What makes people good or bad, their values or religion?… Marilyn Anona

Sherifat is a muslim girl and she is one of the best girls I have ever met because she is very compassionate and charitable. Ifeoma is a Christian, very caring and transparent. You may have decided to read this post out of curiosity. You may want to know more because you are fed up with the way that religion is creeping into all aspects of public life, into politics, education and so on and destroying relationships between humans. Apart from making us believe in GOD, does religion make people good? I don’t think it’s natural to behave badly. Most people understand the difference between right and wrong, without having to be told. If you are in any doubt, you might ask yourself, What would happen if everyone behave the way I do? There are many people who commit crimes in the name of their religion. So does it mean that belief in a god makes people good or bad. Again, there are many religious leaders who not minding their status or position as religious leaders, indulge in all sorts of atrocities such as child abuse,rape,stealing,drug abuse etc What makes people good or bad, their values or religion? What makes us all unite, Our religion or values? Please share your thoughts and opinions. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. As karl max said ” religion is †нε opium σƒ †нε masses” ℓ̊† blinds people from †нε reality σƒ man unlike our values which endears us ² people. U̶̲̥̅̊ aptly distinquished morality απϑ religion. ☑

  2. I always told people, man’s biggest problem is religion, but I’m not saying religion is not good,its just way its practice ..
    Answer to your Q is that its not Religion that neccessarily makes people decide to be good or bad,its values although some people are compelled to try to act right due to there religion …. But ur views are in the right direction.

  3. Our values…. Some pple aren’t even religious but have good values knowing what is wrong and right. We all need to act as 1 irrespective of our religion.

  4. Religion has turned to b the problem of everyday people cos of d way its being preached,n most atimes the so called religious leaders tends to instill negativity in mans mind in the name of preaching wat the holy books said,they twist n turns a lot of good mind to bad mind.if we all beliv we are worshiping same God,dnt fink all dis catastrophies will b on in the world.if there’s no religion there won’t b hate.

  5. Religous doesn’t affect one’s attitude.it depends on the individual,one can decide to be bad or good,is a personal thing……

  6. I believe regardless of ones religion we has humans know the difference between good or bad .. So its left to individuals to choose the path they want to follow ..


  8. Macoy introduced me this blog and I would say the posts here are quite intellectually stimulating, particularly this piece on religion and values.
    It is probably easier to write a full thesis on this reflection, nonetheless here’s my take.
    In the context of a post-modern era, it’s near impossible to delineate good and bad. Contextually any responses proffered will vary significantly depending on the era.
    Ideologically Religion and Values are closely interrelated as both elements fundamentally affect core belief system. The crux of the debate depends on the definition of good and bad. The tension however will appear to be that any such definitions proffered will be substantially prejudiced by religious inclinations or value system. Eg a christian will define good and bad from the moral persuasions of the value system inculcated as a result of the influence of the christian faith. Even someone without religious delineation will not be exempt from this bias.

    Rephrasing the question however to whether Religion or Value can affect behavioural change and to what extent. As both elements essentially influence belief, the answer will be a Yes.
    However assessing the individual impact of religion as opposed to value in terms of behavioural change may very well remain debatable for a while.

    • Thanks a lot Anon. Your contribution is deep and highly educating. Thanks and please always visit the blog! Follow us to get our posts as they come.

  9. You can pass your good religious values to people only by Love, Christ is the only way to eternal life, and he came to show everyone the way only in Love. We should let values show and not discriminate and judge people based on religion, but on their good values.

  10. Macoy, an individual’s values have a hand in determining who if they are good or bad. It is not their religion that makes them bad, rather, it is their application of those values when practicing their religion helps determine if they are good and bad not the religion. For example, you cannot tell me that someone hates because their religion tells them to. It is because their values that where instilled within them provided them with a predisposition to hate.

    • With your comment Felix, it means you fully understand. Values make us. People go all sentimental when religion is mentioned. And that is why our value system has collapsed. If religion makes people good, then everyone of us should be saints or near saints because we are very religious people.

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