Don’t be a perfectionist. Get your business off the ground. When you have the money, you can spend it making everything perfect…Marilyn Anona

I am a 27 years old Nigerian lady, a B.Sc holder from one of our universities. I am the first child of my parents and I am older than five people. I don’t ve a job or any source of income and I am also in debt. I have sleepless nights thinking of ways to start up a business since getting a job these days is like searching for diamonds. How do I start up a business considering my financial status? Many Nigerian youths are in similar situations and are desperately searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. And this has also in a way increased crime and evil because not everyone is disciplined or patient enough to wait for the right time. But the truth is, we all can start a business with little or nothing and there is no right time, the time is now. Success in business is not about starting out with lots of money. It is about adopting the right attitude, thinking your way around problems, and having the determination to put the effort in and give it your best shot. So what are you waiting for? Here is a list of ways to go about starting a business with little or no money. 1. This 1st point is applicable to those who are working but need to gain experience and save up to start up theirs. Start your business whilst still employed. 90% of entrepreneurs started off as employees in some or another capacity prior to venturing out on their own. Firstly, never sign an employment contract containing a restraint of trade. So that you can work and also run your personal business till its time for you to leave. Don’t quit your job until your business starts making money. 2. Now this is the part that everyone can be involved in. Borrow from friends and family. Remember to be professional and put everything in writing. So that what you are doing will carry weight and seem meaningful. Prepare your plan and show to them when you go around seeking for their help. 3. You have the idea, the talent but no money, find a partner who has money to start the business with you. 4. Do it yourself. Don’t hire people to do something you can do yourself. When the business stands, you can then employ more hands. 5. Don’t be a perfectionist. Get your business off the ground. When you have the money, you can spend it making everything perfect. 6. Barter your own skills and services for products you need. So if you want to start a business, but have no money to cover the startup costs, don’t despair. Even though I know that the economy is bad and people find it hard to let go of their money these days but with a little creative thinking and applying these points you can raise the necessary funds and have your business up and running. I hope that with this I have given hope, ideas and inspiration to thousands of youths out there. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Invested about N2m in a business,didn’t get reasonable profit,refusing to give up,left that business and invested in another business,facing serious challenges,but its worth it,Marilyn Oma Anona makes a compelling case for a new approach.Right on track Ms Posh.*wink*

    • Thanks Macoy! Yes we don’t have to relent in our quest for establishment and success. No rest till success is achieved.

  2. Inspiring,motivating and right on point for those that are willing to be patient,inshort this is an eye opener…..i urge everyone reading this to follow up with this approach to achieve anything positive in life,because what is worth doing is worth doing well!

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