I  have been so sick and demoralized since I heard about the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, adopting under age marriage for the girl child. The news disheartened me so much that I have been too weak to do anything. I keep wondering, what the problem is with this our great nation and what brought about this type of Topic or Subject in this century to the point of adopting it. Are we progressing or retrogressing? Are we getting better or worse? Why should any right thinking human think of such to the extent of bringing it up for discussion and in a place like Nigeria for that matter? This is a big shame and grossly pathetic. I am ashamed! Everyone knows that there is no advantage of early marriage. Why should someone who claims to be normal suggest that girls of less than 18 years should get married. Under age marriage has a lot of negative consequences both on the child and the society. Where there is child marriage, we have the highest rates of maternal mortality. Where there is child marriage, rates of infant mortality are high. Where there is child marriage, there are high rates of domestic violence.  Where there is child marriage, there is high prevalence of HIV-AIDS among girls. The International Women’s Health Coalition says girls between the ages of 10 and 18 are five times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth than women who are a decade older. Instead of the so called senate to set a minimum age for marriage, they are doing the reverse, what a shame! I feel sorry for us.  Child marriage is inextricably linked to the cycle of poverty. Girls already in school are often forced to terminate their education when they marry, and married girls are prevented from taking advantage of education and work opportunities. So with this what becomes the Fate of Nigeria? I expect UNICEF to come into this because it is not funny at all. Under age (child) marriage must be stopped should not be encouraged directly or indirectly. For me, there should be a law that girls less than 18 years should not get married. Because the overall development of the child in question is compromised, leaving her socially isolated with little education, skills and opportunities for employment and self-realisation. This leaves child brides more vulnerable to poverty! Child marriage is now widely recognised as a violation of children’s rights, a direct form of discrimination against the girl child who as a result of the practice is often deprived of her basic rights to health, education, development and equality. Tradition, religion and poverty continue to fuel the practice of child marriage, despite its strong association with adverse reproductive health outcomes and the lack of education of girls. Please let’s all rise and say no to this Ugly subject. I am glad someone like Stella damascus spoke. Wish I will be given the chance to. Nigeria should get better not worse!!! Anona, Marilyn Oma… Be inspired! Be motivated!! Be enlightened!!!


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  1. What do you expect??? Are you quick to forget that Nigerian was once almost declared a Sharia federation by a tyrant? Are you aware that there are more senators from the North than any part of the country? Have you ever taken time to research, probably, via google and take time to find more about Sharia laws. I’m sure everyone knows that majority carries the vote when it comes to senatorial decision making processes! To this effect…who are the majority? Of course the Sharia loyalists! My candid advise to my fellow country men is not to hit their heads against the walls as regards to issue of Child Marriage. To me I believe each an every family know what they believe in. Hardly you see a Christian who encourages Child Marriage. Our duty now is to protect our immediate homes from the roarings of the evil doers. The infidels! Talking about poor education as one of the products of early marriage; can you help me and mention 10 least educationally poor states. Where are they from? I see UNICEF doing less on the issue. The contry will never move forward with the prevalence of the old sickening executive, legislators and judiciary. Let’s protect and guide our future and present children. Whosever that seek evil will be visited by evil and must dine and DIE with evil. Our children are the hope of tomorrow and should not be denied of education, exposed to maternity mortality, infant mortality or get proned or lured to incurable infirmity.

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