Does being born into wealth ie, born by wealthy parents make one successful? Or does being self employed in a society where getting employed is an issue make you successful? The term “successful” can have a number of meanings and associations for different people. For some, a successful person is a person who earns a lot of money in their job, for others success might be best found in a person working in an honorary post.

Success lies in the eye of the beholder. What we ourselves consider as successful might be very different from what other people think about success. A parent might see his son or daughter getting a good grade and think he was successful in his exam, while the student might just think he was lucky. A young girl might see an actress on the television and think that this person must be successful in life, while the actress might consider herself troubled and unhappy because her private life suffers from her popularity as a public figure.

The more areas of life a person strives to be successful in, the more difficult it becomes to achieve his or her goals. Becoming successful could be relatively easy, but staying successful is a different story entirely. Success is usually something we associate with short-term achievement in a certain field. Long-term success, on the other hand, means that you have to keep up the good work and stay at the same level over a longer period of time. If a person achieves long-term success, he or she can truly be called “successful”.

Success can take many shapes. Consequently, there are various types of successful people in the world. There are successful politicians who hold a lot of power over individuals as well as over entire countries. There are successful sportsmen, who win gold medals in world championships and compete in the Olympics. There are successful actors who play a part in big Hollywood or Nollywood productions, and musicians who sell platinum albums and tour the world. Yet there are also activists who manage to save endangered species of animals. There are political activists who demonstrate against the violation of human rights and succeed in freeing political prisoners. There are successful mothers and fathers who see their children develop into great personalities. And there are successful average people, like you and me, who manage to do well at a presentation or succeed in learning a new language.

So who is a successful person to you? This is something I will like to know today, so your opinions are greatly needed. Be inspired! Be enlightened!! Be motivated!!!



  1. A Successful man is a man who have God in his life,have peace of mind(with everybody around him) and have money(of to show off but to help the people around him. Am one of them in Jesus name,Amen.

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