Unemployment is the biggest issue in Nigeria right now… These fraudulent people should not compound it by duping job seekers!

Its bad enough that the unemployment situation in Nigeria is very alarming, but duping people simply because they are in dire need of jobs and desperate to work is the height of wickedness and I suggest people who perpetrate such wickedness should be severely punished by the law. We hear stories of people paying as much as 500 thousand naira to secure jobs in a government agency or parastatal. Some are lucky and get employed while majority are duped. Yeah, I think I just heard some people blaming the person who paid for a job and was duped. I agree that the person has to share the blame but to me the man or woman who has the heart to dupe a job seeker is the devil here. In fact some people now have it as their own job to dupe job seekers. They sometimes put up a false job advert and have people buy forms to be employed etc. Last month, I got a mail from Chevron, fake Chevron because the Chevron that I know isn’t a limited company. They sent a mail that I just got employed that I should purchase a form for 6500 naira. Lol! The funny thing is, the so called Chevron was so desperate sending mails upon mails, trying to convince to pay the 6500. Then I replied telling who ever the sender is, that the Chevron I know isn’t a limited company. This morning I woke up again to another mail from NNPC, telling me I have been short listed for an interview and I should contact a certain Mr Olatunde Femi to be given further directions. I took the pains to call and again he told me to purchase a form of 6500 naira. Hehe! Now it seems to me that they have a sort of agreement with the figure 6500 naira. I told him I will go to the NNPC towers and pick the form. He dropped the call…lol! Job seekers are so vulnerable in Nigeria. We already know about the issue of sexual harassment. Now this issue of paying for a job that doesn’t even exist is the worst of its kind. Most of these fraudulent people go as far as placing unauthorized job adverts on the net making their victims think its authentic. Some of this scam usually begins with a letter or email purportedly sent to a selected recipient but actually sent to many, making an offer that would result in a large payoff for the victim. Most of the names on the body of the mail/letters are names that don’t exist. Such that after being duped, they can’t be traced. This scam targets mainly people who have posted their resume on different job sites. We all have to be very careful. When you get an email/text/letter telling you that you have been short listed for an interview but you have to pay a certain amount, do not send any money to anybody. You don’t buy employment forms, they are meant to be free. Its very painful to lose money trying to get employed. Don’t fall prey to this sort of scam. Open up your eyes. Above all, find ways to get proper information from the 419 person and if possible hand them over to the authorities. Unemployment is the biggest issue in Nigeria right now. A lot of Nigerians are not working. Most who are working are underemployed. These fraudulent people should not compound it by duping job seekers. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. I think the Nigeria government should be blamed first for failling in their responsibility to enlighten or orientate the public. Secondly, the applicants should be blamed also for not making proper enquiry from the company they are seeking employment before giving out money to people.
    Some real recruitment agencies actually collect money for form from applicants which they ought not to that is why the fraudulent people take advantage of it. Nigeria government stoped companies in Nigeria from having contract staff but because the government is callous about it the contract staff system still persist.
    If the government can implement the law or carry out their duty effectively the job employment fraud will either come down drastically or be wiped out completely.

  2. Like u mentioned, its now a job for some idiots, just 2 dupe job seekers.. Dats d state of our nation.. Governance is zero.. On the other hand, desperate job seekers should dig and know what they r getting themselves into once money is mentioned b4 u can get a job.. Nice piece.. Keep it up.. Many still need 2 be enlightened..

  3. †ђξ bad effect of Unemployment į̸s fast eaten down on this Nation•Posh  appreciate †ђξ G̲̣̣̣̥o̲̣̥O̲̣̣̥ό̲̣̣̣̥̥̊ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ work U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ doing here n will be looking forward to reading from †ђξ part 2 of this Write up••UNEMPLOYMENT DECADENCE >†ђξ way OUT•

  4. Dis is serious,wat is nigeria actually turnin into dat some1 will pay jst 2 gain a job,is dis actually happenin n dis jod we r talkin abt will nt even pay u half of wat u spent 2 get it yet we claim 2 ave gotten job n dis is 4 de lucky 1’s who were nt duped nawa God ave mercy on us oooo n save us 4rm dis eye sore

  5. Nigerians tho’,well…it’s cos of d dire need of jobs,pple shuld jst calm down…,ds post’s soo nyc,tnxx mzposh…?!,

  6. Omam very interesting and eye opener for the job seekers. thanks nwanyi oma. Though i kept asking myself why do people derives joy in taking advantage of their fellow human ; simple b/c she is hunting for jobs. na waoow for these fraudsters . Nne thanks for the write up

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