Chioma, Deji and Macoy have made their points, let’s have yours!… Marilyn Anona

ImageImageToday, I am writing on problems the typical Nigerian youth faces while trying to getImage established and the solutions but I want the youths to talk for themselves. I was able to talk to some and this is what they have to say… MOLLY CHIOMA OHIRI/ FEMALE/ ENUGU/25. Defining goals: This is one of the problems youth face starting a business. This can be tackled by first this question: Do you want financial independence? This I personally evaluated before I started My Hair Business among others. While at it, guide your reputation with your life, enter action with boldness and win thru perseverance. Always ask questions and seek help from others in same Business. Good Luck! Molly Ohiri (MHP Luxury Hair). To contact us for your quality hair, call ☎08038792716. DEJI MIKE ADEBAYO/MALE/ ABUJA/ 27. Every Business idea usually have a problem and the most uniform one is finance. My experience will tell you, what I believed in, what I did and how it worked for me.

 When I was starting up as an ICT/Telecom expert,even if that wasn’t my line of study,but my passion and interest. I decided to work under some already established companies for starters,even though I knew that wasn’t my stopping point,these did so I could learn,make connections and raise some funds. 

 Working at these level wasn’t easy because I had to adjust myself to company Policies and management never really took contributions and ideas into proper considerations and these was slowing me down. Three years down the line,I was a bit experienced and went to further my studies in the ICT world, finished and had just a little fund to start-up almost impossible to rent a space especially in a place like Abuja,so I started small in a corner as I prayed that government officials doesn’t get to me and scatter me off. At this point the next typical thing was to begin to seek loan,but its not my kinda reasoning and ironically,our banks and the country as a whole are not flexible and friendly with giving out loans, so I got planning generating ideas. I kept doing things I could do without money;generating and writing down my ideas,got a business name in mind,spoke to people that could possible support,promote,encourage me or buy into the ideas,three(3) years of working as an entrepreneur,I got the attention I needed and people began to believe. Could do it, and now just one of the ideas has taking me to india and back,my company is now registered with a board of directors,I’m signing deals with bigger telecom companies both in Nigeria,south/Africa,Ghana and others while I keep my low profile and hope for better days. Thanks.


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MACOY M. MARK/ MALE/ KADUNA/ 33. When we were in the University our aim was to study hard,graduate with a good grade,finish our NYSC and pass out believing that a good Job will be waiting for us,we didn’t envisage the economy crisis of 2008, just like the 1935 great depression it came like a thief in the night,this is a common topic but am approaching it from a new view,some of us have been Jobless for a decade,while some of us that got lucky to get a job immediately after NYSC were later laid off during the 2008 economic crisis,especially in banks. We have graduates in nigeria,who are jobless and are becoming weary because of their unsuccessful Job hunt. You will see some graduates,who are meant to be working and establishing their own families Still leaving with their parents. They are not given the opportunity to move forward because of the economy of the nation. Many are pointing fingers at President Goodluck Jonathan blaming him of their present predicament,like a little lamb he is being led to slaughter. While some youths have resorted to be criminals. B.Sc holders are gradually becoming expendables in our country Nigeria. It is late almost too late to be looking for a job in Nigeria now. A temporary approach would have been to get a job worthwhile and raise capital but there’s UNEMPLOYMENT staring at d young chap’s face. Let’s look at the few solutions: (1)The government should provide more funds for youths to be able to manage entrepreneurs and also establish more acquisition centres where youth would be trained in different things like fashion,computer design,catering etc,(2)Other Massive orientation programmes should also be moved into action by the government. We all have heard these things, we have read it so much that its even annoying, but personally how have you contributed to the solution, because if your not contributing to the solution that means you are adding to the problem, also bear in mind that doing nothing is even worse. So today is another interactive session,I want to learn from you. What are the solutions to this problem? Poshmarilyn finally says, These three youths have made their points, let’s have yours! Let’s come together and proffer solutions on how to make a headway. Many Nigerian youths find it hard to get established, what is the way out? Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!- Marilyn Oma Anona                                                        



  1. Well I think the problems youths are facing while getting established is
    Lack of Unemployment the situation of the country when it comes to unemployment is saddening. And its not all youths that have the skills of being self employed….. Like going into business and all of dat. Most youths will like to work in government parastatals, ministries etc.
    The solution to youths being established is to try and discover their God given talents and try and be self employed,they shouldn’t wait for government jobs because the government don’t have enough that can satisfy most jobless youths.
    Thatz my opinion. Thank u.

  2. Dedication and determination. I believe the youth of Nigeria can be established if they adhere to the above mentioned points. They can accomplish anythin from ownin their own business or improving an already built industry or organization

    • Thanks Sophia, everyone is always saying determination and perserverance! Yes they are key no doubt but are they enough tools for one to get established?

  3. I strongly belive that everyone has inborn ability, but one of the major challanges i think our youths are facing today is how to develop these inborn abilities we already have. Inorder for us to handle these, we ought to b financially independent by making sure u produce a product of your own that is to have an idea creation first…. Find a problem and solve and if none, create one and solve!! Because our future is not a gift but an achievement according to Harry Ford.

  4. Success in anything starts with a simple decision. A decision to do what is required to take one from the present state to a level of reasonable and sustainable success. This is fueled by passion, knowledge of one’s talents/strengths, a clear vision and a reasonable and actionable plan.
    Most Nigerian graduates adopt the popular plan of seeking employment with a firm (any firm) that pays good salary. This plan is not really bad as it affords a fresher the opportunity of gaining work experience, raising capital and also paying immediate bills. But the downside to this plan is that in most cases getting a job is not easy because of the economic situation in Nigeria and high level of unemployment. This frustrates most fresh graduates and I know many who have been unemployed for a long time after graduation.
    Another downside to this plan is that most adopt it and get comfortable once they gain employment. They become complacent and stop seeking for ways to improve themselves and staying relevant such that in the event of a lay off(as most jobs don’t have security) ,they cannot pick up same or better employment elsewhere.
    In my case however, and this is what I would recommend for the average Nigerian youth. I recognized my talents and strengths early on in life and I started developing them into a skill. I was already in the university studying chemical engineering but I realized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do in life. My passion was for the arts and entertainment. But instead of dropping out, I continued with my studies (giving it my best) but used the university community as a testing ground to hone my skills in the entertainment field. The experience gained while in school served me very well as I ventured out into the real world after graduation. I was very confident and I never considered seeking employment anywhere, I started running my own business from the get go, exploiting connections made while in school and leveraging on my little campus experience. This is not to say that it was a smooth ride all the way. There were many challenges and not very everyone supported my dream (especially loved ones who were worried about my future)but like I said earlier, success requires a simple decision to succeed against all odds. Today, I’m doing very well and my job doesn’t feel like work because I’m following my passion.
    I think Nigerian youths should become more unafraid to follow their dreams but do so passionately,creatively and with a well thought out plan.
    Just in case you are wondering, my second class upper credit B.Eng certificate in chemical engineering hangs on my wall as a reminder that I can do anything I set my mind to do and succeed!
    PoshMarilyn thanks for bringing up this topic today and letting me share my story on your blog.

  5. Growing up, †нε believe that nigeria owes us everything is †нε beginning σƒ our undoing. ℓ̊ had hoped ² gain admission ² †нε university immediately ℓ̊ left secondary school but ℓ̊ was wrong. Same applied after graduation, ℓ̊ had high hopes ² get α white collar job but †нα† hoped was dashed too. In all dis ℓ̊ learnt 1 invaluable lesson, ² №† wait ƒσя any1’s help but believe in my abilities.
    we †нε youths нανє ² learn ² push ourselves as †нε Nigeria σƒ today would offer уσυ zero απϑ expect уσυ ² be your own hero.

    • Yes very Nice from Ikenna. Most of us think the nation owes us especially when we have good grades but people who have shookthe world interms of achievement and wealth didn’t go to the university. Having a university degree may be a plus but doesn’t guarantee success in life. We should discover our selves. That is the reason for poshmarilyn. Thanks Ikenna.

  6. There are alot of youths who are not employed and that has caused alot of bad than good to the nigerian society at large. But the question is, can we all get white collar jobs? that’s not possible. I don’t think there will be a lasting solution to unemployment. Youths need to shift from a job seeker’s mindset to a job creation mindset.

    • Yes! We should create something to do. 5years and still job hunting will make one mentally dull. We should explore and get busy

  7. I agree with u macoy and all our youth need is a full leaverage,and support both from our rrulers since we don’t have leaders and also give the youth chance to showcase their talents in their own little way.Again a littlefinaicial help will build them up in enterprenureship.

  8. Hi dear u guys are fantastic. I want t comment on what macoy’s article,I think is high time we the youth take the bull by the horn and stand to our legal right.if our leaders will give a helping hand to our youth by creating job opportunities not by only taking their. Own but being reasonable and considrate in their intake.Again build and equipt our high institutions,give the youth chance to showcase their God given talent.

    • Yes Florence, because in most cases, knowing your skill, talent or what you can do isn’t enough. Some businesses are hard to start. And everyone must not gointobuying & selling which is the easiest to establish. So agree totally with you. The government has a big role to play. Most people are not loan worthy and as such can’t get loans from banks to start. So how do we get to make the government give their support.

  9. Would have L♥√عd to contribute but truely all has been said..Me saying further will be reiterating point(s) alwedy made..I have been enlightened…BUT let this be in your minds “More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin”…though you may start small…The end thereof is massive success…Hardwork and creative idea(s) will take you there..#Peace

  10. firstly lemme say kudos to you @poshmarilyn, this is a nice write up i must say. then to the contributors Deji, Macoy and Molly you guys have said it all but me i want to comment abeg.
    @Deji, your thoughts are so on point, although some people like me hate to work for/under somebody, but the truth is that one has to start small to make it big. Also i like the fact that you pursued your passion and interest, now i guess your job is so much fun, and this is one place the youth of this country miss out, if its not their parents forcing them to study a particular course in school then it will be the country itself bending us all towards whatever can at least bring bread. its a sad thing i must say but i’m happy we have people like Deji who can tell a success story like this to encourage others. kudos to you sir.

    @Macoy, indeed its an old topic and i’m even tired of hearing it. but also as you said how have we contributed to a solution for this issue or are we just talking about it just to add a verbal solution, truth be told if you can’t improve yourself its quiet impossible to improve any other person. We also need to start doing something, our government has failed and is still failing at giving us a solution. there’s this story of a graduate i heard who started his business just by going to peoples houses and taking out their trash, just for a little charge. he started from his street and gradually started handling the wastes of the whole state, i even heard he eventually moved to other states. now the government wasnt directly involved in this, but today that guy should be a millionaire if nothing else, and thats enough capital to even start up something else (maybe his passion). the guy’s passion may not have been house-house waste disposal, but this was an idea that didnt need much capital and was pretty less hazardous than kidnapping if you ask me and as a matter of fact this guy provided employment for other people. this is what nigerian youths should be doing, being creative, but as i’ve said on this blog before, our youths have lost it to prostitution, internet scam, and other useless things and then blame it on the govt. so all i’m trying to say is improve yourself and then you’d see how your improved self will help improve others.

    @Molly made a point which i love but will like to say that financial independence depends on a couple of factors (IMO), but i’ll mention just one – lineage. most of us come from pretty well-to-do families, others come from average families and some from poor families. Poverty should never be an excuse for laziness or ignorance. God created us all (poor and rich) with wonderful talents and gifts, FIND YOURS AND MAKE SOMEONE PAY YOU FOR IT. Dont wait for someone to use you or for manna to fall from heaven, get up now and get busy and as Molly said guide your reputation and win thru perseverance, dont try to cheat others to get rich, be honest in your dealings and someday your honesty may just pay off. and if you’re from a rich home, why don’t you start something yourself, perhaps your grandfather or father has made a name now that you sit on, why don’t you use the opportunity (which is rare) to make your own name.

    meeeehn, my comment be like note, make una no vex o, and dear @Poshmarilyn i don’t like the title of this post, i think you should try something catchy next time, you know, something that will attract people to read it.
    And just before i go, here’s a little secret i’ve been working with. “If you want to become a millionaire, create something that one million people would gladly pay for, even if it will cost just 1 naira”.

    • The topic was made to be like that on intent Fathomberry. And catchy is relative too. Thanks for your contribution, it shows you really understand the whole situation. The youths need a way out and that is what poshmarilyn is out for. Direction, redirection, support, etc. Inculcation of values into our youths. Discovering or identifying your values, talents and natural flair. Thanks Dear, I need like minds. And by the grace of GOD, next year we are taking this to the next level. Thanks.

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