A lot of us in our 20s are in a hurry to get to where we want to be: graduated, established, promoted, in love…Marilyn Anona



  1. That’s hitting str8 @ d mind of a typical 9ja youth.. The ‘make it fast’ syndrome… And we end up sometimes making silly mistakes in process… Not saying its not good 2 think positive or think ahead, but sometimes u gat 2 stop and listen…#JustSaying

  2. Nice article:
    Our ability greatly depends on the kind of race we run in life. If one runs a race beyond his/her ability, then failure is predestined. Therefore be wise to choose your own race, run at your own pace and finish strong

  3. Well this is so true, and in the process we make silly mistakes in our lives forgeting that sensitive issues like dis aint meant to be rushed but taken at a steady step. I aint sayin we shld be lazy; but atleast take tinz gently in other not to make mistakes. Especially in d established nd promoted part;ppl go 2ru dubious means to reach dat level; they’ll definately reach it but it wnt last nd d aftermath is usually worse dan the situation they were b4 goin in2 such dubious means

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