One thing is clear and certain, we are searching for answers on how to make sense of this messy life that most Nigerian youths live…Marilyn Anona

Sometimes I sit and ponder. I look around, I see a lot of things that just disturb my peace. I think of ways such things can be averted. I think about the youths… Millions of them have been on strike for 3 months now. The ones who managed to graduate from the university few years back are without jobs. The youths who have been called pre-adults, emerging adults, millennials, the defining decade etc seem to be living in difficult situations. Youths with great intellectual endowment are rotting away and taking to all sorts of vices. Greatly talented youths are getting frustrated by the day as there is no one to project them. Our elites prefer to pay women for sex than invest in youths with good skills and talents! Where are we heading to in a society like this? What is our fate? We have been told that 80% or more of the significant events in life take place by age 35. So what is the fate of most youths considering the fact that most finish their youth service programme as early as 21 years old but at 30, they are still trying to get a steady job and not built a career… Most of the youths have ideas, dreams, aspirations etc but most times can’t actualise these things because of so many factors. As a result, they spend their time DAY-DREAMING and unfortunately time waits for no man. The foundation we lay today will carry us throughout our life time. So whether the economy is bad, the government is bad, conditions are not favourable… We all should try to be up and doing. Do our best to live a good life. Let’s all always be eager to make our lives better. One thing is clear and certain, we are searching for answers on how to make sense of this messy life that most Nigerian youths live. Lives of unemployment, Vices, etc. I know, because this is my generation. I know this, because I am a youth. I know this, because I am a Nigerian. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!diamond%20bank%20staff



    • Thanks dear. You can profer solutions through your comments but I have the solutions coming in my next post. Thanks!

  1. I am a youth & I wanna use this medium to tell our youths not to day dream but to make research on what will better the common man thereby creating wealth for themselves. Inside every man or woman is d power to create, discover yours today.

  2. This is so true, so damn true nd sadly, instead of d govt to do sometin about it, they are buying amoured cars for aviation ministers. The youths too should wake up, dnt wait for govt to provide work for u, make one for urself..d startin may be little but a lot can come out in d future. There is always somtin to do if u check well

  3. Believe me that this publication is not clear and one can’t read what’s written on it cos of wallpapper. Thanks for sharing and waiting for more stories. Am inspired same as motivated

  4. Change is constant! But we all need to change for the society to be better. Blaming the system won’t solve the problem finding solution to the nations tragedy would help.

  5. Well said as always dear. Painful but true. The so-called future leaders are getting the very worst of orientations which really makes our country’s future look bleak. But change starts with d individual, d youths can also try to be resourceful rather dan leading carefree & lecherous lives. Hopefully things would get better with tym….hopefully!

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