Marilyn Anona Writes: There are many people in the world giving out negative vibes, who don’t believe in being happy.

ImageDamn! This weekend was so short, I didn’t even notice when sunday evening came. I was so absorbed by the gubernatorial election in my state that I even forgot to write reports I am supposed to submit at the office first thing on monday morning. I missed out on good rest simply because of the excitement about my state’s election. But that’s not much of an issue because another weekend will come in the next five days. Today, my message is simple! WE SHOULD ENDEAVOUR TO MAKE HAPPINESS OUR ULTIMATE GOAL. I want each and everyone of us to be happy no matter what challenge may be before us. No matter what it is we are passing through. A certain girl sent me a message complaining of how broke she is, I took time to read her lengthy message. After which I asked her how old she is and what she does, she happened to be my age mate and she was surprised when I told her we are age mates. I advised her after telling her briefly about myself. She was stunned. By the time I was done talking to her, she said she was happy already. Now my point is, in our bid to be happy, we should carry other people along. A little kind word or company can change someone’s mood for the better. Being happy in life makes life look much rosier. To be happy in life, we have to use dedication, concentration and regular injection of inspiration to make our actions happy. There are many people in the world giving out negative vibes, who don’t believe in being happy. There are also many things and places that tend to drain your body of energy and in the process, make you feel unhappy. Be sure to stay away from such people, things and places. Being happy isn’t and should not be a project that will take time. Start now by: 1. Reach out to people: You can do this by actually visiting friends, family and loved ones generally. You can also achieve this by using the internet through the social networks etc. 2. Its unfortunate that most people don’t know their hobbies, but our hobbies make us happy and engage us during our spare time. We should all discover our hobbies and do them once in a while. 3. Touch people’s lives: This can be achieved by engaging in charity work, talking to people to inspire them, help people out in any way we can. When we help people, we are happy ourselves. Do good, feel good! It does work, friends. 4. Acting happy is another way to be happy. Believe me friends, it works like magic. Even a fake smile boosts your mood. And smiling whether real or fake, makes you appear happy and easy to approach. 5. Make sure your environment is in order and neat. You may want to repaint your house or at least your bed room, rearrange your bedroom, clean your compound etc. Your environment contributes to your inner peace which will in turn make you happy. There are so many other things to do to be happy but these are just few of them. You can add to our list by your contributions. There is nothing wrong about being happy. Happy people are more sociable, likable, healthy, productive and they are more inclined to help other people. By working to boost your own happiness, you are making other people happy too. This is a new working week, I want you all to be happy. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! 



    • Thanks Deji for a nice contribution. Personally ihate to stay or be around negative people. I love to be happy and make myself happy in little ways that ican. I know we all experience moments of sadness once in a while,butwe should try to snap readily out of it.

  1. Love that song “Don’t worry be happy”,I love to be happy,I love staying around happy people and I love making people happy.To make someone happy can cost a great deal of money and time.”But if someone who is supposed to be a Christian has money enough to live well,and sees a brother in need and won’t help him-how can God’s love be with him?Little children let us stop just saying we love people;let us really love them,and show it by our actions.”1 John.3:17-20(Daily family devotion bible).If only we Christians will really meditate and understand this little portion of the bible I just quoted,this world will be a better place for us all.Please note that without sacrifice u can’t make anybody happy.You will have to sacrifice your time,your money,your comfort just to make someone happy,and believe me it is a lovely experience.Guys let us all keep on showing love to people around us.Go out today and make someone smile.Remember you can make a difference in this world.Nice one Ms Posh.I love this!I can feel the positive energy flowing!*wink*

    • Thanks Macoy, a very long contribution but made sense from th begining tothe end. We should all try and be happy most of the time and also make th people around us happy. Thank you Macoy.

  2. Reading these wonderful pierce has brought me joy. Nothing can be compared to a Happy Moment. It makes u feel like a KING. Thanks Posh.

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