Weather and Mood…

Weather and Mood...

The Weather Can Affect You Negatively and Positively. Humidity, temperature, and hours of sunshine have the greatest effect on mood. High levels of humidity lowers concentration while increasing reports of sleepiness. The number of hours of sunshine was found to increase optimism and activity. So, sorry, yes, weather does affect our moods. And that effect may become serious. So no, you are not crazy if you think your mood is affected by the weather. Nearly 40 years of research suggests there’s a strong link. And one that, in some people, can lead to significant seasonal problems. The effect of the weather on mood may differ due to each individuals own sensitivity to weather. But generally, most people are gloomy and inactive on rainy days and happy and very active on sunny days. Some people’s emotions are simply more vulnerable than others to weather changes. You have heard the term Seasonal Affective Disorder. You also know that exposure to sunlight provides vitamin D, which affects hormone levels and, therefore, moods. You’ve sat inside on a gloomy, rainy day, annoyed that your plans were washed out. But how much does the weather really affect your mood? Research has proven that warm temperatures and exposure to sunshine have the greatest positive impact on moods. A report published in the British Journal of Psychology found that warmer temperatures lowered anxiety and skepticism while more hours of sunshine increased positive thinking. The same study showed that high levels of humidity made it hard to concentrate, increasing fatigue and sleepiness.

Personally, the weather has a strong effect on my mood. I hate rainy days, I am less functional and less enthusiastic. It dampens me. But you get the best of me on sunny days. I can’t speak for all of us. Please we love to know, how much does the weather really affect your mood?



  1. Yeah dats tru…. Wen its rainy I jst wana stay indoors n makes me less active. Yeah weather has a big effect on our mood.

  2. Lovely write up “Oma” but it all depends on ur menatal status ie if ur thoughs or mind set is already carved out on a particular part abt a particular weather condition dat wot u will eventually get as result because wot ever results in our a evryday life is the thoughts we v’e already digest wth inn,so my suny or rainny weather gives me the result mood i want it to give me….we are incharge of our mental activities so let’s be positive always..Thanks sweety

  3. Personally, i tend to be more productive when the weather is cool especially after a long night of rainfall. I detest hot weather, hence i find it difficult going out in the afternoons, except it is for something very important. So, cool or even rainy weather works for me.
    And i LOVE driving in the rain (not storm o), hearing the sound of raindrops on the roof of my car, sedates me. It really brings out that calm, hidden man in me.

  4. Well, rainy days have the tendency to make one succeptible to laziness and inactivity. On the other hand, suny days can enhance the mood for productivity, but on the exreem, it gets one easily exhausted. While acknowleding that self motivation, purposefulness and well placed priotities can reduce significantly the effect of weather on mood and attitude, its often my daily hope and wish for a good and moderate weather which can ehance and maximise my mood for productivity.

  5. If we go by the report, I’ll have to fault you because its origin is British. The British by default experience crappy weather conditions practically all year round, so a sunny day is like “Christmas” to most of them. Although I do agree the weather has an effect on our moods.

    • Synpar, we must not be in Britain for the weather to have an effect on us. Just like the weather can be extremely cold in temperate regions, its also highly hot in the tropics and both hot and cold weathers can affect people. Thanks for your contribution.

  6. On the contrary i hate the sun, it gives me bad migraines. Love cloudy or damp weather because i’ll be headache free!

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