Definitely every woman on this earth knows that the easiest way to attract a man in a second is to expose her body more or less… ( I want to know what women derive in exposing their body parts )

indecent-dressingSometimes, I come across some facebook, blackberry messenger, instagram, twitter pictures and I see a lot of women exposing their body parts that should be hidden. I keep wondering the motive behind this. Most times, I have come to realize that most of these pictures attract so much comments from friends/fans online. I was talking with a friend and she said that most of these ladies do so in order to attract guys to invite them over. That those girls use it for runs (runs=prostitution). It sounded really disturbing to me. I think these has increased the number of rape cases, rituals and kidnap cases. You post half nude pictures of you on the internet and have strangers invite you over. Imagine how vulnerable you are making yourself. These women harass men and turn around to say they are harassed. I mean what do you expect? A woman who is decently and modestly dressed is harassed by men let alone a woman who is almost nude. Biology causes men to be attracted to women so why expose your body? Women exposing their bodies in public is a big deal. You see some women wearing leggings without pants and its so obvious because they are not even putting on long blouses or a chubby woman with wide hips and big boobs wearing very short skirt and low cut top. Playing with the sex drive, the most powerful force in nature, is far more dangerous than playing with fire. Many women find it a fun to attract men by showing their body. Definitely every woman on this earth knows that the easiest way to attract a man in a second is to expose her body more or less. This is human nature that everyone wants to attract opposite sex. Women wear low cut shirts because they look good in them and they want everyone in eyesight of it to know it. Each women feels that others are just jealous because we are beautiful and look young. The standard uniform which is worn by most ladies now like micro-miniskirts, sky-high heels and low tops was once worn only by prostitutes on dingy street corners. Now it is a mainstream style adopted by almost every female under the age of 30. Most of the young girls never dress in jeans, they just do not like it. They want to wear slutty clothes. They think dressing half nude is part of being a modern woman. They feel good and urban with how they look on those skimpy clothes. You may have noticed that many young women wear less, and more sexually provocative, clothing in public than they did 10 years ago. Thus, many women are now saying: “I am a woman, and i will declare it in one of the only ways left to me and that is to show you my female body. Women know how to attract men. Men are voyeurs. Men are sexually stimulated by vision. So women do their utmost to gain their attention by wearing tight clothes or miniskirts or other semi-revealing clothes. I wish women wore a bigger variety of clothes while going out. Sincerely, I want to know what women derive in exposing their body parts , their breasts, tummy, laps and shoulders etc. Do they derive any satisfaction from such actions or is it the men who feed their eyes on them that gain?It is a sincere question please… And I also want to know the consequences… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Dis is jst pure stupidity,any responsible man will nt go 4 such low class lady as a wife dey will only use n dump u cos dey knw dat is wat u r out 4,exposin ur body will only attract hoodlums,rascals and all dis irresponsible men,no right thinkin man will eva fall 4 such bullshit

  2. The primary reason why women wear clothes that expose their body is to attract or seduce men. Women also use exposure of their body as a means of making money for themselves through prostitution. They move about the streets and other places dressed half naked or indecently looking for men who will find them attractive and then ask them out.
    Ladies also post nude pictures on the internet seeing it as a computerised or modern way of prostitution or making money with their body. Most men find them attractive indeed but at the same time see them as useless women. And because men see them as useless women they just use these women and dump them. These women eventually become useless after being used by men and end up having a miserable life.

  3. Am so glad here, this is coming from a lady! The bad thing here is it can’t get across to the real victims if u and I can’t share this post. I praise the lady behind this work and same time the person to share this post. Smile Jesus loves you

  4. First Off, I’d Blame The So Called Fashion Freak Youths (Mostly Ladies) For Changing The Very Essence/Aim Of Fashion Itself. I Don’t Understand Why A Lady Will Want To Expose Herself To Impress A Man Plus I Keep Saying This That MEN Out There Now Appreciate BOOBs In Cloth Than A Naked Sagging Organ. I Love Your Write Up And Wish Ladies Will Bend To It…..We Love Our Women For Looking Good, Buh Not By Exposing Their Parts….More Ink Posh From @PHYNIX__

  5. Its so sad, When you see women, Ladies walking Half-Naked On the streets all in the name of Fashion…It Shows that they have Low self esteem..

  6. Nice observation. Expose your body, get attracted to men, they use, spoil and dump you and go for the decent ones for marriage. Its so simple. No man will want to marry a woman who has no respect for her womanhood.

  7. Not every lady thinks decently, and most of them dont even knw its unhealthy… If only we had more of u dear,den just mayb they will listen to the advices given.. and take note.But all the same thanks Marilyn…. Keep it up!

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