12 things men find irresistible in women…(You are VERY intelligent, you just might not realize it yet. I know this because you are here right now looking to better your love life, and that is a very intelligent thing to do, and it’s rare.)

No doubt! Its a blessing to be beautiful because it opens up doors for you without stress. But whether the door remains open depends on a lot of other factors, so beauty is not always an ASSET after all unless you put in efforts to make it be. Most times, we see the ones we tag ugly enjoy absolute bliss in their relationships. We make statements like, WHAT DID THIS MAN EVEN SEE IN THIS WOMAN. A lot of factors are responsible. What do men find attractive in a woman beyond her “physical” looks… attractive enough to see a woman as completely irresistible… and how do you keep this long into a relationship?
Have you ever had a man lose interest in you over what seemed like the smallest things… or even nothing at all?
Perhaps he never even told you the real reason why he didn’t want to see you anymore…
Well to a man, those small things are actually very big.
After years of personal research talking with thousands of men and women, I have discovered what causes that “spark” in a man for a woman and boiled down and refined what causes men to feel that SPARK of love for a woman.
The one thing I have learned over the years is no matter how beautiful, intelligent or nice a women is, unless she knows these “secrets” about being IRRESISTIBLE to a man, she will deal with men pulling away, losing interest, avoiding commitment and even leaving.
Let’s get to it…
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #1: Sense Of Humor
There isn’t one guy I know of who doesn’t absolutely love a woman who laughs at his stupid jokes simply out of a sensitive humorous bone.
You can always see a man’s face light up when a woman laughs… and when men hear loud laughter, say, from a woman across the room for another man, it has the power to make him jealous… he wants that laughter to be for him.
Humor is “childlike” energy and is like a BILLBOARD mounted to a woman’s forehead that says “I’m a catch!”
Men feel this on a gut level.
I’m not talking about faking a sense of humor… many women do this, but when you fake laughter, without knowing it you throw red flags.
Men can often sense when a woman’s laughter is authentic.
It’s important to be genuine, and is it that hard to be genuinely sensitive to humor
A woman who laughs out of insecurity is easy for men to spot and turns a woman from special and irresistible to repellent.
But, a woman who is really sensitive to humor is an amazing find for a man that all men not just want but NEED to have.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #2: “Youthfulness”
This connects with #1 because it comes from a playful heart… and when I say youthfulness, I don’t mean age.
In fact it couldn’t be further from physical age.
Youthfulness is a state of mind.
Now it’s going to be difficult to get this through your head because women in our society are taught over and over and over again that if they are not young and pretty, they don’t stand a chance at being attractive to a man.
Youth is an ENERGY. Men can spot a woman who’s had it “ruff from the world” and who’s become cold and skeptical inside, because she has men dispersing away from her, being old, cynical and cold inside is like spraying yourself with “man repellent perfume”.
But you always know a woman who is fresh and has kept herself separate from the negativity of other’s opinions.
A child playing on the play ground hasn’t been burdened by the world’s “adulthood” and “responsibilities” yet.
All she cares about is PLAYING… in the sand, swinging on the swings and having fun THIS moment.
And I believe this is absolutely possible for ANY woman.
She is fresh, she doesn’t hold onto the past and she’s not living in the future.
I’m always amazed when I see 18 year old girls who feel 40, and then when I see 40 year old women who feel 18.
It’s just a matter of learning what men want.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #3: Body Language
Behavioral psychologists say body language is 55% of ALL communication between men and women (vocal tone being 38%, and words/language the other 7%).
Here’s the “magic formula” for body language.
Hips loose and tilted a bit forward, arch in the lower back allowing weight to release off the upper-back and fall onto the lower, shoulders and upper back relaxed, chest present, chin up… (there’s more to this having more to do with “energy”, but I can’t get into this right now).
A smile tells a man you are open to him on a gut level and no smile will show him you are “untouchable”.
Body language is a person’s “energetic pulse” to the world that tells everyone if they feel amazing about themselves or like a shipwreck.
You may hate her (and I’m not her biggest fan either), but you have to admit that Paris Hilton has great body language.
If you can leave the hatred at the door and LEARN from her, I HIGHLY recommend checking her attractive body language secrets out.
When you learn how to have powerful body language with a man (and it’s not difficult) this is as close to “magic” as it gets with seeing men respond INSTANTLY with attraction.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #4: Positive Emotional Expression
What do I mean by emotional expression? I mean POSITIVE emotional expression that flows from your feminine nature as a woman.
Allow your “feminine nature” to flow through you without repressing it.
Most women let their negative emotions come out around a man and accidentally push him away in the process.
Most women don’t understand that when a woman becomes overly-emotional in a negative way, it will push a man away.
But positive emotions, on the other hand, have the power to get a man literally addicted.
This is one of the most powerfully attractive qualities to high quality men.
Men are attracted to their opposite, his POLAR opposite…to the positively emotional.
You just have to learn the right way to avoid expressing negative emotion without becoming “weak”.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #5: Patience
It is extremely RARE for a man to find a woman who is “patient”.
Let’s face it, most women in the world today are borderline A.D.D.
But I’m serious, most men I know are ridiculously grateful when they find a woman who is patient.
Yeah, A.D.D. is cute to some guys (I find it funny and love to make light-hearted fun of women like this) but lets face it, most guys are kind of slow.
And just like in elementary school where there’s a “special kids program” where the teachers are very patient with the children in that class, the same goes with men…
When a woman is impatient, it’s a turns off to a man… and in many cases it’s the final nail in the coffin.
What I’m talking about is authentic, compassionate patience that comes from relaxing.
Men, the yang masculine (my weird way of telling between men and woman) is path or goal-oriented… and when a man finally meets a woman who relaxes with his path whatever that may be, it’s “two thumbs up” for him.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #6: Self-Care And Beauty
Beauty, healthy hair, good looking skin, makeup, healthy weight; these are the superficial things men adore.
These are the more OUTWARD expressions of femininity.
Yes some people say “there is NO such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one.”
Now whether they are right or wrong, where most women go wrong in this department is putting TO MUCH weight on physical beauty.
When you put too much weight on one leg and that “leg” is weak and you don’t look pretty one day, your entire self-image is destroyed.
This is not good because you become like a ROLLERCOASTER.
Here’s what I believe is needed… Balance, balance, balance.
Put some weight onto the other leg of the INNER beauty, because the fact is the inner is just as important as the outer.
And there is a way to becoming internally beautiful to men in a way that makes men RESPOND.
I  have gorgeous supermodel friends who agree that beauty is only one piece to the puzzle, and stated that being beautiful and well kept isn’t enough to hook a man, but it is a piece none the less.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #7: Intelligence
You are VERY intelligent, you just might not realize it yet.
I know this because you are here right now looking to better your love life, and that is a very intelligent thing to do, and it’s rare.
When I say the word “intelligence”, I don’t mean book intellect, “street smarts” or being a philosopher.
What I really mean is the ability to be CREATIVE… a woman who is PRESENT and “here now”.
She is sharp, responsive, alive, witty and keeps a man on his toes.
You can look into her eyes and see that she is with you right now, not zoning off into space or thinking about the ten million thoughts that go through most women’s minds.
She responds to the moment… and this is an ability that every women has.
A woman who is “with” a man is extremely attractive, desirable and irresistible to a man.
A woman who is creative, sharp and present becomes a magnetic force for a man sucking him in without any resistance.
Unfortunately, most men will never experience this kind of women, so when she does come, well let’s just say, have you ever heard of those stories of guys proposing in the first 3 months?
There is a way to cultivate this aspect of yourself, and I believe you DO have this inside you… you have just to learn how.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #8: Not “Needing” But Wanting
Most guys can sense neediness, which usually causes them to run the other direction.
But they can also sense a girl who WANTS rather than needs.
Being needed will stroke his ego and make him feel good about himself, but there’s an even greater possibility he will eventually freak out and run.
Being wanted, on the other hand, makes a man feel even better, plus he won’t run… he will feel compelled.
I only know this by talking to thousands of guys about this.
A woman who has the self-confidence enough to want, to desire, and not be attached is pure gold to a man.
Then adventure, playfulness and challenge come naturally.
There’s a fine line between being a slave to needing, or being free to want.
If you deal with neediness on a day to day basis and want to learn how to become self-confident and free of fear, anxiety, neediness, self-doubt or jealousy, then check out my emotional balancing tips.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #9: Nurturance
 Most men enjoy independence in a woman, but men also secretly like to feel taken care of as well.
You just have to do it in the right way.
An enlightened Indian mystic said that “a man’s life is a journey to find the happiness he once felt inside the womb of his mother.”
And the beauty is nuturance is one of the most basic female primal instincts… and most guys want that little tiny bit of mommy in a girlfriend… but not too much or you risk annoying him and causing him to pull away.
And just like #8, nurture out of want not need… a very fine line indeed.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #10: Sexually Adventurous
Sexual repression makes people very, very… VERY angry.
Scientists, presidents, poets, hot guys and musicians all agree.
A woman who is alive sexually makes a man on his toes.
He never knows what’s going to happen next… and what happens in the bedrooms always gets carried out the bedroom too.
In fact, the bedroom is where you create your role for the relationship. If you are not adventurous sexually, then the relationship will turn cold.
Sex is the barometer of the relationship, and what you bring to it will decide how irresistible your man will find you.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #11: Love
A woman filled with love in her heart is one of the most beautiful things in the world to a man.
She is fearless and hatred and fear in heart falls away.
Love is not weak, it is PURE POWER.
Love comes out of relaxation and when that restless need for approval falls away and all that is left is the love you feel in your heart for another.
Love is owned by nobody. It is completely free. You can’t buy it in the store, you can put your name on it.
It is simply free energy.
You just need to know HOW to handle love so that you don’t “lose yourself” to it completely and wind up getting hurt.
What Men Find Irresistible Secret #12: Integrity
This is probably the most difficult “secret” for me to explain to you, but I’m going to anyway.
A woman who has real values and sticks up for herself is like a beacon of light to a man.
Many women I have talked to are pushed and pulled by the wind at every moment. They will tell a friend they love them, and then talk negatively about them behind their back. And I have to sit down with them and get them thinking of what they stand up for and believe in, even to death.
Most women don’t understand why they have so little security in life and constantly worry. It’s because they have never developed a sense of honor and integrity.
Honor and integrity gives you a sense of freedom and power that nothing else can give you.
But most women have no stability and live life in what I call the “Soap Opera Matrix”.
Integrity creates sanity. It’s one of the few things you come into the world with, and its one of the easiest things to take for granted and sell for sparkly looking toys.
Security is good, but if you build too many walls around yourself and try to become “all powerful” you lose your delicacy, your female beauty and then you become unattractive to men. I have seen this happen to too many women.
It’s a delicate balance.
Here’s a simple list I suggest you start with (and I follow myself):
a. Your health. Your mind, body and soul come FIRST. Without you there is nothing else so you must be kept in good shape and happy.
b. Love. Love is one of the highest values. Love comes BEFORE pleasure although most people always reverse them. Ever ask yourself “Is it love or lust?” They can’t tell because pleasure has always come first. You must know how to bring LOVE to the front.
c. Freedom. Never be a slave to anybody, even if you feel like you want to. You are a free being, and most men want this in a woman.
d. Pleasure. Celebration comes naturally after all of these things are taken care of. Most people try to put pleasure as their number one. They will abuse their bodies, weaken their integrity and sell their soul to have it. Most people are not in pursuit of happiness, they are in pursuit of PLEASURE…but that pleasure is always accompanied by pain. There’s an endless rollercoaster of pleasure/pain when it becomes number one. However, pleasure comes naturally when it comes after other more important things… like having the “know how” to sustain a long LASTING relationship (if you have my book, you know exactly what I’m talking about).
What I want you to understand is this is just the very tip of the iceberg, and I’ve done my best to condense a lot of very important information into a tiny article.
There is a lot more you must understand if you are to make a man find you irresistible, attracted, and wanting to stay in a relationship with you.
You also need to know what to AVOID to get a man to want to come closer to you and stay with you. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Saw a pics of a lady on facebook about 3years ago,really like her lovely beautiful body and pretty face,even had a crush on her,though have never seen her in person before,heard her voice once though,tried to come closer to her lately but got more of negatives vibes from her.Just thinking why she does that.I try to be nice but I get hurt by her,I know am hurt becos I like her a lot,I have this feeling that she gonna be someone great and powerful in the future,making arrangements to surprise her big time one day.But I still wonder does she hurt me becos she likes me or becos she just take me as one of them fools like she once called me,or becos she wants me to do things her own way.I perceived that she has a beautiful heart.But the worse part of it is that my likeness is kinda developing to appreciation and love.I even pray for her every morning.Am not saying that I would marry her or she would even want to marry me,just saying that she s worth being my bestfriend though she s not giving me any hope on that,still rude to me,treat me more like shit,expendable.I wonder wot I shld do(smh).

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