who do we blame for the bad behaviours exhibited by youths?

kene anona’s opinion: Peter Singer said,” knowing that we can control our own behaviour makes it more likely that we will “

Its my belief that influence,whether internal or external, has a major role to play in development of behaviour. 

By ext I refer to the family, sch, religious beliefs, friends and family of a person. The internal is you, your inclinations and beliefs. 

Speaking from observation, I would deliberately fight shy of letting my argument be skewed to one side. As either of these forces is as strong as the other. Biologically, the ext environment accounts for a good part of a childs development. Our experiences make us. The sights, words a child is exposed to,can mould his/ her mind. And so a child who has been a witness to drug abuse for the most part of his/ her life would most likely end up abusing drugs. Or a girl whose mother, aunties engage in prostitutn (traditional or modern) . 

But the just as Singer said We can control our emotions! A child can swear never to abuse drugs because his father is an alcoholic and ended badly. A girl can be so appauled by her mothers wayward life style that she even runs away from the malre folk. This is where the internal influence comes to play. Its the decision of a determined spirit. A spirit that decides to do what is right against all odds. This spirit can be rare in our time but its not absent. We still have ppl who have decided to take charge of their own situations and be victors of their circumstances. 

In all INFLUENCE is to blame. And influence can be two things; you or them.


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