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Weather and Mood…

Weather and Mood...

The Weather Can Affect You Negatively and Positively. Humidity, temperature, and hours of sunshine have the greatest effect on mood. High levels of humidity lowers concentration while increasing reports of sleepiness. The number of hours of sunshine was found to increase optimism and activity. So, sorry, yes, weather does affect our moods. And that effect may become serious. So no, you are not crazy if you think your mood is affected by the weather. Nearly 40 years of research suggests there’s a strong link. And one that, in some people, can lead to significant seasonal problems. The effect of the weather on mood may differ due to each individuals own sensitivity to weather. But generally, most people are gloomy and inactive on rainy days and happy and very active on sunny days. Some people’s emotions are simply more vulnerable than others to weather changes. You have heard the term Seasonal Affective Disorder. You also know that exposure to sunlight provides vitamin D, which affects hormone levels and, therefore, moods. You’ve sat inside on a gloomy, rainy day, annoyed that your plans were washed out. But how much does the weather really affect your mood? Research has proven that warm temperatures and exposure to sunshine have the greatest positive impact on moods. A report published in the British Journal of Psychology found that warmer temperatures lowered anxiety and skepticism while more hours of sunshine increased positive thinking. The same study showed that high levels of humidity made it hard to concentrate, increasing fatigue and sleepiness.

Personally, the weather has a strong effect on my mood. I hate rainy days, I am less functional and less enthusiastic. It dampens me. But you get the best of me on sunny days. I can’t speak for all of us. Please we love to know, how much does the weather really affect your mood?



Nollywood is filled with a lot of women but this woman MERCY JOHNSON stands out. She is real, great at acting, scandal free and very beautiful.
Unlike many actors who get to play several minor roles before they get their first big break, Mercy’s first attempt at acting as a maid in the movie “The Maid” shot her into the limelight. Since then she has featured in over 50 movies and has won several awards including the Best Actress at the 2013 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award for her role in the movie “Dumebi The Dirty Girl”.
At the moment, Mercy is undoubtedly having the time of her life. She got married in August 2011 and in December 2012, gave birth to her daughter in the United States of America. Even though its been almost two years since her wedding, Mercy still giggled and spoke about her husband with such fondness as a newlywed.
She recently moved into her new home at Ajah, Lagos and dedicated her baby, an event which attracted major buzz. It was fun chatting with the actress who has taken a break off acting and is enjoying herself just being a wife and mother for now.
It’s great to see you Mercy. Let me start by saying that you have a beautiful home.
Thank you. It was a surprise from my husband, Odi. He didn’t tell me about it while we were in America and when I returned back to Nigeria, I thought we were going to our former house but he drove me straight here. And then he also gave me a new car with the plate number ‘Odi’s Wife’.
The Mom
Aww, that’s so sweet. There’s been a lot of media attention surrounding the birth of your daughter and her recent dedication. How does this make you feel?
At a point, I actually felt the whole thing was over dramatized. I really appreciate the fact that some people wish me well and are happy for me which is why I share her picture on Twitter once in a while. On my Twitter page, more than 3000 people ask me about Purity every day. Sometimes I get overwhelmed but I’m grateful for the love and goodwill messages and I can only say thank you.
Purity is quite a unique name. What inspired her name?
When I asked my husband, he said “You. She reminds me so much of you.” He said I have a good heart and he’d really want her to have a good heart and clear conscience like me. And he’d wish for everything about her to be pure.
As a first time Mom, how has the experience been so far?
It’s magical, it’s awesome! I just can’t stop staring at her. When I was pregnant, my sister-in-law came to the house and when her son pooped I said “Oh my God, don’t let it touch my chair!” Then I was about six months gone and she just looked at me and said “In three months time, you will understand”. And really, it is true. Now when Purity poops, I begin to dance. Everything is special. I want to clean her up myself, dress her up myself. I just can’t explain, she makes me complete.
Has pregnancy and motherhood affected or changed you in any way?
Well, you can see, I’ve added so much weight. But aside from my physical appearance, having Purity has changed me so much as a person. Having her makes me want to set the right example, to have good records so she doesn’t get embarrassed when she’s grown. It changes my perspective to life and the way I react to things. I tolerate things more, I overlook things more. I love children generally but now I understand how precious every child is to their mother so I try to treat other children the way I’d want her to be treated if I’m not around.
The Actress
Let’s talk a bit about your career and what brought you into the limelight. What inspired you to take up acting as a profession?
I’ve had too many criticisms for saying this but I actually had just one inspiration and it was Genevieve Nnaji. When I got into Nollywood, lots of things later inspired me to do the things I do but she triggered my interest. I watched her in the movie “Sharon Stone” and I knew I wanted to act.
What were you doing around that time?
I had just finished Secondary school and so between that time and trying to get into the University that I launched my career.
Getting a big break is often difficult for a lot of aspiring actors. Was it easy or difficult launching into the movie industry?
For me, it wasn’t that difficult. There were challenges here and there but it was basically about how you can present yourself as an actress.
When did you feature in your first movie and how many movies have you featured in till date.
This was in 2003. If I want to be humble I’d say over 50, if I want to pose I’d say over 200. But really it is quite a lot. You know the way we do movies here it’s just on and on and on in several parts.
Actors often complain of being cast in similar roles that don’t truly exhibit their versatility. Did you ever feel like you were being stereotyped into acting very similar roles?
I was never stereotyped, I could just across to any role. Most of the producers I worked with knew that I played a lot prior to when I got married. I could speak the Warri language, be the thug…. I can try to play any character convincingly well.
A good number of Nigerian movies are now making their way into the Cinemas. Have you featured in any big screen movie recently?
I really want to do cinema movies and I have quite a few on my table when I resume work. But I’ve always been proud of my works and the ones I’m not really proud of are like a stepping stone to learn.
You were inspired to act by Genevieve Nnaji and now you inspire other people to take their chances in the movie industry. How does this make you feel?
I feel awesome, it’s a privilege. I hold her in a very high esteem. She taught me a lot whenever we had a chance to work together. She would say “Oh no, do it this way” or I’d just stand and stare at her while she worked and learn a lot. So now it’s a pleasure when some young girls tell me they are inspired by my work. When my colleagues applaud me, it’s fulfilling and I’m grateful that I can make an impact.
You speak so fondly of Genevieve. What is the relationship like between both of you now?
She is like a rock; I can always run to her when I’m in a tough corner, anytime.
Growing Up & Education
Tell me about your childhood. What was growing up like?
I was a tomboy. I am the fourth child from a family of seven children. The first four are girls and the last three are boys so I actually moved a lot with my brothers, climbing trees and stuff like that. We didn’t get everything we wanted but we got everything we needed. I’m from a very humble background, a Christian family. My Dad is an ex-military officer and we basically grew up in a Military environment. I attended Navy Primary and Secondary Schools until I went to the Lagos State University before I deferred.
What were you studying at the University and why did you choose to defer your studies?
I was studying English and I deferred at the time I was moving to my 200 Level. I was sort of very busy with my career, acting here and there, making money and it got into my head. But I’d love to go back to school.
To Lagos State University?
No. I’d love to take up some acting lessons or study a course in Acting since that is what I’m into.
Your profile on Wikipedia says you got into acting because you failed your University Entrance Examinations. Also, there were some reports about you leaving school because you weren’t so good with your academics. Are these reports true?
I banged my JAMB, yeah that is true. I had to write JAMB twice. But it is not true that I wasn’t good with my academics. I didn’t have issues with passing my exams at school.
The Wife
What is your definition of a sexy woman?
Sexy is inbuilt. It’s just how you feel about yourself. For me, sexy is confidence. It mustn’t be about the Malaysian hair or the Gucci bag or the big bum. It’s about you liking yourself just the way you are.
But most people would call you sexy because of your figure…
For me, it just runs in my family. I don’t work out or do anything. I’m just trying now to work out and swim to lose weight and get back to work so Odi doesn’t get to call me Orobo again. When I bath Purity in the morning and I see the curve of her hips, I say “Oh my God, Odi. Purity has hips” then he says, “She is just 4 months old, shut up”.
That’s funny. Now that you mention your husband again, tell me about him. When did you meet him and how did the love spark between both of you?
I met him in 2009. We had met before on a flight and I didn’t remember but we met again in 2009. He is a good person. I can’t really tell how it started. We kinda clicked and started dating just about the same month and it feels like we’ve been married for four years because since we met, we’ve been really into each other we’ve been really close.
He must have known you were an actress then. How did this affect the way you started off your relationship?
Yes he did, but he didn’t know I was that big because he didn’t really follow the movie industry. Sometimes you meet some guys and they get intimidated about you but not with him. The first time we were supposed to have a date, he said “Let’s go to my house so you can cook for me” and in my mind I was like “Seriously, this guy doesn’t even know my name”. So I said “My name is Mercy Johnson” and he said “Yes I know”.
What is the most romantic thing he has done for you recently?
He got me a new diamond ring different from my wedding band. I kept saying I want a new band, something really big and he got it for me. He is extremely loveable.
In the weeks before your wedding, some controversies sprang up and there were speculations that the wedding may not hold. How were you able to pull through this period?
I knew my wedding was going to hold. It is easy for people who are outside a box to try to explain the inside of a box without coming inside. People who didn’t know anything had lots to say. But it was fun to let them have their say. If having your say makes you feel better, I can’t take that fun away from you. But we in the box knew what’s up and people who wanted to know what was going on actually came into the box and knew the truth.
Was there anything new that you learnt during that period that you didn’t already know?
No. It was just shocking how people would bring negativity into what’s positive. I think that was the only thing that was new to me.
Google ranked your name as the most searched celebrity in Nollywood for 2011 and 2012. Are you proud of this?
When I asked my husband if it a good thing and he said yes it is. I know that it’s not possible for everyone to like me so good or bad, if you ever googled Mercy Johnson’s name, thank you. If you didn’t google, google won’t say I’m the most searched so thank you, keep googling.
Do you have any affiliation with the gossip website
No, I don’t have any and I’d like to stress that please. I don’t know why somebody would do a magazine and call it Mercy Johnson Celebrity Magazine or why somebody would take my name and put it on a domain for a gossip website. I can’t even use the domain name anymore and I’m so pissed. I am only on Twitter. I’m not even on Facebook anymore because somebody put up a Facebook account in my name where they put up inspirational messages on my behalf and I don’t even know where that is coming from.
What else do you do professionally apart from acting?
I do lots of charity. The Mercy Johnson Foundation for Children and Widows is very active and that takes most of my time for now. We make donations; we give out school materials to students and go to hospitals to distribute drugs and medical equipment.
The Changed Woman
Let’s talk about your style. What influences the kind of clothes you wear?
I don’t wear what is in vogue or what everybody is wearing, I just wear what suits me and I’m lucky to have a physique that encourages everything I wear. My husband is a huge critic so when he compliments my dressing, I feel so good. He doesn’t believe that exposing anything makes you look better. He feels when you cover up, you look real nice.
Would you say your personal style has changed since you got married?
You know, you get wiser by the day. Sometimes when I look back at some old pictures, I’m like “Seriously, did I wear that?” I’ve learnt a lot since I got married and I know that if I had gotten married earlier, I wouldn’t have made most of the errors I made. When you are married to somebody who is so organized, he brings you up the right way and reminds you of who you’re supposed to be.
Just as we were about rounding up, an elderly woman brought in Purity who had just woken up from her nap. Mercy took time off to play with her and nurse her but not before saying “that is the best mother-in- law in the world”. After I had some time to cuddle the little cutie, we continued.
Is there any particular reason why you decided to gave birth to her in the USA?
No, I could have given birth here but I was at a point in my life where everything meant a lot to me. By God’s grace, I got pregnant barely a year after I got married and I just wanted everything to be fine. Not that it wouldn’t have been fine here in Nigeria but it would be odd for us to say we are not aware of the lapses in our health care system.
What are your dreams for 2013?
To get better in my career, to work with more matured scripts and improve on everything I do. However the most important things to me now are my husband and my daughter so I want to do everything in a manner that would be befitting for them.

MARILYN ANONA writes: Be Classy! A classy person is always responsible and considerate.

Be Classy!

Being classy is not about being stuck up. You need to cultivate respect. And that means respect for everyone, including yourself. Take care to be polite to others and to reflect a genuine interest in them. Be confident in yourself, dress how you want and act accordingly. When you are done reading this article, you should know how to be classy, as well as selfless, generous, compassionate and responsible.
First of all, to be described as a classy person, you ought to be AUTHENTIC. To be authentic, you have to: 1. Be Authentic. If you have class, live in a way of which you should be proud. If you have to be phony and deceptive then you should consider why. A person of honor and integrity never needs to hide behind a facade. If you can’t show your true self to the world then who will people see? Just stop pretending.
2. Be independent. You must be courteous, but do not bend over backward to please others. If you do, you may find yourself being taken advantage of in the future. Limit your time and availability and draw boundaries with others so that they are aware of your limits.
3. Be assertive. Avoid passive-aggressive thinking; this is likely to trip you up eventually. Assertiveness demonstrates maturity, thoughtfulness, and confidence. Class requires balance, and assertiveness is a prime example of this concept. 4. Don’t feign knowledge. When your group or date are speaking about a subject you don’t know or understand it is prudent to either state that you don’t know much about the subject at hand, or if you want to carry the conversation, ask for more information about the subject. Not only does this show maturity, but it also shows that you are keeping an open mind.
Another quick way to be classy is to always have respect for others. 1. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule truly is a time honored guide for treating adults and children with class. Giving others advance notice before cancelling dinner invitations, speaking up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, calling your parents to update them on yourself, checking in with friends; these are all simple gestures that demonstrate your class and authenticity. Ensure you choose friends who share your values.
2. Do not insult, gossip, or slander. When necessary, voice your opinions appropriately and constructively. This encourages your audience to listen carefully when you speak. 3. Break the stereotype shackles. More often than not, using labels in any way, whether to identify yourself or others shows a lack of creativity, lethargic social skills, and a lack of careful observation. Give everyone respect and the benefit of doubt.
Again, to be classified as a classy person, you should not be mean. 1. Choose your battles, choose your friends. Few battles are truly worth fighting. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves (the elderly, children, mentally disabled, etc.) Be wary of those who appear to enjoy bickering. If someone is rude to you, either ignore him or her completely or, once you have completely calmed down and are thinking clearly, explain how you perceived his or her actions and work towards a resolution. You can also treat them with polite disdain – be polite but let them subtly know that you don’t appreciate what they are doing. Never stoop to their level, and do not be hasty. Surround yourself with positive, polite people who encourage and live your classy, intelligent lifestyle. 2. Choose your words. The classy individual listens more than he or she speaks. Having a strong vocabulary is important, but do not use a word unless you are certain of its meaning. Use words to express yourself clearly. Importantly, do not correct others when they use improper grammar. Differences in background, family life, and education cause people to speak differently, and people often use slang for effect. More than this, it is irritating and degrading to be corrected by a know-it-all.
A very important aspect of being described as classy is the way you look. Look your best. 1. Define yourself with a clean and elegant look. Excellent presentation is half of the battle. Wear clothing and accessories, which flatter your body and never wear anything you feel uncomfortable in. 2. Avoid getting caught up in trends. There is nothing wrong with enjoying fashion or buying clothing you find attractive, but, avoid clothing that does not flatter your physique, coloring, etc. Do not become a slave to fashion, or you may be regarded as foolish, “high maintenance”, and/or shallow. The clothing you wear should enhance your personality, not create or alter it. This advice can be applied to many aspects of life in which you may feel pressured to “fit in.”
To be addressed as classy, you have to exhibit wisdom. Therefore, seek wisdom. 1. Seek wisdom. As difficult as it can be to heed the advice of those more experienced than yourself, it is a necessary step at times. No matter your age or ability, allow yourself to learn from the mistakes and victories of those older or more experienced than you. You will win their favor and be available to pass on your own wisdom or advice.
2. Be open to personal development. Do not berate yourself, but be receptive to constructive change. In our world, change is inevitable. Be a positive and flexible part of it and show others the way as well. Face life rather than burying your head in the sand and others will know instinctively that you are someone whose opinion counts.
3. Be knowledgeable and aware. It is wise to become politically, culturally, and religiously aware. Even the most basic knowledge can save a person from embarrassment and awkwardness. If you know in advance that you will be spending time with someone of an unfamiliar background, it is a good idea to do more in-depth research to avoid embarrassing faux pas. 4. Know when to ask for help, but avoid desperate behavior. This is the kiss of death for the classy person. Only desperate times call for desperate measures. Take a deep breath, be strong, and move through the situation with elegance and grace. You will be the victor for it, no matter the outcome. If things get out of hand and you feel completely overwhelmed, ask for help from a close friend or family member.

A classy person is always responsible and considerate.
1. Be responsible. Classy people leave their surroundings in a condition at least as good as they found them. Unless they are in a restaurant with wait staff whose job it is to do the clearing up, classy people insist on taking care of their own trash and baggage, not expecting others to pick up after them. And when others do favors for them, while stuck-up or spoiled people assume it’s only to be expected and ignore others’ assistance, truly classy people are quick to notice and to express their gratitude and their appreciation. Don’t get wasted at parties.
2. Be considerate. Truly classy people instinctively recoil at the thought of inconveniencing others, offending them, getting in other peoples’ way, or in any way making nuisances of themselves. Classy people are all about minding their own business when among strangers and putting others at ease when in social situations. Truly classy people are gracious and affable to everyone, whether the CEO, the mail carrier, or the custodian. Classy people know others’ names and use them when greeting people they see regularly, whether the door attendant, the security guard, or the boss’ wife. Classy people treat everyone the same – with courtesy and respect.
So if you want to be described as classy, you should try and exhibit these traits. I agree it may be difficult for one person to exhibit all these characteristics but a classy person should exhibit up to 70%. It pays to be classy and classy people are people who live lives guided by principles and values.
Happy DEMOCRACY day.
Be Enlighted! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Queen Jasmine Mimi

Queen Jasmine Mimi

Jasmine Mimi is a student of the University of Ibadan. An indigene of Abagana in Anambra State. She was born in the mid 90’s. Her core values are love and charity. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday to a beautiful one. A very disciplined, God fearing and intelligent girl. A model and beauty queen. I know you will go places. Wishing you all the good things life has to offer.

In making judgm…

In making judgments, the Early Kings were perfect, because they made moral principles the starting point of all their undertakings and the root of everything that was beneficial. This principle, however, is something that persons of mediocre intellect never grasp. Not grasping it, they lack awareness, and lacking awareness, they pursue profit. But while they pursue profit, it is absolutely impossible for them to be certain of attaining it.                                                                                                                                                                                    When we make values and positive principles the bedrock of our every endeavour, it makes us live lives devoid of regrets. Shallow minded people may laugh, mediocres may jeer but in the end who laughs??? Do not allow the state of the nation make you now accept vices as good simply because they are trending. Always visit! You all have a GLOW-RIOUS friday! Xoxo.