One of the main cause of DEPRESSION is living a life that is not in line with your values. If you are someone who has FAME or POPULARITY as a core value, you can never derive utmost satisfaction or fulfillment working as an administrative staff in an office. To be truly free from the effects of depression in the long run your choices need to be supported by more than a desire to resist depression. You need to make conscious decisions about the values you want your life to be guided by, you need to know where you want your life to be headed… Whether you are currently aware of it or not, you probably have some fairly specific underlying ideas about what would make your life feel like it was being lived meaningfully- in other words, your values. Living according to your values is one of the key things that makes life feel meaningful. And living a life that is not in line with your values leads to unfulfillment and depression. What really matters to you?

So, how do you go about clarifying what those values are? One of the well-known ways in which you can make a start with this is to imagine what you would like said about you at your funeral(a time when you are no longer around) by those who know you best. You might want to look back at the exercise you did in Finding What matters most to you, imagining what your depression-free life might look like. What do you want to commit yourself to? This is not an opportunity to focus on how far short of this picture you feel you are currently falling! The idea is to let yourself get in touch with what really matters to you in life so that you can start to look at how you might start little by little to commit yourself to actions and habits guided by these values.

In order to do this, you need to remember the approach of accepting what we cannot change about life amongst many things, the inevitable pain and suffering that will be part of a rich, full life. We need to commit ourselves to the challenge of living out our values within this context of uncertainty and lack of control. Until this is done and we have this at the back of our mind, we cannot know what we want and what we live for. Let’s realise ourselves, and live in line with what we treasure the most so as to achieve fulfillment and live above depression. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!! 





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