We all know cultism sucks! let’s be candid…

We all know cultism sucks! let's be candid...

CULTISM has killed a lot of youths! Many lost their lives because of mere games of stupidity. Thinking back to school days… I cry for lives that were lost all because of towing the wrong path, bad association and all. Most of those kids (victims of cultism) were kids of very educated people from very godly backgrounds but got into the UNIVERSITY and decided that vice should be the order of the day… Lives where lost as cultism comes with several other ills like arm robbery, bullying, raping, violence of all sorts and meaningless conflicts between rival cults as they fight to possess a territory. Cultism to me has no advantage! So why indulge in something so harmful. Why shut down your life? Why cause your parents HBP? Why maim yourself with a permanent disability??? I will never forget about a certain guy, handsome, promising from a good home. He got killed in Aba when he went on one of the assignments he was sent on. He was caught with guns and burnt to death in the city of Aba. Isn’t that sad??? Many have made the mistake already. Some dropped out of the university, some sustained permanent disabilities, some died etc. There is no single gain in cultism. I am talking to those young girls and guys who are still in the university and who are yet to go into the university, pls stay away from cultism and violence of any sort. There is no gain. Most of the vices indulged in by youths are as a result of cultism. The female cultists engage in prostitution. The males arm robbery, thuggery, rape etc. Pls say no to cultism.


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  1. yes dear a lot lost their lives to this ugly trend. a lot are still found getting newly involved. i love ur idea. go girl

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