Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Try volunteer jobs.

Marilyn Oma Anona

You have been looking for a job for so long…
why don’t you try volunteer jobs?
I don’t see why an able bodied person should sit down endlessly and submitting CVS lazily waiting to be called and handed over an employment letter.

Hey, get off that sofa, indulge in cold calls to companies of your choice and interest.
Tell them you want to work for them without a pay.
Commence work, put in your very best and be very productive… the result will amaze you!

Apart from that, there are many other things you can do to make money and develop yourself while you gain the experience.

In the city where I live, people make money by shopping for people. You can go to a posh area, approach the residents and tell them you can help them shop if they are too busy to. Don’t start by billing them excessively or ruining your chances because of greed. Shop and get the best prices for them. Take what ever they give you at the end and do it diligently. You can do it for at least 5 families every Saturday…
you will be amazed!

How about serving as a home tutor for your neighbours’ kids? This can occupy you and also fetch you money.

How about cooking and delivering food or snacks to people in their offices?

How about doing freelance sales and marketing and making great commissions through them. You will be quick to ask me where you will get the money to use for transportation. Darling, we are in the jet age. You can get people patronise your business or buy what you sell from Facebook and other social networks.
Same way you lie down and gossip through inbox, it’s same way you can have meaningful conversation with people.

Apart from these, there are many businesses that you can start with at least 5,000 naira.
Get busy! Get real!

Stop making noise about being a graduate, it’s not a big deal. It was a big deal when my dad went to school and they don’t brag about it.

What matters is what you…
What you can do no matter how small.

Do have a beautiful day.

Written 23/06/2015

By Marilyn Oma Anona


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The journey to success is a process, don’t be fooled.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Host and producer of Omaliving Show

People should stop deceiving people and tell them the reality on ground.
Stop making life and it’s processes seem like a bed of roses and conveniently omitting the part that tells them know that ROSES have thorns too.

Some of this MOTIVATIONAL speakers are experts at ruining lives with the type of lies they tell.

Tell people the truth!

Let them understand that the process and journey to true success is a very tough one.

Stop telling them or making them believe that becoming an entrepreneur is the only thing they need to do to succeed.
Tell them the bitter truth of the tough processes involved beyond the start up capital.

I am a different kind of speaker and won’t tell you things to make you unnecessarily excited.

I will tell you about the good, the bad and the ugly!

Tell people the truth…
That is the real empowerment!
That is the real motivation!
That is the real inspiration!
MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS please stop lying to people.
Let them know that LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES.
Of course I know by just looking at your shoes and wristwatch but many of my age mates are not as deep.

I have been on this journey as an entrepreneur in a male dominated industry that is not so straight forward like buying and selling for some time now.

It requires patience and a long time for you to even talk of breaking even.

It requires a strong labour force made up of very passionate people.

It’s an industry that thrives on nepotism and not merit.
As such, if you don’t know A or B, you will toil and sweat even with a good product.

Ideas, talents are not even enough.

We live in a society made up of predators and people who do not support growth.

We live in a society where corporate sponsorship is a not easy to come by despite how valuable your product or idea is.

We live in a society where people only want to latch on to something that is already grown, established and popular.

Nobody supports growth.

Being an enterpreneur in this part of the world is difficult.

Motivational speakers need to let people know this.

There is a lot of work and it is not bread and butter.

Stop lying and damaging the brains of our youths.
You encourage the get rich quick syndrome.


Omaliving Show and The Right Stage Project lead a campaign against jungle justice.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Anybody can be a victim!!!
Jungle justice does not help in any way.
Many innocent people have gone through this act/practice.
It’s the height of barbarism and can’t be justified.

Cassandra Anasioke

It’s becoming a daily occurrence.
It doesn’t make it normal.
We should not keep quiet.
Anybody can be a victim.

Ndy Nwokocha

Obinna Awoke

Ugo Paul

“Marilyn Oma Anona” host and producer of @omalivingshow says a loud and vehement no to jungle justice.
This is a menace and many of us seem not to know how bad it has become.
It’s becoming a daily occurrence and some people see it as normal.
Jungle justice is unacceptable.
It has taken the lives of many innocent people .
The police and the court are there for a reason, and even though they have not been that wonderful…
Jungle justice should not take their place!

Benita Chigbo

Winny Francis

Hank Val

Geraldine Salau

For weeks now, those who have followed me ardently would have noticed series of posts and articles I have written as regards this nagging issue.
It will also be a topic in an episode of the new season of #omalivingshow

We are starting a campaign, 1st online, then a seminar and a march.

If you are against jungle justice, mobbing and lynching…
Send a portrait photo of you. Your full name and social media handles plus a short note expressing your thought about this issue called #jungle justice.
Send in your entry to us.

This will first be done online, followed by a seminar and then physical sensitisation and enlightenment.

Ogochukwu Ephraim

Anefu Blessing

Ifeoma Ikeh

A lot of people don’t know the law and as such behave like animals.
There is need for a reform of the already existing law too so that perpetrators of JUNGLE JUSTICE can be punished.

Let us rise and say no to jungle justice.
It must stop.
Thank you.

POSHMARILYN POETRY AND POEMS: Hopeful yet Helpless by Abimbola Geraldine Salau.

Abimbola Salau

I wrote this poem thinking about the state of society.Its really heart wrenching to see people struggle and go through all forms of humiliation just to provide daily needs.The poverty rate in Nigeria is so appalling.These individuals need help.For the Love of mankind…

‘hopeful yet helpless’
In abject poverty and squalor,
They live in immense horror,
You see them from dawn to dusk,
Faces covered in a mask,
The common man who feeds from dirt-bread crust,
The man made from dust,

From sunrise to sunset;they toil,
Tilling the soil,
Praying for rain,
Not reminiscing the pain,
They are of high spirit,even in this difficulty
But who will we find faulty?
Is it those who feed till they are bloated?
While we are starved and repressed,
Is it those converged in the assembly?
While we cry with lips cracked dry!

It is that time,
No sooner we believe their lies,
Heads and feet in lines,
You see them with bags and bags,
But here-after we return to our rags,
Hopeful yet helpless!
Again I say! Who will we find faulty?
We need an emancipation of our minds,
An overhaul of our spirit,
In our bodies,souls and hearts,
Then and only then will we be free from these bounds.

By:Salau Abimbola Geraldine.

The Exemplary Father: Meet Chike Delic Obi and his son “young Delic”.

Chike Delic Obi and young Delic

The society seems to be concentrating on the females alone.
Every turn you take, you hear of and see programs and event all geared towards empowering and enlightening women. It is not a bad thing.

But without the males, the system won’t be so balanced and as such marital and relationship problems will continue. So the men also need to be empowered, enlightened, encouraged and celebrated.

Chike Delic Obi and his son

A good home needs to have a good father and a good mother. A good mother is not enough.

We know that the man especially in Africa has the traditional role of providing and fending for his household and this is likely to get him choked or deny him the opportunity of sharing the desired amount or level of bond and closeness with his children. But then, to be truly successful we must strive to be all rounded.

Chike Delic Obi

There are various aspects of every individual’s life and care should be taken to share and devote time to most of these aspects and fatherhood is not exempted.

What is fatherhood?
A quick definition may tell us that fatherhood is about getting a woman pregnant and having a child at the end of the day, providing for that child till he grows.

But providing for a child is just one aspect of the big job and it is not enough to make you a father.

A true and exemplary father must create time for his child or children to nurture and bond with them.

*** Nurture is not just for the woman.
*** Bonding is not just for the woman. *** Playing with the kids is not just for the woman.
*** Helping the kids out with their assignments is not just for the woman. *** Taking the kids out on a date is not just for the woman.
The examples are just inexhaustible.

Young Delic Obi

A good father must understand his roles. They are as much as a woman’s role. Bringing up children in a home requires the concerted efforts of the man and his wife in order to have children who are happy and balanced in their thinking and behaviour.

Today, “POSHMARILYN” features a Nigerian man who from all indication is an exemplary father.
His name is “CHIKE DELIC OBI”. He has such a busy schedule just like most men who reside in the US and do legitimate jobs. But Delic is seen with young Delic almost on daily basis.
The bonding is “out of this world” and makes most young and “yet to be” married females yearn to have a husband that will be such a father as Delic.

“CHIKE DELIC OBI” is not just an exemplary father but a very devoted, respectful and living husband.

In this age and time when negative stories of bad and broken marriages fill the media and social media space, a tour on his profile gives hope to people who are already giving up on society, marriage and family.

Chike Delic Obi is a father and a husband worthy of emulation.

We need more Wise mothers and more exemplary fathers in our society.

Follow Delic on Facebook : CHIKE DELIC OBI.

Be Enlightened! Be inspired! Be motivated!

Poshmarilyn Society.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The Unity and Restructuring of Nigeria.

I am for the unity and restructuring of our nation Nigeria.

Marilyn Oma Anona

But I want IGBOS to understand one thing…
The Hausa man doesn’t hate you and the south south man that you cling to and call your brother, famzing them in the most embarrassing manner even when they clearly say they are not part of you don’t love you.

I have spent time in Calabar…
I lived in Calabar and I saw the hatred of the calabar man for the Igbo man first hand.

I lived in a place called Spring road by Ekorinim…
They are very antagonistic and very vocal about their hatred!

One day I asked one of them the reason for this hatred…
He said; ” you Igbo people are very domineering… You want to come and take our land and we will not allow that!”
He went on; “very soon, we will chase you all and all these your so called properties will belong to us.

I don’t want to go deeper into some of the things I saw and experienced there. But when I hear; “Hausa people hate us and see the desperate attempt of some IGBOS to make the SS people appear as though SE and SS are inseparable twins, I just shake my head.

What am I saying?
If you really want to analyse hatred and disdain…
You will find out that even in your immediate family to your shock, you have siblings from the same parents as you who hate you for no reason sometimes.

Should we therefore keep demarcating and dividing just because you assume, sense or fear that some people or a certain group don’t like you.

For one person who hates you… There are thousands that love you!

Anybody can decide to hate because it is easier to hate than to love.

And one thing that brings about hatred or resentment is reminding people consciously or unconsciously about their weaknesses which may be through your achievement.

Once you stand out from the crowd… You attract all sorts including hate!

Should we therefore choose failure, mediocrity and smallness because we are afraid of being hated?

Nigeria is great!
As a kid I went to schools that had people from all nations as my classmates.
I had Muslims and Christians as classmates in primary school.
I had Lebanese, Ghanaians, Indians, mullatos, Hausas and Yorubas as classmates.
My headmistress was a Ghanaian.

I didn’t see anything bad about that.
It was beautiful to have such people all around me.

In fact, as a kid I wanted to marry a Yoruba man when I grow up because I saw them as very enlightened people.
You see, love is such a natural thing!
We learned to hate.

My secondary school was a multi ethnic one. Different tribes were in my school and it was so fascinating. I loved them all and never for a second thought there was a difference between us.
We had Christians and Muslims and I remember that during their fasting period, they observed it even while in school.

But the minute I became grown and a young adult, I started hearing about hate and all!

We spoil humanity and everyone of us need to purge our heart of evil.

Hate is evil and most of us are guilty of it.

The IGBO man, the HAUSA man, the YORUBA man and all the minor ethnic groups in Nigeria are guilty of hate and we all need to PURGE our hearts, minds and souls of this evil called HATE for us to succeed as individuals and as a nation.

Narrowing it down!!!


The IMO man hates the ANAMBRA man and I keep wondering what they are struggling for.
So if we are dividing on the basis of hate, it means soon, Anambra will start asking for a republic of their own.


I don’t want you to deceive yourself but we all know that even as IGBOS some of us see certain part of Igboland as less.
The Ebonyi people are seen as less Igbo and despised by a lot of IGBOS.
The Nsukka peopl are scorned and laughed at. It’s almost as though being an indigene of Nsukka makes you a less privileged person.
So in the Biafra, it’s obvious that there will still be marginalisation.

Isn’t it clear that what we need is thorough orientation and reorientation?
Education and sensitisation?
Restructuring of the existing system?

We want a recreation and it starts by individually purging our hearts of hate and all forms of superiority and inferiority complex.
We are one and we must see ourselves as one.


PoshMarilyn Personality and Profile: August Secrets taking over.

PoshMarilyn Personality and Profile.

Today PoshMarilyn blog features a food artist and author popularly known as Toyin ONIGBANJO.
She is the CEO of August Secrets, a company that focuses on creating healthy meal plans for infants, toddlers and children.
Her plans are not only nutritious but also very affordable and organic. Prepared with 100% Nigerian recipe.

August Secrets is 100% indigenous and they are located in lagos state Nigeria.

Toyin ONIGBANJO also recently launched her book and the event was a grand success.

Their address is ;
Technology Incubation Centre,
1, Pen Cinema Agege.

Mobile number is;

Contact them today for a healthy, nutritious, affordable and 100% organic meal plan.

Our children must eat well and eat healthy.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be motivated!!!