IDENTIFYING YOUR VALUES(Discovering who you are)

Love, loyalty, charity, faithfulness, fame, recognition, leadership, contentment, family, honesty and fair play are my top values. Values are principles, standards, or qualities you consider worthwhile or desirable. Values will vary greatly from person to person because they depend on your personal judgment. What principles, standards, or qualities do you consider worthwhile or desirable? What are the things that matter most to you? What are the things that move, drive or motivate you? Those are your values. Why do you do what you do? What influences your choices? These are some questions that will make it easier for you to identify your values. If you cannot answer these questions with a snap of the fingers then continue reading. Knowing your values is very important because your values are who you are. They define you. So not knowing them means you don’t know who you are. Your values shape you. Your relationships, behavior, choices, and personal identity are all affected by your values. Even if you cannot name all your values, they are still influencing every aspect of your life. Most of us are easily carried away by the daily hustle and bustle so its very easy to get sidetracked and led away from your values. This is why it’s very important to know your personal values. Your personal values are your compass for the day to day decisions you must continually make, and they help draw the map of your entire life. TO IDENTIFY your personal values, you have to first of all ask yourself *WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME IN LIFE* with this question, you will find yourself listing those things down with ease. Those are your values. After listing out the things that are most important to you in life, the next step is to now list them in order of importance. After listing them in order of importance, you examine them. Are there any that you feel do not fit? Are there any you like to change? This can mean dropping a value, adding a value, or tweaking your priorities. Finally, it’s time to consider how your specific list of values will affect your life. If these are the things that are most important to you in your life, how should they steer your decisions? You might feel like you’re not following your values very well at this point in your life, but you have the ability to change that right now. With your list of values in hand, you can evaluate any decision with intelligence and confidence. You just have to ask yourself: What should I do in this situation if these are my guiding principles in life? Apply this method to every area of your life, and you are sure to see your life becoming more aligned with your values. As your situation changes, you might need to revise your values. Adapting to changes in your life will be crucial to your success in accomplishing your goals. IDENTIFY YOUR VALUES TODAY… Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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