A role model is not perfect, unless it is someone out of a storybook…

A lot of people see different people in me. Bruno calls me Mo Abudu. Mary and so many others say I remind them of Oprah Winfrey. Yesterday, Michael said I am like Indra Nooyi that I speak like her. And today he went on to say that I protest like Michelle Bachelet and that my article on prostitution looks like what Ellen Saleef-Johnson,former President of Liberia will write. And crowned it by asking who my role model is. Its true that everyone looks up to someone…a family member, a celebrity, or someone who has overcome hard times to succeed in life. It happens consciously and even unconsciously. These people are your role models. Sometimes, we try to see ourselves in those people. Who do you look up to? Who are your role models? Why? It is said that your role models tell a lot about who you are. And you choose them based on your core values whether you do it consciously or not. He or she is someone you would like to be like when you get older, or someone who does something you find hard to do. They might be somebody who is outstanding in a particular field. They might be a leader. They might be your mentor. Maybe he or she is a highly philanthropic person. Maybe they have an extraordinary accomplishment. They might be someone in your neighborhood, or someone in another country.
Typically, a role model is an outstanding person. A role model is not perfect, unless it is someone out of a storybook. We should all strive to be a role model to someone. And this is achieved by doing things worthy of emulation. I get very happy when someone tells me I am their role model. When you know that someone looks up to you, you are going to be more aware of your actions and decisions and you will try harder to always do the right thing. This will make you a better person! And likely the person you are a role model for will become a better person, too, as they seek to imitate the good things they see you do.
Who is your role model? Tell us… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! Marilyn Anona.



  1. Honestly,I use to regard my late dad as my role model,but after his funeral,I observe some little mistakes he made,I was like wow!don’t get me wrong I was very close to him than I was to my mother,but was a little disappointed when I realise that he had flaws,until one day I came across a statement my favourite female pop artist Britney spears made ” I would like to be called an inspiration to people not a role model because I make mistakes like everybody else”.The problem is that most of us look at role models as gods,perfect human beings that can’t make one single mistake,we fail to understand that we are all human.Actually,the fact still remain that anytime I read an article on http://www.poshmarilyn.wordpress.com,I am left with a lot more Marilyn Oma Anona,a lot less Oprah winfery and u can take that to the bank.I ve some people who inspire me a lot and they are not far,just near,people like my best friend Cheff Ukattah,My buddy Chiagozie George Akomas,and unique,articulate,self-confident women of integrity like Marilyn Oma Anona,Omenekor Gillian Otiwa and Esther Williams.U guys rock my world and I m glad to be called ur friend!two thumbs up guys.@Ms Posh,A beautiful assessment of role models.Nice one.

    • Thanks a lot Macoy Michael. Thanks for all the appreciation, encouragement and inspiration. Yes people make the mistake of thinking that a role model should be equal to GOD! But that is very wrong because no human being is flawless. Your value(core) or values play in a big role in choosing or making someone or. People your role model. It could be because of a single trait that person has. I have a lot of people who I admire and look up to and in different ways too. I admire Oprah Winfrey a lot, she is a very strong woman who rose from nothing to a whole lot. I admire her strength, intelligence and charisma. I admire Prof Dora Akunyili, she went into NAFDAC and made a huge impact. Again, I admire Tuface Idibia because his humility is something very rare. I often wonder how his fame doesn’t enter into his head. I admire a lot of people for various reasons but most times, I see myself in Oprah Winfrey.

  2. Ahhh..you’ve just become my second Role model. My first is Nelo Akorah. She’s a radio presenter of “LadiesCircle” on Unizikfm. Presently in Law School. There’s nothing she cannot do. I just love Strong women who are not scared to try out things. I love how you write. Anytime I visit your blog I get this divine inspiration. True! God bless you more.

    • Wow! Thanks a lot Franscisca… Most times when people tell me I am their role model, I am shocked and wonder what it is theyhave seen in me. Sometimes, I get scared because I think they will be expecting too much from me. Last 2wks, a lady who is older than I am, called me on the and explained how she got my number. She said she would love for me to teach her how to speak, that she loves the way I speak. Yesterday, Another lady said she wanted to be like me. And sincerely it got me a bit uncomfortable. When people look up tto you and want to emulate you, believe me its a huge task. Thanks dear Franscisca. Please always share http://www.poshmarilyn.wordpress.com. GOD bless u

  3. My role model is anyone who is the best at what they do despite their struggles or whatever challenge before them might have been

    • Thanks Sophia! Those set of people are true models. People who rose who nothing to something despite huge hurdles. Though you didn’t put a name dear. But its fine. On my own when I read someone’s biography discover how much the person put in to get to the peak, I get thrilled because its not easy to rise from grass to grace.

  4. I’ve always known you’ll be a strong woman,back i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our secondary school days you always stand out God bless you more M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ dear because we need more of you i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ our society.am so proud to say i know miss Ogochukwu Oma Anona#poshmarilyn….you are truly a star & M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ inspiration keep on the Good work cos ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ are one of a kind may God continue to bless you with more wisdom & understanding to write REMAIN BLESSED

    • Thanks Pretty Ozioma. You all give me the zeal to go on and I wish you more blessing than you wish me. We all should endeavour not to relent in whatever we ve set our hearts to do. Because that is where our breakthrough lies. Let’s always strive to make an impact.

  5. Though we sometimes rely on other people to act as role models, I still believe that at some level, we are our own role models. We get to a point in life where we slowly build a unique character based on what we have experienced or who we have watched. Good article though

    • Thanks a lot Vincent for your contribution. But I know and believe that there is someone we all look up to and emulate. Seeing yourself as a role model is another angle. It means you are overly confident about you and the gifts you possess. But there is that someone that inspires us. Thanks for your contribution dear.

  6. Firstly, I must confess that I’ve been a ghost reader(never dropped a comment) of this blog for quite some time and I’m shamelessly addicted to the writers view on her topics. I’m not one to comment on online posts simply because of the inconvenience of filling out my email and details. However, this topic on role models pulls me out of my comfort zone as it is something I have a few thoughts on. It is true that role models are not without flaws,afterall they are still human, but I believe that there is a minimum expectation. To whom much is given, much is expected. There’s a responsibility attached to being a role model and most people are unwilling to forgive their role models when they fall short of expectation. Role models especially those in the public eye are not “permitted” to do certain things simply because those that look up to them have placed them on very high pedestals and almost liken them to a god. They idolize their role models. These people often times emulate and try to live like their role models and when the role model errs or deviates from their positive expectation of them, it leaves most heartbroken, devasted and unwilling to forgive. This may seem a little hard on the role models but it is the cross that they have to bear. So I’ll end by saying that to be a role model is to sacrifice. Sacrifice for the greater good (I dare say sanity) of all those that look up to them.
    PoshMarilyn keep up the good work on this blog, you will go places and I think you should also consider taking this to TV with time. God bless you.

    • Thanks a lot Ugochukwu! I am really inspired. But please do not be a ghost reader. Yes! Like you said, there is a minimum expectation for those we look up to. That is why I said being a role model is some how difficult. But whether you know you ar a role model to someone or not, we all should try our best to live lives worthy of emulation. Thanks once more.

  7. My role model is my mum,she is a very strong woman,despite the negative things of life,she nevers give up. No matter what,she strives so hard to do her best. She is strong,handwrking,understanding,she doesn’t give up easily. Shout out @ Posh. Bravo#

    • Wow! Charity does begin at home! How on earth did I forget that? Maybe because like they say, a prophet is not appreciated in his homeland. My own parents are also my role models. They have stood strong despite all. My dad taught me optimism and the importance of opportunity cost. He also taught me that to work is to pray. That praying isn’t enough. My mum on the other hand taught me how to be resourceful and make do with available resources atany point in time. She taught me how to pray, I learnt neatness from her. She inculcated strong values into me. Thanks May for your wonderful contribution. Thanks for your appreciation and encouragement!

  8. My role model is anyone who is best at what they do despite d ups and downs of life. I also admire strong and intelligent women. My dear Posh,u always inspire me wit ur writeups…am still waiting patiently 4 ur Tv talk show *smiles*keep up d gud work God bless u.

    • Thanks dear Lilian. We all pray for more inspiration and I am so happy for all the encouragement. You hhave always inspired me in your own way. Being self employed from the very start. My TV programme will come soon by the special grace of GOD! Please don’t stop following http://www.poshmarilyn.wordpress.com. Thanks

  9. Well i do have many but Leo Stan Ekeh CEO Zinox computers is on top of my list.. He’s sombody i do look up 2.. And dia’s my dad with his little flaw as well just like Macoy but hey, we r all humans, we have flaws.. Anybody dat can inspire people. Are people i always look up 2.. So dats day..and i know 1 way or d other am a role model or an inspiration 2 somebody or some people out there.. So thanks posh 4 d platform.. More grease 2 ur elbow.. Ride on!!!

  10. We need to always know that the people we call our role models can’t be perfect because they are human like us…. But we should always emulate the positive characters they have and make show we study them… If your role model does something wrong, it doesn’t make them less of a role model but instead shows how human they are…. There is no one who hasn’t made mistakes even down to men of God, so we should not always expect perfections from our role models.

  11. I am stumbling on your blog for the first time and gurl ain’t I glad!! For a moment I lost track of time. For me I’d say am inspired. Highly… Thanks for this wonderful post…

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