Be sure to always shave your pubic areas. Never allow too much hair on your armpit… Marilyn Anona

Be sure to always shave your pubic areas.  Never allow too much hair on your armpit... Marilyn Anona

Exuding some bad smell from your body is not pleasant. Imagine being in a typical Nigerian elevator on a hot afternoon and this distinctive smell of stale sweat won’t let you breathe. The type that can automatically change your mood and spoil your day. This was my situation yesterday. The last man to join us in the elevator can pass for a billy goat. Such concentrated odour from a 2013 man who is also a lawyer. Really sad! Men sweat more than women, so it’s no surprise they are the worst offenders. But my question is, why do people still smell so? The saddest part of it is, most people that smell do not even know that. We all sweat, yes, we must sweat because its one of the ways our bodies cool down. But not all of us smell. Yes, that’s because sweat itself does not smell but it is a wonderful medium for the growth of bacteria that live in our body which makes it smell after many hours. So it means the main reason why most people smell boils down to poor hygiene. There are simple ways to fight those annoying odour that emanate from your body and its high time you fought them. Are you not tired of people despising you? Are you not tired of your colleagues at work gossiping about you and mocking because of something you can control? Are you not tired of your relationship failing because of simple hygiene? Except you are not tired, you should follow this steps… 1. Wash with soap daily (morning and night), particularly your armpits, groin and feet where there are many sweat glands. Washing removes sweat and reduces the numbers of bacteria that act upon it. Don’t be scared of your soap getting finished, you can go down from using a packet of soap for 750naira to a packet of soap for 100naira to achieve this. 2. Using antiperspirants and deodorants should be routine. It is best to also look for the ones that will suit you more. some work better than others. They are also very affordable. We have some of them as cheap as 200naira only. So we should also use deodorants. 3. Don’t ever wear clothes you have worn yesterday. You do a lot, walking around is enough to make your clothes dirty. Most don’t have cars of their own so use public taxis, so whether it was a sweaty day or not, you should not wear clothes from yesterday. 4. Be sure to always shave your pubic areas. Never allow too much hair on your armpit. Hairy armpits, sweat more and washing them ain’t that easy too. 5. It is also very important that you wash your clothes and take care while washing them. Wash the collars, armpits of your clothes very well. Wash your socks very well too. Its time to help yourself, its time to stop giving people mood swing, its time to fit in, apply these tips and see the change. Except your body odour is permanent, these tips are sure to help you erase them or at least reduce them. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!- Marilyn Anona.



    • Thanks Kristi. That’s is why poshmarilyn is out to give direction, hope etc to the youths. There are little things we ignore, yet they are the most important. Smelling badly can seriously affect your relationship with people. Thanks for your contribution.

    • Thanks so much Jerome. Man or woman, we should all take proper care of our selves. Smelling badly can affect the person who is so unfortunate to be sitting next to you. I went to church on a particualar wednesday for midweek, I was so unlucky that very day, I sat down and there were 2 vacant seats beside me, the guy that eventually sat next to me was smelling badly. Smelly feet was his problem. From th moment he sat down, I could not concentrate anymore. I had to go to the overflow. Its very bad. Its such a huge turn off. Let’s help our selves.

  1. The thing about body odour is that it can be a bit difficult telling someone he/she has it without embarrassing them or even offending them in most cases. I had a friend who had this terrible case of mouth odour, so on his birthday I wrapped a toothpaste and brush and gave it to him with a smile. He got the message from the gift but he wasn’t so free around me afterwards. I think it is important one maintains some basic hygeine to avoid the embarrassment of body odour. I was lucky in my case as I approached puberty my elder sister made sure I had a steady supply of anti-perspirants and deodorants and today the habit has not left me. I won’t even leave my house without using an anti-perspirant and/or deodorant and of course a perfume. This is a helpful post as usual, well done PoshMarilyn but people need to know ways to tell someone u care about that they’ve got a body odour, especially their spouse. Y’all have a great weekend. Cheers!

    • Thanks Matthew for your beautiful contribution. But the best way is to tell the person. Its not bad to tell them, just tell them nicely. We should be open to ourselves. Talk to ourselves, especially someone you call a friend, I agree it will be difficult telling a total stranger he or she stinks.

  2. Nice piece,guys bware of d tips both ladies too,we aint free 4rm it eda,9ce one dear .bt dat permanent body odour,i’ll advise d person 2pray n go 4delievrnc oooo….looool jst saying

    • Lol! Thanks Elo. Yes some body odour are permanent but can be reduced by taking your bath often and using stronger anti perspirants. Of course the person should never repeat clothes. Nice one Elo.

  3. Trying to kick over the traditional piety that it is not cool for men to sweat and be insensitive about it.I like that,Quite cool,but not entirely accurate,becos I personally have come across women that stink more than pigs and cover it all up with expensive perfume and body spray.Yea,some stink when they are in their period and can’t take good care of themselves.I think it goes ways dear,I know abt an aquintance(name withheld) of mine who had that problem,even her friends couldn’t confront her on the issue,and another a law student then(name withheld)beautiful and nice but had thesame smelling problem.Like I said ealier it goes both ways.Hope to hear from others point of view soon.smh.

    • Thanks Macoy, but point of correction, No one said only guys smell but biologically, they sweat more and their sweat have more concentrated odour thats the Point. A dirty womaan can smell. A dirty man can small too. There are ladies who wear their bras for more than 3days just because its black. Its enough for a woman to smell. Because all the sweat from the armpit descend on the bra. So this post is not gender biased. Its for us all. Thanks for your contribution Macoy.

    • Thanks a lot macoy! We ve to show them that while correcting them. Say it in such a way that they know you are not spiting them but just correcting.

    • Thanks Lilian. Lol! Such a wonderful bday gift. I won’t be surprised to learn that the gift led to a lot of misunderstanding. Well, we are all different and think differently.

  4. Basic hygiene is very important, this doesn’t just make it uncomfortable for people to be around you, but also is a stigma that follows you.
    If u have smelling feet, wash u legs regularly, have so many pairs of socks, air your shoe as often as possible. If u have issue with body odour, use anti-bacteria soap and use deodorants, this are the basic things u highlighted in this post that people should have basic knowledge about…. Lovely write-up… As the say knowledge is power and we all need to be enlightened….. Stay blessed.

  5. U av say it alll!! Pipo take ds common.I pray its inspire. Motivate some 2 change. I can still rememba dat cleanliness is next to Godlinesss…

  6. “…and he is a lawyer.” Did you have to go there? You just couldn’t let an opportunity to take a swipe at lawyers slide huh? That guy don fall our hand sha. lol
    Anyways, it goes without saying that premium should be placed on personal hygiene. You’ve said it all. Touché

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