mary%20(5)NOLLYWOOD which has celebrated about 20 years of its renowned existence, not only has thousands of movies to its credit, but has also been serving as one of the major employers of labour in the country and a veritable springboard for the discovery and nurturing of talents in the Nigerian entertainment industry. NOLLYWOOD, is supposed to symbolize the rich cultural, aesthetic and ethical heritage of Nigeria, and indeed, Africa known to attach so much value to moral rectitude, sensibility and credibility. NOLLYWOOD is supposed to be the pride of Nigeria and Africa and a medium through which the country’s image is better designed and portrayed as a place with people of peace, love, unity, honesty and as a matter of fact, a place where morality pervades while obscenity is highly abhored. But what seems to have become of Nollywood in recent times, truly leaves much to be desired in this regard. Right now, NOLLYWOOD is a place where nudity and all manners of vices trend without a moral lesson at the end of the movie. The Censors Board and other regulatory bodies in the industry have got to leave up to expections. They have got to sit up and help salvage our moral values from total collapse. They say NOLLYWOOD is the third largest movie industry in the world. Yes! It may even be the largest, but what about the quality of the industry in terms of the movies produced and the artistes? Acting should be a PRESTIGIOUS occupation but the reverse is the case in NOLLYWOOD, where the industry is considered to be for the empty skulls, mediocres and people lacking principles and values. Such that when you see a wayward person, people will start suggesting he or she enters into nollywood. Its very painful. Acting and everything that’s works together to bring out a movie is and should be creative. But the QUESTION is: does NOLLYWOOD depict creativity? When are we going to be able to make a movie that will be world standard? We can achieve it if we will stop cutting corners, trying at all costs to cut costs, thinking just about maximising profit wiithout thinking about quality. Doing the same story over and over again but with different titles. Making 6movies in 6days. Giving the roles to the wrong people and victimising the ones who can interpret the role perfectly due to one reason or the other. When will NOLLYWOOD get better? Everyone is a director, producer and script writer. Is this supposed to be so? When are going to start using good cameras for our movies? When are we going to start getting the make up right? When are we going to have a NOLLYWOOD that we can boast of? When are we going to realise that acting is serious buisness and for the intelligent and creative people not for every Tom, Dick and Harry. Nollywood can still flourish! Let’s get serious. Be Inspired! Be Enlightened!! Be Motivated!!! 



  1. Precise and inspiring. Hope the AGN and other relevant bodies will take not. Keep it up PoshMaryiln,you are indeed a gift to our generation.

  2. nollywood should try to act with order cultures not only the igbos….am say this because i want to be an actor and from my notices among films that i have watched igbo traditions are more praticed directors should try to act with order cultures after all nigeria has many cultures like kalabari,yoruba hausa and many more…this is my number 08079736896

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