I agree with women on that point, but the idea that men, by and large, are not able to respect woman is a completely wrong… Marilyn Anona

I get angry most times when I talk with my female friends and they start talking about their dating lives and how much modern day men are so annoying. It’s not that I don’t think there’s any truth in their statements, but I find their reasoning to be inappropriate, they always complain “Men nowadays treat women with little or no respect, therefore men today are musty as hell”. Most of the time, these complaints come from ladies, women or girls who are not in any position to complain at all based on their behaviour. Why should men respect women when most can no longer live right. Why would the respect level of a man to a woman not depreciate when most women do not exhibit traits of true womanhood anymore? Why is there such a focus on men respecting women, when so many women don’t even respect themselves? This talk about men not having respect for women needs a lot of qualifiers, and the main one is stating that most men don’t respect most women. I agree with women on that point, but the idea that men, by and large, are not able to respect woman is a completely wrong. The truth is, most men want to find a woman he respects, but he won’t grant a woman that until he meets a lady who commands respect.

One thing that most women don’t understand about men is that they love companionship. Most grown men love the idea of having a great woman by his side that he can ride with, provide for, love and start a family with. Men actually do have an idea of what a ‘great woman’ is, and when he finds a woman who exudes those characteristics, he will be openly attracted to her. But on the flip side, when a man finds a woman who is lousy and exudes all of the traits he doesn’t want, he will treat her in the manner that we term disrespectful. Men ain’t about trying to save and shape another adult. You can’t come at a grown man like porn star, prostitute, fighter etc and expect to be treated like a first lady, it doesn’t work like that!

Well ladies, I think it’s time that we allow our men to be open and honest about their experiences out here on the dating scene, because the truth is, the lousy women grossly outnumber the quality women by a long shot. Now I am sure that is true for men as well, and I am sure women won’t hesitate to point that out. But, for this conversation, we are focusing on women. The way we ladies complain about our men, i really don’t think women truly understand that dating has degraded on both sides. Ladies, if we feel our men no longer respect us… Don’t we feel we have in one way or the other contributed to it? Don’t you think women make men disrespect women. I personally think that if more women will live a more principled and value filled life, men will have more respect for women. Let’s not live like clowns and expect to be taken seriously. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. It is quite simple actually,and u have covered all places.Respect is sth u earn.It doesn’t just appear lyk dt.Wt mst women dnt even realise is even in d event we’re a disrespectful man hooks up wth u,he can only diss u wen u gv him a reason 2.If u kip being ur upright self respecting self,he’ll be left wth 1 of 2 choices.2 respect u,or gt d fuck out of ur lyf.It is as simple and as complicated as dt.
    Amazing article I must add.

  2. I would say I agree with you to an extent,yeah a woman who comands respect would garner respect from the male folk around her,but I was brought up to belive that women should be respected no matter what.So I would say I 85 percent concur with your post,but also believe that we (men) have some work to do.

  3. The truth is, respect is reciprocal. But everything has to start from somewhere. A man ought to show respect to a woman first as a man, then the woman in return shows respect to the man too. In a love relationship for instance where a man shows love or respect to a woman and the woman didn’t show love or respect back to the man, certainly the man will no longer love or respect the woman anymore. The same thing applies to the woman, she’ll no longer love or restpect the man.
    Nice article Poshmarilyn. God bless u!

  4. Nice piece but sincerely I disagree to a large extent. We live in a country where the culture has already classified women a lesser gender women are often viewed as a lesser being, that already have given men a mindset even while growing up that women really have no place in the society. Find time to carryout a Survey you may use a questionaire and make sure that the space for name is not included in the questionaire spread it around even to the most reasonable and successful women u know, the answers you get in return will be a shocker to you.
    In this part of the world women die in silent cos of social stigma. Ask your self this one question and be honest to yourselves as a vibrant and hardworking woman in your past or present dealings with men how many did u feel disrespected you, when you know for sure you do not deserve it.
    I understand that women need to work on themselves, its normal cos continious development is the key but I strongly believe that men needs more work especially on this part of the world. Gender inequality is the problem let’s fight it. Cheers peeps!

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