Kenechukwu Anona delights herself in being an epitome of a true Nigerian girl.

With a very charismatic personality and a face that can sell any brand, Kenechukwu Anona delights herself in being an epitome of a true Nigerian girl. Born to Chief & Mrs J.I Anona, she is the fifth in a family of 7 children. One of her guiding principles remains that,’ Dependence on God and determination are the very keys to success’. Kenechukwu believes in a unified Nigeria which was the reason she chose the University of Ibadan and ABU, Zaria as her schools of choice, their far distances from home notwithstanding. She is currently a 400l student at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Her passion for saving lives and her quest to make the world a healthier place led her to major in medicine and surgery. She is currently a member of the board of directors of Emerald Foundation; an NGO that carters for the less privileged. Kene loves Literature, not even medicine could stop her from writing. She won the NEGO POETRY CORNER CONTEST in 2012 with her poem titled ‘Worse Than the Monster’. That, she used to reassure HiV/AIDS patients that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. She plans to hone her writing skills and carve a niche for herself in the literary world in the near future.
In her words,’ I’d love to make a positive impact on the readership of Nigerian youths as much as I can’. Most recently , Kenechukwu has been selected to run as a contestant in the forth coming Nigeria’s Centenary Pageant. A contest organized as part of the nations centenary celebration to showcase Nigerias cultural heritage and appreciate the beauty of our diversity. Kene was led to apply for this contest because of her keen interest in the affairs of her motherland and the zeal to make a change. Quote: ‘ a fine face can be a distraction, but true attraction is by a fine heart’. We should all strive to have the inner beauty first, then our outsides would glow irrespective of our clothing.
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



    • She is a blessed young woman with a very high IQ. Currently on 2 scholarship.she is going to be a Dr but she has a lot to deliver. She doesn’t want to be a model. The centenary pageant is a pageant with a difference mapped out to celebrate 100 years of Nigeria as a Nation. The Government is fully involved and its a pageant with no type of nudity in it. It is to inculcate values into our women and youths. Thanks

  1. U̶̲̥̅̊ нανє α way around †нε pen †нα† catches ones attention, keeps u captivated απϑ entices U̶̲̥̅̊ ² comeback ƒσя more. Truely impressed ☑

  2. Kenechukwu is a beautiful lady with skin the colour of melted honey and a face that is every photographer’s dream.She is a young lady who is about to dramatically change the course of Nigerian cultural Heritage.Kene is gradually exploding into the world of Nigeria’s Centenary Pageant like a Roman candle.Two thumbs up for u Oma.

  3. Nice writeup@ posh. I wish kene all d best in life. Continue to be focused but let the will of God prevail in your life. Ask HIM for wisdom and direction.God bless u.

  4. GoodEvening, I’ve followed Ur write-ups closely, Thumbs up Kene.

    Hoping You will bring bk the Nigeria Centenary Queen Crown, it fits You hook, line & sinker!

  5. Kc Anona with all these qualities is the youngest living legend. I aplaud and cherish her visions ,pray that God will continue to empower her with all the required resources to get to her esteem.

  6. Dear Sis, as u move high one thing is important. God, He is the Greatest ask him for whatever U need He will deliver upon His promises. Soar Higher Kene thru Christ our Lord. Amen

    True Nigerian That Is What U’re
    U Keep Our Culture
    Ur Name Attest to

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