Men sometimes get so desperate for sex that they are willing to pay for it…

The number of ladies lurking around the dark streets of Wuse 2, Area 11 Garki and some streets in Utako every evening is really alarming. Its very painful and it disturbs my peace. I mean, how come those ladies are not scared? They are not scared of the dark roads, not scared of thieves or hoodlums, not scared of the total strangers that carry or patronize them. They just go home with a stranger and then sleep with them. What motivates these women such that they are not even scared, they don’t think of ritualists, rapists, thieves etc attacking them. They don’t care about their reputation, family background, name etc. What drives prostitution? Most of the people who indulge in prostitution naturally have very high sex drive and derive a lot of pleasure from sexual activities, because one thing is certain,you can’t be addicted to something you do not enjoy. Again, most prostitutes are those who do not have values and as such have no focus or direction and fall for anything. But according to a research, the main cause of prostitution is money. But for me it boils down to lack of value which makes most people unable to see beyond the present day thereby making a mess of their lives. Now prostitution is not limited to just the women. The men who patronize them are as guilty. Men sometimes get so desperate for sex that they are willing to pay for it. For me prostitution is sexual slavery. Even though it seems like an over flogged issue, its still a big problem. It exposes the people involved to a lot of risks. Today, its an interactive session. I want to learn from you. Please what are the causes of prostitution and ways to curb prostitution. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Honestly its some really crazy stuff the extenct both parties throw all caution and reasoning to thed wind,if the girl was just a mistress to a one married man,or the man have a particular young girl its quite reasonable to say they fall weak to their emotions and urges and bla bla bla(not saying its acceptable either)…but a total stranger every night for the love of money or the sexual urges I mean that’s crazy,the devil takes a hold of your weekness when you let him and makes sure it consumes you.the spirit in it has taken a hold of then,it requires God to deliver them honestly

  2. There isn’t any excuse giving †нα† justifies †нε art σƒ prostitution. ℓ̊ knew α gal who said she does ℓ̊† occassional ² мαкє ends meet, S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ ℓ̊ asked her, if she was †нε only 1 in ѕυ¢н predicament or was †нα† †нε only option? She didn’t нανє an answer απϑ ℓ̊ surmised †нα† ℓ̊† was just †нε greed ƒσя quick money. S̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ long as †нεre is greed ƒσя women απϑ indiscipline on α man’s side remain, †нε biz σƒ prostitution wud remain.

  3. Well the main cause is money, money to impress peer groups and live above their means, money to care of their families, money to demand respect and money to get their way in any situation. The love of money drives them to throw any moral and spiritual value to the streets.
    The other cause is ignorance and bondage. Some of theses prostitutes are brought from poor, illiterate homes where they decieve them sayin “they will go to school and be well educated” not knowin they are on the journey of prostitution. Some offer their female children (which is inconsiderate) in other to pay debts, bills nd loans.

    • Нανє U̶̲̥̅̊ seen dos ladies on gimbiya str or wuse 2 (jevnik junc) U̶̲̥̅̊ wud know †нα† dey αrε №† ignorant or decieved by any1. U̶̲̥̅̊ мαdє †нε point wen U̶̲̥̅̊ said money ² impress der equally wayward peer groups απϑ wanting ² live above der means is der driving factor.

    • Thanks sophia! Good contribution. But for me, poverty isn’t the main reason why women indulge in prostitution. Most of them are not even poor. Meanwhile, poverty is a relative word. If its poverty, why don’t they save their proceeds and use it to start a small scale business. They use it instead to buy clothes and other not so important items.

  4. Greed,peer presure,lust,ignorance,family history,poverty,slavery etc…..numerous reasons if we go on and on and on…the question still remains “how can we solve this”? Honestly in my opinion,it can’t be solved. In a growing society demanding more from people everyday,money is the driving force and everyone wants to keep up, things and times are changing its only self decipline on the part of everyone to not allow themselves fall victimes irrespective of the challenges one faces cos protitution won’t solve your problems. Look at fast growing countries you’ll see its everywhere,they have tried,its like the more they chase them off the streets,arrest them etc it just turns to a war not a solution….in the end na just God ooo

    • I think the enforcement agencies are trying. I read about 6 prostitutes jailed the other day but the problem is the bail to get free is so low that they can afford to pay and get free. And continue from where they stopped

  5. @Toby,the police or government can’t chase them off.Prostitution will always be their,because even the so-called law enforcement encourage it,some cops and politicians still sleep around with prostitutes to gratify their desires.

    • In the streets of Abuja, they hide and device so many ways to escape being caught. You sometimes see them running helter skelter. Its terrible.

  6. ok ok. where do i start? i’ve stayed in lagos for close to a year now and trust me when i say prostitution in this part is like a white collar job. forget the names they give it, Aristo, Runs girl etc. I had an opportunity to even meet a high class runs-girl of 26, she’s 26 and high class o, lol, but thats not the funny part, the funny thing is that she is a runs girl to 3 big men(2 i knew coz they usually came to my office to get stuff done for them). she earns about 250k salary from this men every month and i mean 250k each, own two cars and has a house of her own.
    well, we are here for morals and to learn so the deal is this, i agree with you to an extent that the real cause is money, but let me add that most of the girls that do these things do it just to fit in. some of them even come from rich and well2do homes. also, i’ll like to say men shouldn’t really be blamed, because if there was no supply, demand will drop to zero.
    so if we have to stop this, first we must make it illegal by law, offenders should be prosecuted and fined heavily. secondly, if there were jobs for these young girls (especially the ones who do it for the money), i dont think they’ll be taking all that risk just for some cash that almost goes back into maintenance.
    anyways i pray God helps us. and just before i go, lemme just say that the riskier the job/runs, the better/bigger the pay, most of them girls also have their own personal juju to protect them against ritualists and other things too, so don’t worry bout them too much coz they have survival skills most ordinary or should i say ‘girls with value’ dont have.

    nice post BTW. just started following your blog @poshmarilyn, keep up the good work. i’d be visiting here as often as i can. Macoy recommended you.

    and please everybody commenting should try and share the post with others, so that they can read it and give their 2 cents too.

    • Thanks a lot fathomberry! Very nice contribution. For me, poverty aint the causeof prostitution. The major causes are greed and laziness. One’s refusal to cut their coat according to their clothe. Wanting things you cannot afford desperately. And all. Thanks once more dear. Keep following and. Bring on more people.

  7. Prostitution is a vice that has been in existence right from time,It is part of the human slave trade practice today. (human trafficking).It’s so discourteous and dire that the number of prostitutes in Nigeria are growing higher and higher everyday just because some men are afraid of commitment,some are addicted to promiscuity even when they get married,and while some men take it as the easiest way to get laid without much stress.While the prostitutes keep maintaining the fact that they are into the vice because of financial problems.That’s just rubbish.I agree with Sowphii,because some of this women want to impress their peers they do things that are not worth doing and again @Tobbyy u are right only God can deliver a prostitute,It is one of the stronghold of the enemy.@Fathomberry u got a point.@Ms Posh prostition can not be eradicated,(smh)its not about me being optimistic about the whole thing its about the main thing of the main thing(the fact).Been thr right from genesis till now,Its like death,inevitable.

  8. Very Well Said Peers!! Dere į̸s a way dat seemeth right unto a man but d end leadeth 2 Destruction! Whatever be d case or reasons 4 prostitution be it poverty,peer pressure,greed n all.It į̸s wrong!!! So no amount of excuse can justify it•We pray God wil help get our youths of d streets at nyt n shapen dem 4 goodwork!!!

  9. So many people blame the government for lack of jobs… But that is not an excuse, so many others are in such situation and didn’t still venture into prostitution. We all need to know that *prostitution* always has its consequences both in the cases of male and female. Why don’t you try something more dignifing, learn a trade at least, dare to do something that u can’t be ashamed of and u don’t have to do in the dark. Prostitution is not acceptable no matter your condition or what you are going through, there is always an alternative.

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