Marilyn Anona Writes: I want to know how most of us spend our Saturdays and also our opinions about working on Saturdays .

We all look forward to weekends and that is why we always say “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY” the end of another working week, the arrival of the weekend, the time when we get to have at least two days to ourselves and the freedom to spend these days anyhow we want to. For most Nigerians, Saturday is a day when most clean up activities are done. Like laundry, washing the bathrooms and toilets, cleaning the entire house, cooking, shopping and finally resting. But for few people like me who do our laundry and clean on daily basis, its a day to spend most of your morning in bed but some people work on saturdays and do not have time to rest and do most of those things mentioned earlieImager. Its another Saturday, I want to know how most of us spend our Saturdays and also our opinions about working on Saturdays . Please Bring it on! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. To me, I feel saturdays being weekend, we should use d opportunity to rest after our busy schedules during the week, clean d house, do ur washing (laundry), go to d salon,etc. the body needs rest u know u just have to give ur body system a break, overworking the body can cause breakdown, I don’t like weekend work coz dats wen ill have tym for my personal issues.

  2. I think weekends are mainly for rest and non-work related activities. Its also a time to be with family and just chill generally. But in reality not everyone can afford this as some people still have to work weekends to make ends meet. For those who can’t afford to rest during the weekends I’ll suggest they take a vacation from work at least once a year to rest and refresh. The importance of proper rest cannot be over emphasized.

  3. Meeeeeeehn!Just finished doing my laundry now.Yeepeeeee!Time to lazy around!Gotta a lot of movies to watch today.Can’t trade my saturday with anybody.I love saturdays,Love waking up late on saturdayz too!*wink*Hate it when this bonzos called Power Holding take light on saturday.No cinema for me since I aint in Abj right now.I think saturday is a day of relaxation.Giving yourself a break once in a while ain’t bad at all.The best time to take a lady out on a date is on saturday evening.*wink*@Amina.I concure!Happy weekend Ms.Posh.Happy weekend to u all!

  4. Well, I go out on most Saturdays and the times I don’t go out, I lay on my bed chattin on my socials and thinking. I think workin on Saturdays shouldn’t be allowed except the person only works during the weekends

    • Yeah,really a time to rest. But I think some people don’t mind working on saturdays. Even most people who are not working for their employers on saturday work for themselves. It may for the extra pay. But I also know that most people rest on saturdays.

  5. Saturdays being weekend should be a day to rest,do ur laundry,visit family and friends jus do watever u wanna do. But me o,as a business woman I spend my saturdays in my shop cos dat is wen I mak more sales lolz. Then I rest on Sunday.

    • Wow! Exactly what I mentioned in my response to Sophia’s contribution. For most people again, the weekends are times when they make extra money or even more money compared to other days. For example, those who own hair dressing salons, super markets, boutiques etc. So Lilian, don’t dull. Make all the money dear.

  6. Saturdays/weekends are use for your personal needs,home chores,shoppings,visits,maybe have fun,with friends,relatives etc. We all need rest,our bodies needs to rest. We are humanbeings. All work and no play makes jack a dull person,working weekends I don’t encourage it. Even God rested after 6days of creating the whole world,on the seventh day,he rested.. Bravo @ posh.

  7. my saturday depends on how much alcohol I consume on friday. Since I didn’t go out last nite, I have more time to attend to business related matters

    • Thanks Dr Olay, for your honest contribution. I know most Nigerian men spend their friday evenings drinking but please always remember your liver.

  8. saturdays for me are virtually just like every other week days except for the ‘Suya’ part. I’ll explain. I’m always at the studio (23½/7). I’m at work even on Sunday evenings starting from 4pm. But then, something has to be special ’bout saturdays. Now I ain’t the type to party, smoke, drink & ‘bang’ all night (that’s what most people spend their weekends doing though.smh). so instead of just burning my entire week taking care of people’s business, I leave the studio earlier than usual, go to a suya joint, order for some, buy myself a non-alchoholic drink & give myself a treat. I ought to take care of myself atleast once or twice in a week don’t I? 🙂 lol. saturdays can be fun if you plan it right actually.
    ok about working on saturdays, well I think its not much of a problem for singles though. I think married couples would really find it difficult working on saturdays especially if they’ve got kids. can’t go into details now.

  9. I never liked it when I worked on Saturdays, worse was that It’s same resumption time of 7:30am. Was very awkward to me so was glad when the Saturday work was scrapped but then, had to supplement it by extending our closing time by 1 hour, didn’t mind, even if they added 2 more hours, wouldn’t hv minded as long as I have my Saturdays…

    I wish Saturdays can be longer, there’s so much to do, it’s a time for resting, doing domestic stuffs, attending to your personal needs, shopping, socialising…For me, its a great business day!

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