The worst thing you can do as a man is to sexually take advantage of helpless girls that look up to you for direction and instructions…UGEZU .J. UGEZU

The worst thing you can do as a man is to sexually take advantage of helpless girls that look up to you for direction and instructions. All things may ultimately forgive you, but you will discover that your own conscience will hardly forgive you. Once you are down, and realise that ALL MEN, at a point, do go down, your conscience will be dealing with you for the evils you unleashed against helpless people.


A man named Simeon has concluded his term in jail. He served for twenty years. Now that he is out, the world has left him behind. He doesn’t know where to start, for he is a wreck. The question begging the answer is- what was his offence?


As an undergraduate in one of the universities back in the years, he took advantage of the girl that served his mother in their multi million naira house. He threatened the helpless girl at gun point, that if she ever tell anyone what he did that he would kill her. The timid girl was sour afraid of gun and she obeyed the instruction. Simeon then turned her into his sex slave, taking her as often as he wanted. Deep in her poor heart, she cried unto God for help.


Then later, Simeon started bringing home some of his friends and they were all sleeping with the helpless girl that had no place to run to. Even as her madam noticed the change in her body and confronted her before the son, she couldn’t voice what she faced for she feared the gun. Simeon was there making demonic signs from behind his mum that she will die if she speaks.


Finally, she summoned courage and told a neighbour, with pleading that she would not want to die. The smart teacher was shocked at her confession. She made her contacts and set up a capture trap. One afternoon, they caught Simeon with three of his friends unleashing their evil on the helpless girl.


Simeon could not explain it, his family’s wealth failed him and his campus cult was of no help, he was going down for some sins never get forgiveness. He was jailed longer than his friends for he initiated the assault.


Now that he is out, the same timid girl has metamorphosed into a high class millionaire with sons and daughters in major universities across the globe.


First is that no matter how you try, you can never seal the destiny of anyone that Jehovah has destined for greatness. Then again, believe that God himself is a Radical Authority. That’s why he created this world and left it for mortals to manage. It takes only a Radical to do that. Now I urge you to become a Radical for God and claim what is yours. Enemies of your progress shall never succeed in cutting your rise. Just like the molested and helpless girl, you shall break all odds and metamorphose into what Jehovah had destined for you.


Say Amen and Share with your friends. It is possible we shall succeed in touching a soul today. Share as we celebrate the goodness of God.




Ugezu Jideofor Ugezu also known as Mr Surplus hails from Enugwu-Ukwu in Anambra State. He attended Aguleri High School. He graduated from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) where he studied Public Administration and earned a Second Class upper division degree. Within a record period of 3 years, he rose to the position of a producer and director because of his passionate desire to make an impact. He is an actor, playwright and filmmaker and has written more than 50 films.



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