Marilyn Anona writes… It never ceases to amaze me how the least talented are the most full of themselves, generally speaking

Marilyn Anona writes... It never ceases to amaze me how the least talented are the most full of themselves, generally speaking

I saw degrading pictures of a certain Nigerian woman online and they said she is an actress. I was asking my friend why she has to dress in such manner and send pictures to bloggers to publish, and I was told she wants to be relevant. So people just intentionally do the wrong things to be relevant? You are not good at what you do, and you think dressing half nude will make you a celebrity? What does staying relevant actually mean? Personally, staying relevant has to do with improving in your skill, job and your reason for doing what you do. You are informed. You are aware of new products and concepts that are available to you in your field, whether you decide to use them or not. On top of earning a good reputation,you look for ways to increase your reputation and your visibility. You have your own style. You speak with authority out of knowledge and experience. Other people believe you to be relevant and of value and they tell others, through media or words of mouth. 
Relevance does not include spending countless hours on dozens of social media sites,taking photo shots of you half dressed, paying for magazines to feature you, damaging your body with lots of piercing and tattoos and the likes. To be relevant, you have to get good at ignoring the unimportant, so you have plenty of time to focus on what is actually relevant to you, your career and your life. In a bid to get relevant, some people do the wrong things and attract spite and scorn to themselves especially some of the so called public figures and wannabes. There are many things you can do to be relevant and to remain relevant: 1. First of all, you have to be on constant education. Learn new things,attend workshops, improve on the already acquired education, skill or craft. Mix up with those in your field who are better than you are. 2. Another important way of staying relevant is to adapt to change around you. Be trendy, follow new technology so that you are not left behind. The world is moving fast, no one is slowing down. You have to keep up. 3. Of course, when you are sick or ill, you can’t do a thing, so being in good health is a way to be relevant. Its very hard to find a man lying ill in a hospital and he is still relevant. Eat right, exercise and be healthy. 4. To be relevant, you have to be fully informed about what’s happening not just in your field but beyond your field because everything is connected. Those outside your field could be your clients or customers. 5. It never ceases to amaze me how the least talented are the most full of themselves, generally speaking. It blows my mind. You can have a great influence not only through your work, but by being a mentor or by teaching what you know to others. Should you turn out to be even a decent teacher/mentor, the people you help will become some of your biggest fans, and in doing so, they will tell others about you, which will help to keep you relevant in the process. Don’t think you know everything. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Even if you know a lot, there’s room to know more. 6. To be relevant, you have to remain focused and set new goals. Don’t let awards make you feel like a god such that you now relent and live on past glory. That award you got as the best so so and so 5 years ago, does it feed you? Nothing is permanent and nothing lasts forever but its sad when the first becomes the last. 7. Another important way to remain relevant is to be a role model to the younger ones and have a role model,that is someone who is better and someone who is older than you either by experience or age. This way, you can watch yourself from both sides. People are looking up to you to be better and you are also looking up to people to be better. So there is no way you can fail. To remain relevant in a world of competition, you have to put in some effort. In trying to be relevant, stay true to who you are but don’t allow the world pass you by. Don’t be like the typewriter. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!- Marilyn Anona



  1. *1st to comment* Interesting and enlightening as usual. I like that you always profer solutions and give helpful tips after drawing attention to the problem. Thanks for this post.

  2. Fame or relevance isn’t an exact science. Its subjective or relative based on how one percieves reality. Lovely piece again.

  3. The wise know the right thing to do. The empty vessels go ahead causing chaos and attracting unnecessary attention to themselves. they’ve chosen their path, I hope the young lads see talent hunt differently.

    • Thanks a lot molly for your very straight to the point contribution. The thing is majority of the youths don’t know or understand all these and copy the wrong things some of these public figures do. That is why poshmarilyn is out. Thanks a lot dear.

  4. A good reputation is a value that should be applauded.There are no reasons why we cannot be decent ladies and gentlemen.The amazing thing in our society now is the changing role where one sees an indecent dressing as fashion.I pray that we guyz shld meditate on this article and always learn to maintain a good conduct@Ms.Posh,I m learning everyday from u Oma,remember anyone who stop learning is old,and anyone who keeps learning stays young.Nice one Ms.Posh.

    • Yes! You die the minute you stop learning. We should not stop learning. When you care about information, when you are open to learning, you are filled with wisdom and better than your mates. We should also not do the wrong things and expect to be known and applauded because of the bad things we do. Someone like Tiwa Savage doesn’t need to take indecent pictures, send to blogs to publish to be relevant because over the years, she has improved and we all know she is a wonderful musician. We should all strive to be better at what we do. That is where true relevance lies. Thanks Macoy.

  5. Being relevant is very relevant especially now that the relevance of relevant is being pointed out, one have to pause, take a minute, a pen and paper if possible. Outline your hard target, take your own bold step, take good guideline (modest role model) not a person like Iyanya. Stay focus (don’t stop for anything not even cold coke) thank for that exzibitant piece of act, sorry write up. You de do well my sister. God go give the grace to de fire down, your enemy ŊŎ go see your break light

  6. I love this post! No truer words has ever been spoken in such an interesting and enlightening way, God bless you Marylin for the continous inspirational messages/ notes you keep giving us

    • Thanks Sophia, its sad that some people do not know what it means to be relevant. Thanks for your wonderful contribution.

  7. This are the tips our so called celebrities need to know rather than force their way to be relevant when they don’t want to work hard. Brilliant post.

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