kate%20henshawdamascus%20stellastephanie%20okerekemercy%20jomotola%20jaladeini%20edoChika%20Ikefunke%20Akindelequeen%20nwokoyeyvonne%20nelson%202What do you think of women with a number of tattoos on their body? Do you think its hot, trashy, tacky, tarty etc…? Does it say something about her, or do they not make any impression?

I know I am going to get varied answers. Some people think its simply gross. Some guys I spoke to say its trashy and they will never date a woman with tattoos. A particular guy I spoke to said if he sees a woman with a sleeve length or a very big tattoo on the arm, he would assume she has been with more men than a porn star and most of those men highly indecent. Now I think that sounds a bit extreme. People make all sorts of choices, its their life after all. But I know that most kids won’t be happy growing up to have a mother with a tattoo filled body. Yes! Tattoos are trendy now but doesn’t make it right or attractive. Its something of joy to see a beautiful woman without tattoos these days. It depicts class and confidence. It shows someone isn’t trying too hard to fit in. It shows someone is sure of who she is and not easily affected by trends. Here is a list of 10 Nollywood Finest actresses without tattoos and I think the youths should emulate them. 1. STELLA DAMASUS: This woman remains one of the most beautiful as far as nollywood is concerned. She doesn’t try too hard. She doesn’t have any single tattoo on her body. 2. KATE HENSHAW: Beautiful and ever young. She has no tattoo on her. 3. INI EDO: Even jealousy agrees that this Akwa Ibom born actress is beautiful yet she has no tattoo on her body from head to toe. 4. CHIKA IKE: Even the pretty Anambra born actress has no tattoo on her body. 5. OMOTOLA EKEHINDE: Anyone who says this woman isn’t beautiful is clearly blind and not all right at all. She doesn’t need tattoos to show how beautiful she is, so she has none. 6. QUEEN NWOKOYE: This calm and scandal free Anambra born actress is another beauty to behold, you can’t find a tattoo on her body. 7. STEPHANIE OKEREKE: Pretty face, good height, nice body, good diction, beautiful complexion… What other words should I use to describe a beautiful woman? Its no wonder she was almost miss Nigeria at a time being the 1st runner up in the pageant. Despite all this attributes, no tattoo can be found on her body. 8. FUNKE AKINDELE: Beauty and brains, our lawyer turned actress Funke is no doubt one of the finest in Nollywood. She exudes a lot of confidence and has proven to us that to be beautiful you just have to be you. 9. MERCY JOHNSON: This is our hour glass lady, one of the most talented if not the most talented in Nollywood. She has won the hearts of many Nigerians by being so real and down to earth. She is tattoo less too. 10. YVONNE NELSON: Beauty should have been her name. Even a blind man knows she is beautiful. This Ghana born diva’s skin is so flawless, she can’t afford to lose it to a tattoo. The slave trade era is over! We know your names too so please reduce this tattoo trend and addiction by emulating these ones. They are popular, beautiful, comfortable etc but have no tattoos on them. Let’s not always look out for the wrong things to emulate. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!




  1. You’ve made it clear nd I wish ladies read this article more … Its simple, its ur choice to make but be wise about it …. And this gets me thinking,what about d guys with Tattoos,what r ur Opinions

    • Thank you Deji. Please share the post. As for a guy with tattoos, personally I see such guys as thugs and people that have a bad past. I see most as drug addicts. I don’t like tattoos. Thanks for your contribution dear and do have a fun filled friday.

  2. Well, I must make it clear.
    If they like, let them accept it but if they wish to bully me for that, no problem..
    Tattoo, knwn by all is a body art originated by gangstas from prison.
    Ashawo, and runs girls design their body to attract men.
    So what re we saying and what are we trying to hide?
    Wana impress anyone? Nooooooo..
    Tattoo is totally and absolutely bad.
    Its wrong to design ur body with nonsense all in d name of being classy.
    Who are u decieving?
    So my dear *POSH and others dat reads dis.
    I dnt advice tattoo and wouldn’t be a party to dat.
    Its bad.(I call it indecent)
    #GOLD says so..

  3. God made us in his own image and likeness!! God did not add tattoo for us!! So its kinda trashy!! I don’t appreciate it!! Suprisingly I have a permanent tattoo on my Body, buh I had it wen I was very young, as at den I was deceived by fashion and style!! But now, wit my knowledge of the New creation in christ, 2 cor 5:17, I now see does things as vanity! Tattoo is not a good tin to hv on ur body!. I rest my case for now

  4. Always on point princess Anona. I speak for myself,tatoo is a major turn off so not appealing. If am to marry from Nollywood my pick would definetly be from amongst your list. Tumb up also to Chioma Nee Chukwuka,you forgot to mention that diva,typical definition of african beauty.

  5. Hmmmmn! Interesting write up tho.I like tattoo but I think it should be drawn at a hidden and moderate,honestly too much of tattoos on d body can portray a lady as porn star but I like it at a none visible part of d body.

  6. Hmmmmn! Interesting write up tho.I like tattoo but I think it should be drawn at a hidden and moderate,honestly too much of tattoos on d body can portray a lady as porn star but I like it at a none visible part of d body,I hope young ladies will try emulate good role models as listed above but its very unfortunate how young ladies behave nowadays but I’m highly impressed with d actresses stance on not drawing it on their body,good decision.

  7. Am indifferent about this topic. I do love to see pretty things on a persons body, like the stars on tontos legs (shey its leg ba) or the words on riris finger. I wont put on my body tho, I need to be on Gods good book.

    But I wanted to criticise mr sents comment;
    Yes o, putting on tat is beyond the bible but I dont agree with you insinuating that someone shouldnt do something about their body because God didnt add it. Else, why jog or eat low fat foods to shed weight, afterall my sis is naturally fat now, its from God.
    Also my mum has dark marks around her eyes thanks to aging and vaseline, and her thighs are like that of a white womans but her face is like someone from a coal mine, upon how much I have tried to persuade her to atleast use a moisturizing cream since she dont want to bleach her face to match her shoulders, she has refused because of this same excuse..

    Even the famous siamese twins had to be seperated, why? Werent they born like that?

    So you people should kill this mentality. Else dont cut your hair, after all didnt God give you hair? why remove it?

  8. Tattoo! Tattoo! What do I need it for? It does not give me an extra edge so why should I bother getting one? The honest truth is that – It doesn’t add extra beauty to whosoever wears it. So why even spend to get one while there are so many people who can barely afford clothing? I advice any good lady out there to spend her money wisely. #myhonestcontribution#

    • Thanks for your honest contribution Ogo. You have said it all. Tattoos don’t add beauty to the wearer. Your clothes and makeup are enough beauty. Do have a beautiful weekend dear.

  9. Tattoo is α form σƒ body art. Its origin dates back ² bc απϑ has evolved with time ² include tribal marks which is common ² almost all tribes in nigeria. Its origin has nothing ² ∂☺ with violence or gangstarism nor нανє anyting ² relate ² why ladies σƒ †нε night ℓɪ̇kε ² нανє 1.
    Having α tattoo doesn’t in anyway reduce ♈ōϋя confidence or ♈ōϋя self esteem in ursef becus ℓ̊ can list hundreds σƒ successful people who нανє tattoos απϑ ℓ̊† doesn’t in anyway hinder dem. Having α tattoo is α matter σƒ choice απϑ an expression σƒ oneself.
    Tattoos αrε beautiful if U̶̲̥̅̊ get dem ∂☺n right.

  10. Tattoo..! Tattoo..Tattoo..! to me, tattoo is just an obvious sign of indecency.. 21century madness… they call it style but I call it confinement. It’s UNGODLY. This is a must read. Bravo !!miss Britain, Posh English..

  11. Lol, Nice one Marylin, tatoos are actually an extension of art, though in the wrong way but still, the real origination of it was in the make-up of models then artists decided to “make it happen”. I am 100% against tatoos tho, I mean its like childhood to adulthood, at first it might be “cool and attractive” but as the hands of time continue to move, it becomes less attractive and boring so why do it anyway, your natural beautiful skin can never be borin except you look at it that way. I for one think that tatoos are trashy and tacky on humans. Its youthful exuberance.

  12. I may sound too harsh, tattoo is is not just bad but devilish and everything should be done to discourage it. The Problem people are having is trying to follow trend without knowing what is actually involved in it. Tattoo is demonic period.

  13. Tattoos aren’t the best option to create and identity if at all that’s the motive for tattoos, I stand to be corrected though but tattoos were ways of identifying slaves in the ancient days.

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