Bleachers Club

Imageinferiority complex, low or poor self esteem, bad association, lack of exposure, vanity etc are some of the reasons I think people bleach their skin. We live in a society where BLACK is no longer seen as beautiful… Yes with the recent statistics which pointed out that 8 of out 10 Nigerian Women bleach their skin. Pathetic I must say. But the women are not alone on this. Men are equally guilty of this nagging trend. Growing up, I associated bleaching with women but now I have come to realise that both gender are grossly guilty. Its bad but it sucks more seeing a guy bleach. Seriously, isn’t it embarrassing to think that someone was dark but now as white as snow. To me, its really embarrassing. I have a close friend who is almost a sister. I saw her last in 2007. She was almost same complexion as I am (beautiful chocolate skin) only to meet her after 5yrs to see an obviously fake white girl. I was alarmed. The other day in church, a man came out to give TESTIMONY! He was such a sorry sight to behold… Dark knuckles, dark joints and all. What is the reason for all this??? If you are ugly… You are ugly! If you feel inadequate, changing your skin colour can never make you adequate. You will only end up more miserable than you were. Some people have seriously destroyed their skin and I am afraid there is no remedy. If you are naturally fair, its obvious. Now if you achieved a light skin using Chemicals(creams) its still very obvious. Some are able to achieve a fairly even skin tone, but a majority end up looking raw, speckled and red-faced. Prolonged use of skin lightening products and the concomitant decrease in concentration of melanin increase risks of skin cancer. Skin bleaching also encourages premature aging, irritates the skin, and causes other complications like eczema.

Stop damaging your skin. A yellow skin can not make you fulfiLled in life. It can’t take you places. Concentrate more on self development, building a good self image, confidence is what makes v


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