Looking good on the outside is all impressive, but what about from the inside?(Change your underwear daily please)

Wearing your underwear for three days or more before changing them isn’t something that anyone should encourage. The fact that so many men are doing it is what makes this revelation so shocking. It is likely more to do with laziness than it is with any other explanation. It’s a trend/culture/habit we should definitely discourage. It’s a shame that men prefer grey underwear purely as it’s the least likely to get ruined and when dirty can not be noticed easily. I am not picking on the guys alone… The ladies are also gulity of this in the aspect of their bras. Most of the ladies, prefer to wear black bras so that they can hoard as much dirt as they want unnoticed! Nobody is going to flog you for putting on a dirty underwear, but for GOD’s sake, hygiene(personal cleanliness) is very important. For the guys, when you urinate, a tiny drop of urine must drop on your boxers and then you defecate and do other things… How then do you feel comfortable wearing the same underwear the next day not to talk of the third day? Wearing a clean underwear is something you have to always do. How would it affect you if you were in an accident or maybe you fainted and then your clothes have to be removed so that you can get enough air all over your body… The people who are trying to revive you, seeing your underwear will just conclude you fainted as a result of dirtiness…Would you be seen by the medical staff or would the doctors have to wear masks to see to you, due to the smelly underwear?… Maybe not all dirty underwear has a stench but what happens when there is one? Not having clean and intact underwear can cause you embarrassment, remember what your mother always told you and abide by it too.
You may laugh about it or even find it funny, but you can’t avoid it.
Anything can happen and your undergarments will show, be prepared for any action.
Thinking that nobody will see your underwear never be too sure of that thought. Dirty underwear is not a clean habit.
Looking good on the outside is all impressive, but what about from the inside? Yes! I just heard someone saying the economy is bad… Yes that is why there are cheap underwears… Go for them, the main thing is to be neat. Fresh underwear definitely makes you feel good and clean. Wearing clean underwear is not only about you fainting or about accidents or embarrassing situations, it is about cleanliness. Live as a civilized being.
What you were taught as a child can go on for generations, but if you were not taught cleanliness then practicing such habits can be hard to live with.
I would go with the clean underwear anytime, anyday! Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Wow! Can’t stop laughing reading dis funny but “true”article,its a shame many doesn’t care abt their well being. wearing dirty underwear is not just acceptable but I hope many dat fell into dis category will change for their own goodness sake. Thanks posh.

  2. I really wonder how people go on one underwear for days,to me it sounds disgusting,it doesn’t really have to do with ones rate of civilisation or exposure but individual hygienic perception. They say ‘cleanliness is nearest to Godliness’. I can’t go with one underwear for more than a day! Its a nasty habit to do so,can’t be confortable on that.

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