Kunle changed the channel just because the presenter was talking about fatness…

Most times, We shy away or become unnecessarily aggressive when issues that concern us are discussed. It was so funny when Kunle changed the channel just because the presenter was talking about fatness and the need to lose some weight. I asked him why he changed the channel and he said, what is it with fat people all the time? Why don’t they talk about slim people. Now Kunle is fat and took the television presentation personal. I tried to explain to him to the best of my knowledge why being fat may not be advisable but he shut me up by telling me he is way older than I am and I know nothing. Saying it was just trendy to be slim and there is nothing wrong about being fat. It was so funny yet disturbing… Yes being slim doesn’t mean you are fit and being fat doesn’t mean you are not fit! But fatness as far I know comes with a lot of issues (social, emotional and health issues). Imagine walking into a shop to purchase a dress, the stress you pass through trying so hard to find your size and the one that will suit your large frame best. Having to go for something you won’t love to wear on a good day just to hide some unattractive parts of your body. This is just one point! Being fat can also affect your confidence whether you will admit it or not, this is the home truth. It makes you overly conscious of your body and no matter how pretty or handsome your face is, a fat body can make it unnoticeable… And once you have this apple shape, adding weight makes it obvious that is why people with such figures should strive to be slim. Apart from these physical, social and emotional reasons, being fat can have an alarmingly negative effect on your health. Research has shown that people who are fat are more likely to suffer from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc. And simply losing weight can prevent the risk of getting these diseases. Yes, I know some people are naturally overweight or have tendencies to add wieght more than others. But we should also watch it no matter the cause. Even slim people suffer these diseases I mentioned earlier but the risks are more in fat or overweight people. To be on the safe side, lose some weight and please not by ingesting all sorts… Watch your diet by eating the right thing at the right time but most importantly, exercise to avoid being slim but not fit… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Well, for every positve thing there’s a negative side and vice versa but maybe not in the exact same ratio. In Nigeria for instance, there are places you walk into as a fat, well-dressed guy and people will automatically assume you are “somebody” in the society. Some will even go out of their way to do stuff for you cos of your percieved affluence..lol..these happens a lot in government offices if you are a contractor. That’s a plus na abi Posh?

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