αrε S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ trival †нα† †нε warring parties can overlook but yet they hold fast ² ℓ̊†.
    Interesting subject U̶̲̥̅̊ highlighted, Kudos.

  5. Well I don’t know about siblings not talking to each other, in my house we barely even talk so much, i could go days even weeks without talking to a single member of my family, but that has no effect on the love for eachother when ever we get to se eachother we catch up on event and we start exactly from d spot we left off, so I would say different families different personalities

    • Its true tosome extent Borha but communication is a vital aspect of Unity. Good communication is very important. It makes the bond stronger. Sometimes, when I remember the jokes I shared with my Mother (GOD bless her soul) I am happy. I am so happy that I shared them with her.

  6. @Rabiu,u said my mind. Really when parents show more love and concern on a particular child jus bcos he/she is most successful.Hatred,Jealousy and Envyness comes in…Parents should always appreciate their children whether he or she is successful or not and show equal love to them all. Nice 1 Posh.

    • Thanks Lilian. Your points are very valid! A typical exampleis inthe case of girls. In a family where there are many female kids and maybe the younger girl or the youngest girl is the 1st to get married, she becomes the alpha and omega inthat home and the oldest which by our human thinking should be the 1st to get married becomes a piece of trash. We should not belike that. Thanks Lilian. Unity is very essential.

  7. With JEsus in the family,happiness is guaranteed,parents should learn to love their kids,irrespective of their children attitude,no segregation,they should them all to avoid division.

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