The man who falls in love wants a woman to have values and boundaries,especially in the bedroom.

A woman of class must know that first impressions are vital. ***That a good fashion sense and style are very important. If you dress too trashy this will send a signal to men that you are only out for sex and yes this attracts but it does not last. Giving a little mystery to the way you dress is so much more alluring than the mini skirt with the blouse unbuttoned down past your cleavage. Now showing a little bit of cleavage is still a good thing if everything else you put with it looks classy. A dress or skirt to short or too tight is not the way to go. Jeans can also look classy with the right looking kind of top and a little bit of cleavage, just to keep their interest.

***It is also very important that you smell good. A little perfume, but not too much. This is very enticing to a man, makes it nice when he flirts with you by coming close and telling you how great you smell. Don’t wear overly strong smelly perfumes or bath lotions. These will tend to have him pull back. They may even make him choke and cough if too strong.

***You must also understand that using a little bit of make-up is good. Remember not to pile on too much. Too much of anything is just too much. ***Look approachable, smile, this is so important. Don’t look desperate. Walk with your back straight, head held high not

slumped down. One foot in front of the other, this is the way the models walk. Don’t move across the floor to fast or to slow. Practice this in front of a mirror until you

think it looks great. Get together with your girlfriends

*** When a man does approach you and starts to talk, even if he is not the one you wanted to approach you. Please ladies don’t be rude; it took a lot for this man to

approach you. Being friendly doesn’t hurt plus you might have that right man watching from a far and he will see that you have class. This will make him want to come over

and see what you are all about. ***How you act when the first time you meet a man is very important. Please ladies don’t cop an attitude. This, men don’t like it. You intimidate them, you are then in competition with them instead of trying to win them over with your soft feminine side. This will cause them to turn around and run and never look back. How you behave is vital. Make them feel good by feeding their ego. Ask them questions. For instance, do you have any hobbies, things you like to do for fun. Then smile and flirt with your eyes by looking

into there eyes for just a second then look at some other part of their face then back to their eyes.  Now please don’t ask them what they do for a living this will lead them to believe you are only interested in there wallet and not them. The things you do and say to a man the first time you meet him are the first things he will remember when he thinks about you. ***Now this is the most important first impression… Do not sleep with a man right away. Get to know him before taking this very important step. We as women are not wired to jump from man to man in the bedroom. We must show Class and let him know we value ourselves. The man who falls in love wants a woman to have values and boundaries,especially in the bedroom.

If he sticks around this is a clear indication that he is very interested. In the meantime he is also getting to know who you are and what you are all about. You want a man who is in love with you emotionally first and

physically second, and then it is a wonderful combination.

Now go have some fun and be the Classy and posh woman. Follow us to receive an email every time we publish a post. Enjoy your sunday…

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  1. You’re absolutely right about these things. I must say, it is only in rare cases that one would find such a woman who exudes confidence and knows how to keep a man coming back for more. I am at the moment talking to a lady and she has me thinking about her all the time, not because she’s beautiful(She is beautiful though) or gives me attention and all but because she knows her game. She does all these things listed above and reading this article now, it feels like she’s been talking to you or borrowing a leaf from your page. A leaf ke? She’s borrowed the whole page Walahi. Looool. Lovely write up really.

  2. Boooooom!!!!! As usual, you killed it. I totally agree with you and most ladies need to read this article. They should stop choking us with strong perfs and give us encouraging looks. Hehehehehe

  3. Nice job ur doin sis I ve enjoyed ur previous articles a lot.esp d on of flatulence.however I want to drop a note here.I don’t agree with showing cleavage little or exposure.a man dat is interested is interested showing cleavage however little will not make an uninterested man interested.let’s dress well and d right man will sure locate such women dat dress well n decently too.stay blessed.n kip up the good work.

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