Hmmmmmmmm! JOB SECURITY…

Hmmmmmmmm! JOB SECURITY...

Back then, most people you know may have only had a few jobs or even one job in their lives. If so, and they are not working for the government, they are likely to be older than 50, having grown up at a time where company loyalty and hard work provided a steady career and a comfortable pension. They might have spent 20 or 30 years with the same company, never making the break to search for something better, and never having a reason to fear layoffs. These days, the situation is so different now. Job security seem to be a thing of the past except you are working for the government. People entering the workforce within the past few years may have more than 10 different jobs before they retire. The lack of job security that goes with this is something that almost everyone must face at one time or another, and learning how to cope is essential to being happy, and keeping stress away. How do we cope with the fact that the jobs we pride ourselves with, may be gone the next minute? Hmmmm! Job insecurity… We have to first of all be prepared for it mentally. It’s important to realize that not everyone reacts the same way to job insecurity. Your home life, willingness to adapt to change, and financial situation are much different from those of your colleagues, so don’t expect yourself to feel or react like they do, they’ll manage stress their own way. Secondly, be prepared for the worst at all times. Yes! It may sound so harsh or hard, but unfortunately this is the society we live in. Its impossible to predict the future but expecting the worst saves you a lot when the D-day comes. Losing one’s job or the fear of losing one’s job (job insecurity) is indeed very harmful and can be very harmful to your health. Infact, the thought of losing your job is said to be more harmful than actually losing it. Employers do not care how you feel because if they do, they won’t sack, retrench or lay off people with so much ease. They do so when you have done nothing wrong! So don’t be too hard on yourself because you won’t get pity from anyone if that is what you are clamouring for. We live in a very hard society so wake up! Keeping a positive attitude can make a lot of difference. If not for anything, it helps your health, it makes you optimistic and doesn’t kill your self esteem. To be able to soar above your Job loss and not die because you lost your job……. * REMEMBER THE SAYING “Whenever one door closes, another one opens.” Living with uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but you can control how you look at it. It can be an adventure, and the chance to do something new. * IF YOU ARE A GOOD WORKER with marketable skills, then you have a lot to offer other potential employers if you get laid off. This is why it’s so important to keep your skills relevant and up-to-date. So during the time lag (when you are not working) use your time effectively. Learn skills that would make you more attractive to future employers. * STRESS can result from a feeling that you don’t have control over your situation. Remember, you ALWAYS have control. It’s your life, and it’s within your power to change it. If you are afraid that you might get “downsized,” then take control and act. Look for lateral transfers within your company, to a different department or even a different branch. Start learning about other departments; perhaps your skills would allow you to do something completely different within the organization. Be PROactive instead of REactive. Yes! These few tips can help save you the stress of job insecurity. Its a very big shame and very painful. The employers of labour now behave as they like because the government has failed to perform. The private sector now behave as they wish. Employ people today, use them and just when they are adjusting, settling down and entitled to benefits, they are retrenched or forced to resign and not paid adequately. Some bosses lay off their staff simply because they refused to fall prey to their sexual desires. Some employers will owe you to the extent that you resolve to leave on your own. Its really painful. Only the Government jobs give you security but how many percentage of the nation’s population can the government agencies, ministries or parastatals accomodate? This is a very serious issue! How can we curb it? How can we solve this problem? Your opinions are needed. Be inspired! Be enlightened!! Xoxo…


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